Thursday, 31 December 2009

and today it's back brrrrrrr

i should have kept my gob shut right LOL, after all the happiness that the snow was gone yesterday it started to snow at 9:30 at work this morning and by 12 we had 2 inches of the stuff :( not happy:( it did start to melt a bit this afternoon but when i left everywhere was frozen again. was home for four o clock and tucked up in my pj's by 5 LOL with my slippers on about to order the takeaway and have a nice glass of wine in an hour or so :)

Wednesday, 30 December 2009

hurray it's gone

well most of it has gone, that horrid bloody white stuff is all gone from home so feel a lot more confident about driving now, mind you i did get a bit of a shock when i got up to work yesterday as it was like a glacier on the roads and paths still, i was inching along at a teeny weeny rate but managed to stay upright, we spent most of the day in the family room, it was lovely actually seeing them all play together right from the teeny little ones up to the pre-schoolers, left about 3pm so only took 25 mins toil, and i took an hour and a half this afternoon so that's not too bad, on a late tomorrow so will probably go in about 9am again

my laminator that i had ordered from amazon arrived today so all i need to do now is stamp all my images onto pieces of paper, laminate them, put them in plastic wallets and keep them in a file LOL i mean i must only have a couple of hundred stamps to stamp LOL

Monday, 28 December 2009

that's the holidays over then :(

and one thing i have learnt from these ten days off is whenever i have a week off in the future we are going away, i have done absolutely nothing except sit on my bottom, read books, play on my computer and ds, done a wee bit of scrapping and watch crap on the telly.

now i know the rotten weather hasn't helped and there wasn't really any shops i could get too because of the crowds but it just shows that if i don't have a holiday i do nothing so next year i might work over xmas and ask for the first week in january off and dick off to edinburgh or perth and have a holiday

being good and not having a drinkie poos tonight as i'm on earlies in the morning so will need a reasonably early night in bed but am going to have one tomorrow night cos i don't have to be up as early on tuesday morning LOL

Saturday, 26 December 2009

it's beginning to look a lot like...................

.......................boxing day LOL

hope everyone had a lovely xmas day, we certainly did here, lots of pressies and lots of stash, things to play with, things to eat and lots of things to read :) xmas lunch was lovely although by the time i got the annual xmas lunch photo taken, it was beginning to get a bit cold LOL, dad snored as usual for the entire afternoon while i played in my phone, which was lots of fun, once i eventually worked out just how exactly i was meant to switch the damn thing on LOL i do love it though but it's going to cost a fortune if i want to go on the internet on it, i had a tenner on it yesterday and by last night i had £3.74 :0 today's mission is to work out how to get a couple of my fave songs onto the bloody thing so i can have a decent ring tone LOL wish me luck LOL

Wednesday, 23 December 2009

braving the weather

went out today and the weather was fine, our street and pavements however were not and i nearly fell on my arse getting into the car LOL got over to wallsend about 9:30 and while dad went to the bank i went and got the turkey, except dad had ordered it to be picked up tomorrow or so they said (dad is adamant he said the 23rd) luckily thought they had a one i could take away, went to greggs and got some bread buns and some pasties for our lunch then went and got the satsumas that asda no longer have LOL

had a huge delivery off stuff i had ordered today, i was very surprised at how quick they all came considering i had only ordered them at the beginning of the week, no secret santa present yet though :(

so we are now just waiting for the asda shop to be delivered and i need to hoover and that's us all ready for xmas

Tuesday, 22 December 2009

finally succumbed.... having the central heating on LOL twice in one year OMG!!!! the reason being when i got out of bed this morning the first thing i noticed was my breath, yes i could see my breath when i breathed out OMG it was that cold in my bedroom, so came downstairs put the heating on and closed the windows, now the house is toasty warm which probably means i won't be able to sleep tonight for being too warm LOL

Monday, 21 December 2009

the first day

of my xmas holidays and while i am not venturing out in that horrid cold wet stuff i do have plans, rather than sitting on my bum in front of the telly and playing on here i intend to sit on my bum in front of my craft desk and get some scrapping done, i want to get the little mini book i started at the holystone crop finished and it's almost there, then i want to get my scraplift ready for the email cj starting next month, then i must get on with the september holiday album LOL

Saturday, 19 December 2009

sod's law

i got up at 8:30 this morning to ring h and cancel going over to the durham crop as the street was like a skating rink, decided to go back to bed for an hour and woke up at nearly quarter to one LOL i guess i was more tired then i thought LOL and when i did get up the roads are cear and the sun was shining in a beautiful blue sky LOL we probably could have made the crop but i just know that if we had gone the snow would be deep and crisp and even as i type LOL

Friday, 18 December 2009

hurrah it's xmas

well the start of the holidays for me, finished today for the next 10 days and then when i go back it's only half shifts :) it's meant to be the crop over at dianne's tomorrow but the weather forecast is pretty dreadful so think i'll be staying indoors in the warm and finishing off my book, getting my scraplift lo done and staring the reorganization of my craft room that i have planned LOL

my new totes arrived today, mimi no longer do the lilac and chocolate so i have had to settle for the crimson and tan and dad has bought me the matching scrap tote for my birthday, also bought some hanging rails and accessories to go on the wall for when i do get the room reorganized LOL

looking forward to a yummy chicken kebab for supper and a nice glass or two of wine :)

Tuesday, 15 December 2009

ok i was dreading it..............

it had seemed like such a good idea when we were talking about it last week and organizing it but when it came down to it i was so dreading it LOL what am i on about you ask???? taking 11 4 year olds on the bus up to newcastle to see fenwicks window.

as it turns out it was such a lovely afternoon, the kiddies were as good as gold and so excited about going on the bus, they sang xmas songs to all the people on the bus, then when we got off were completely excited by everything, from flagpoles to the scabbiest xmas tree in random shops as we went passed LOL they all loved the window, which is the nativity this year, then we took them into eldon square to see the polar bears, after that we headed for the bus back to nursery, we had to keep quite a few of them awake on the way back LOL

there was a load of police officers about at least 5 or 6 on northumberland street alone and we heard so many sirens it was unbelievable, wonder if something was up, was very surprised at how quiet it was, i thought it would have been packed but it wasn't that bad really,

Sunday, 13 December 2009

today i have acheived...

nothing :(:(:( i was so full of plans when i got up this morning but i am still so cold and still coughing so much that apart from the asda shop i have done nothing, think i'll be seeing if i can get myself a doctors appointment next week

Friday, 11 December 2009

so bloody cold

it's been freezing today and horribly foggy too, i nearly fell on my arse when i got out of the car at work this morning, had a jumper and cardigan on and had boosted the heating yet i was still cold so spent the afternoon in my pink anorak too :( i was still shivering so i asked if i could go home, at this rate i will have no toil left and will have to work full shifts at xmas :( got home and have sat with the fire on full and my lappy on my knee and i'm finally starting to warm up :) trouble is i need to go upstairs and get my bag ready for the crop tomorrow and it'll be bloody freeing up there LOL hope h has the heating on in the hall ready for tomorrow, might have to wear many many layers to keep warm LOL

Wednesday, 9 December 2009

laugh til we cry LOL

met up with v and b for tea tonight and as usual we laughed so much we ended up with tears streaming down our faces and gasping for breath, i love those two so much, being with them never fails to put me in the best of moods, we exchanged xmas pressies and swore that this was the last year we buy for each other LOL

my cough is getting really bad, had a coughing fit at work this afternoon, think l was really worried that she was going to have to get help but once the crap was up i was ok, mind you i think i might be needing a trip to the doctors to get the usual antibiotics :(

good news xmas shifts wise though, looks like i might be off the week before xmas as i am definately off on xmas eve which i'm a happy bunny about

Tuesday, 8 December 2009

i had such..........

.....a great time last night at the rusty pickle workshop at the scrapbook shop in durham, lance was a great teacher and the kit was fabulous and i am so proud of the album i made especially as my pop up snowman and christmas tree work perfectly well :) the traffic wasn't too bad and i spent a while parked up reading my book until it was time to go along to the shop, now i know the journey is do-able i will certainly be trying a few more workshops if my shifts allow it :)

Sunday, 6 December 2009

all done

the wrapping i mean oh and the shopping oh and the xmas card writing LOL so now i can do relaxing before xmas. i got up after a medium lie in then did the asda shop then took the lights back i got yesterday and went to put petrol into the car in readiness for the journey to durham tomorrow :) then i went up to killingworth and got dad a couple of versy xmas cards then had a wander around matalan, did the very last pressie shopping and treat myself to those very cute rudolph slippers i saw last week and another pair as they were on buy one get one half price, all i need to do now is take the cards round and post the other ones and we are done.

need to get my tools sorted ready for tomorrow so will probably be heading off to bed pretty soon

Saturday, 5 December 2009

it's a girl !!!!

have been waiting on tenterhooks as one of the ladies i talk to on the sarah's cards thread, l, was due her baby any day and yesterday was chatting away merrily on the thread while telling us her contractions had started and how long they were, she went quiet about 9pm and when i managed to get on today she was back on announcing the safe delivery of her new baby daughter, i had a wee tear in my eye, so glad all is well and a lovely start to christmas for her and her hubby and son :)

decided today would be a good day to put the xmas tree up, we got everything downstairs and dad decides we'll put the window lights up first, but they wouldn't light up so off we went to b&q and got some new lights, tried them and they wouldn't work either, turns out dad hadn't switched on the plug LOL anyhow the lights were far too big so they are going back, i did buy some new lights for my tree as the other ones had a few lights out so they are now wrapped around the base of the reed lights on the landing and looking rather good, the tree when it eventually got put up looks really pretty though of course it will need titivating for a day or two LOL

do i feel xmassy yet ???? would be the honest answer LOL

Thursday, 3 December 2009

woke up.....

feeling rather teary today and no idea why but wondering if it had anything to do with the fact that when i took my tablet last night i dropped half of it and couldn't find it so just had to make do with half, will find out in the morning i suppose as long as i manage to get the entire tablet in my mouth tonight LOL. can't believe how quick this week has gone over and they still haven't told us whether or not we are getting our requested holidays at work yet

Tuesday, 1 December 2009

again a bit excited LOL

i entered a couple of photo's into the ukscrappers november photography competition, it was the first time i have entered it and the theme was glow, i am really chuffed as my photo of ben more near crainlarich in scotland has been chosen for the final shortlist, i am especially pleased as the photo was taken in a split second through the bus window on our way back from stirling on the sunday of our holidays and the bus was doing 60mph on the way down to lix toll at the time LOL

Sunday, 29 November 2009

what an afternoon

i had a nice long lie in, then decided i really needed to get on with the xmas pressy wrapping, so off i went but then i had to make a couple of containers in the craft room, so then i had to tidy the place it as it was an absolute tip, then i had to put things away from the crop and then i needed the loo etc etc etc so it wasn't until nearly half two that i actually sat down to do some wrapping, and it was nearly 6pm when i was finished and i still have some to wrap up, at least i can do those in comfort in the scraproom, then decided to write the xmas cards out, i decided to buy them this year cos i haven't really been in the mood to make xmas cards this year, although i have made plans for next years xmas cards LOL need to buy some more though so i'll have to add a few to the asda order

also treat myself, well actually dad treat me for my birthday to some more promarkers :) got 20 to go with the 12 i already have:)

Saturday, 28 November 2009

i've bought a dress

yup you read that right, i have gone and bought a dress, yes, me the one that lives in trousers LOL i was browsing for an outfit for xmas and there were no tops that i liked the look of so i ventured into the dress section and they had a really pretty waterfall neckline maxi dress, so i thought why not, it was the maxi bit that appealed to me as most dresses, even if they look long in the catalogues, only come to my knees and i like long, so this one was 52" in length, well it arrived this morning and it's really lovely, it is peacock blue and is the perfect length, i really like it so that is xmas day sorted,i had also ordered some shoes (going back-too high) and a cami and shrug combo, the idea being i would wear the shrug over the dress but i don't need it but i'm keeping it as the combo is really pretty and dressed up with a bit of bling will do for new year :)

went to the scrapbook shop crop today, really enjoyed it even though i seem to have left my brain in bed at home LOL i kept forgetting where i had put things and losing things then when one of my lo's didn't go according to plan (i need to pull the entire thing apart later on) i decided maybe it was time for home LOL

Tuesday, 24 November 2009

am excited!!!!!!

i have booked a workshop at the scrapbook shop in langley moor :) it's to do a christmas album with pop up bits and it's taught by mr rusty pickle himself, lance anderson :) i have heard he is a very good teacher and the album looks fabulous so i am very much looking forward to it, it's on the 7th of december at 6pm so i think i will just set off after work to get down there :) good job i'm on an early LOL, i've never done a workshop like this before having really only done classes with maria that i tended to go off in my own direction, but looking at how complicated this album is i will have to pay lots of attention :) this is the album we get to do, looks fabulous doesn't it? :) now what will i need to take, that is the question LOL

Sunday, 22 November 2009

weekend warblings

did nothing today except read papers, have a leisurely breakfast, watch crap on the telly and spend money LOL really enjoyed it though, feel like i could sleep for a week, had a nice day yesterday at the crop and managed five lo's and a small spend on some new embossing folders and a few sheets of card, back to work tomorrow, hope the kidlingtons are better behaved than last Monday LOL

Friday, 20 November 2009

it's a pudsey kind of day LOL

children in need day at work today (note to self-book 3rd week of november off next year LOL) BAA HUMBUG! i hate the whole thing, the dressing up, the forcing parents to buy a square on whatever, the whole palaver of bacon sarnies and biscuits etc and the spending the whole week before hand getting our priorities right by drawing posters rather than playing with the kids BAA HUMBUG AGAIN!if i want to give to charity (and i do, i love the oxfam unwrapped scheme) i will do it myself in quiet and not dressed up in my bloody pj's LOL i also cant stand the crap they put on the telly so tonight i will be taking my miserly arse upstairs with a bottle of wine and some chocolate and i will pack my bag ready for dianne's crop tomorrow and i will book the 3rd week of november off next year LOL

Thursday, 19 November 2009

children in need

i was so hoping i would have missed this years event at work, it's bad enough having to dress up for halloween but just a few weeks later it's dressing up time again, well i thought i'd put my old t-shirt i made a few years ago but it's a bit outdated now so think i'm going in my pj's and dressing gown and of course my new slippers LOL will have to put some clothes into a bag to take with me ac i need to pick my photo's up and i'll have to put petrol in ready for going down to dianne's on saturday.

had lots of parcels delivered this week with goodies for xmas for both me and dad, got some gorgeous beads from a string of beads then gets an email tonight to say that she is not going to make the silver cored beads any more, pretty gutted as i really like her beads and used to spend a fortune on them, as it is she has a 25% off sale at the mo so i might need to treat myself to a few of the ones i have liked over the years and couldn't afford.

Monday, 16 November 2009

why oh why

do they have to be so loud on my first day back from a week and a bit off LOL and why do they take advantage of my having no voice to completely ignore everything i have said LOL

went to the doctors today because of my sore leg, she had a good look at it and i am pleased to report it is not a dvt or even something wrong in the varicose vein, she thinks it might be neuralgia and it will settle down of it's own accord, off to google neuralgia now LOL

well i don't agree with her GRRR my symptoms as i described them to her do not fit neuralgia in any shape or form, from what i can tell it's phlebitis, have watched casualty a lot you know so obviously i am an expert in these matters LOL but seriously i have googled my symptoms and lots of sites pop up and they all say i have phlebitis GRRRR are all the doctors at that surgery crap ?????

Saturday, 14 November 2009

all day crop

the first of the three i go to a month was today, it was only our second time and there was only the four of us there but since the hall is free it really doesn't matter, in fact we do less scrapping and more chatting and eating LOL it is just so nice to have made such lovely friends from chatting to people online, i did four lo's including the first challenge of the uks cyber crop, when i came home i looked at the rest of the stuff, i like the look of some of the challenges but to be honest the classes so far are so not my cup of tea so i won't be joining in with them. planning on a nice relaxing night will candles, wine and chocolate brownies, i had some delivered from a lady in gower in wales, gower cottage brownies they are called and by gum are they delicious or are they delicious LOL yes they were a lot of money but as a treat they were definitely worth it LOL

Friday, 13 November 2009

do you pogo?

i do and i love it LOL before my holidays i ordered the daily deal from ebay which was a polaroid pogo mini photo printer, i asked them not to ship it until the day we came back and it arrived this morning, it's great, at first i couldn't work out how to get it to work but after reading the instructions on the kodak website for my camera as the pogo instructions are beyond carp i managed to get it to work, what cute little piccies it prints and i'm sure i'll love it loads and it was a great bargain at the grand total of £18.99, not very often i praise ebay but today i do LOL

Thursday, 12 November 2009

330 photo's later LOL

spent most of last night uploading my photo's from the holiday, had such a job as the easyshare program kept crashing and wouldn't let me put all the photo's on, so in the finish i uploaded them in about four little lots which seemed to work, so this morning i tries to order some collage prints from snapfish and it turns out the photo's had uploaded every time i tried so i had 3 copies of each photo to wade through which meant i had to delete nearly 700 photo's LOL sorted now though, here are a few of my faves that will eventually appear on lo's (if i ever get the september holiday finished LOL) took some fantastic photo's of the famous highland heritage winter cabbages and the grounds of the hotel looked fantastic in the frost, i also adore the way i can stitch pictures together on the camera to take panoramic views, took a few of them LOL

Wednesday, 11 November 2009

fantastic and no vertical sunshine LOL

had the best holiday, it was lovely and has flown over, the weather was great, although it was cold, it never rained so we stayed nice and dry, the frosty mornings and misty starts made for great photo opportunities and although i am looking forward to my own bed as the beds in the hotel were as hard as rock, the food and trips and entertainment were really great LOL no crafty spend on holiday but i did come back with a new purse, handbag, 3 pendants, a truth bead, magnetic bracelet, rubber ducks, teddies, momjii dolls, russian dolls, advent candle, and a titanic and iceberg ice cube tray LOL

of course there was drama, there seems to be drama a lot when we go away, the first bit was when dad had a fall in the bath, he said he was alright but it took a while to haul him out, then on the way home a lady off the other highland heritage coach fell as she was getting into the coach gashing her leg, it was pouring with blood and the driver was just standing looking at her, garry, our courier rang an ambulance but they were still letting her stand there and bleed, so i ran down the aisle, grabbed our first aid kit from the coach and did something about it, got her sat down and the leg elevated and applied pressure to the wound with two large bandages cos the blood soaked through the first one pretty quickly and just kept reassuring her and pressing down on the wound, it looked like it had more or less stopped when the ambulance arrived but they took her away as we were leaving, hopefully she was ok and they could get her home. as i went to help her husband asked if i was a nurse, i said no but i had watched enough casualty to know what to do LOL

now the job of tidying up, the washing and the uploading and editing of 350 plus photo's

Thursday, 5 November 2009

i am woman hear me ROAR !!!!!

i can change a tyre LOL yes all by myself too LOL went to take dad over to wallsend and as soon as i tried to move the car i knew something was wrong, the drivers side tyre was as flat as a pancake, so we gets the instruction booklet out and learned how to change a tyre, i lowered the tyre from under the car, found the jack, jacked the car up, took the wheel trim off, dad loosened the nuts but i took them off, took the flat tyre off where we found a massive screw embedded in it completely, i then put the spare tyre back on, tightened the nuts and replaced the wheel trim and lowered the car *big grin* i was so chuffed with myself, the only wobble i had was when we got into the car and i thought it was a bit wobbly but it was okay and i drove over to wallsend fine

got my new mobile phone *big grin* went into the O2 shop while dad was at the bank and had a look at the lg cookie, i had more or less decided i wanted the samsung tocco light because it had better battery life but two things swung me onto the cookie firstly it has this really cute little stylus to operate the touchscreen so i don't get fingerprints on the screen LOL and secondly the colour, everywhere else i had seen them they were black or pink but this one is white with a metallic turquoise trim LOL so i got that one, going with O2 as well as they have always been good for dad

Tuesday, 3 November 2009

no energy=no blogging

i am so tired i have been going to bed about 8pm cos i am so tired and i have been sleeping but only napping, i wake every hour or so it seems and the longest i am actually getting is 4 hours at the most, i could really do with an awful lot of long lie ins except that is not going to happen as i am pretty sure breakfast is at 7:30 LOL never mind i might get some kip on the coach LOL

Saturday, 31 October 2009

happy halloween

no trick or treaters so far and if they don't arrive before dad goes out to the club the door will not be getting answered and all the sweeties will be mine HAHAHAHAHA LOL have been over to the scrapbook shop crop today, had a lovely time, it was a lot busier and that was without h,s and j! managed 6 lo's so i was really chuffed cos it meant i got my june holiday album is now completely finished and i have made a start on the september one, not that i'll get that done before i go away on friday LOL i haven't even done the photo weed yet, a job for tomorrow maybe

Friday, 30 October 2009

i'm a toto

i did it again, i clicked on a button to see just how i went about registering for the cyber crop over on uks and all of a sudden i was registered and i'm in team toto LOL as you might gather from the team name it's a wizard of oz themed crop, have no idea how much i will get done and i might be more selective than i was the first one i did and just do the ones i want to do and not buy all the kits and not stay up until midnight to photograph dad in bed LOL like i did the last time

we had a laugh at work today it being our halloween party, the kids and r will be having withdrawal symptoms from the amount of sugar they have eaten today LOL i could not believe r could fit 10 marshmallows in her mouth all in one go LOL i could only manage 6 and even then i was feeling very sick.

Tuesday, 27 October 2009

had my............................

....................poppy cuddles today cos i had missed her so much, think she might have missed me too as she has shredded her bridge and her vegetable hearts, think she was bored, i have someone to look after her every weekend now though which is a relief, have been looking at gas masks for dad so he can wear it while the popster is at home LOL

here's a few more of my recent lo's for you to look at, hope you like :)

Sunday, 25 October 2009

thought i'd brighten the place up a bit LOL

i haven't uploaded any of my lo's for an absolute age mainly due to being too lazy LOL and forgetting to take the little camera upstairs with me, so this morning i had a mammoth photo session, think i photographed 21 lo's in all so i thought i'd stick a few on uks and a few on here too, hope yo all likey LOL

Saturday, 24 October 2009

just what i needed

a day with a lovely bunch of ladies who have all become dear friends, eating delicious cake, chatting and putting the world to rights and a little bit of scrapping to be going on with LOL

we had the first northern frozen north crop today along at the recreation rooms at holystone, it was fab and i managed four lo's, i would probably have had time to do another one but i managed to leave the photo's i had sorted out on the desk up in my craft room, mind you that was better than p who had left all her stash at home LOL

so i will now be busy 3 weekends out of four LOL when will i get a long lie in i wonder LOL

Friday, 23 October 2009

was hoping for a quiet weekend

as after last week i am totally exhausted and after today at work when they were LOUD little horrors i was looking forward to a quiet evening on the puter with a nice glass of wine and a play with the lovely poppy, so all was going to plan until dad announces his breathing was deteriorating and had been ever since i had brought poppy home OMG!!!!! cue a frantic phone call to fellow otter r and poppy has gone to her house to stay, now r's husband didn't want her to come last weekend but he didn't really have a choice tonight so he wasn't best pleased but daughter v was grinning like a cheshire cat and was very excited LOL so no more poppy weekend visits *sad face* i'll just have to have my cuddles at nursery and she will have to get used to staying there over the weekend *sad*

Tuesday, 20 October 2009

he's home

thank god for that !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, 19 October 2009

better news

dad is on the mend, he is still in hospital but has been taken off the oxygen as his oxygen levels in his blood are fine, he still gets a wee bit breathless but his inhalers are making it better so if he continues to improve and keeps off the oxygen tonight he can come home tomorrow YEAH!!! he promises he will keep off the cigarettes and this time i hope he means it because next time he has a flare up he might not make it,

he has joined a research study to be a guinea pig LOL he will be seen by a doctor on discharge,and then 3 monthly interval for a year, it's supposedly going to help develop new treatments for people with copd,

well now that he is on the mend i might actually get a bit of sleep tonight cos when he comes home i'll be lying awake listening for his breathing LOL

Saturday, 17 October 2009

knew it would end in tears

many tears, my tears, went down to the docs this morning who gave him a thorough examination and prescribed him some steriods to help with the breathing, they seemed to work until half seven when he started with the gasping for breath and having to sit upright or stand to help again, so i rang the docs again and as soon as i mentioned he was gasping for breath they sent an ambulance,

got down to rake lane and they took him straight into a&e but i had to sit on my own in the waiting room, which is when i shed the many many tears, eventually a doctor came out and said "he's fine we fixed him" he was on a nebulizer but sitting up and breathing ok and his heart rate which had been 130 bpm in the ambulance was back down to 87bpm and his breathing was much better,

they have admitted him to the emergency care unit overnight where he was still on oxgen when i left ( well when i was thrown out if the truth be told i would still be there now if they had have let me stay), the doctor will see him tomorrow to see if he needs to be kept in or whether he can come home, if you pray please say a prayer for him tonight

not well

and he broke the agreement GRRRR

i knew there was something up with him last night when he went and sat at the kitchen table claiming it was cooler in there and alarm bells started to ring when he didn't want any supper, so when i gets up this morning and he's sitting at the table in the same position i got angry and made him tell me what was wrong.

we had an agreement the last time he wasn't well that he would tell me when he didn't feel well so we could do something about it but no i had to drag it out of him again

so anyway we now have an appointment down at rake lane to see a doctor at 11am so bang goes going to the crop :( it wouldn't surprise me if they don't send him to a&e and he ends up being admitted, have looked on nhs direct and it looks like a chest infection and not pneumonia so fingers x'd that's all it is and maybe i can nag him into giving up the fags again

Friday, 16 October 2009

it's a miracle

he can hear LOL dad got his new digital hearing aids today and all of a sudden he can hear LOL he is talking really quietly too so i'm the one who is having to say pardon to him instead of the other way round LOL he has the two of them now too, the technician who fitted them today said his hearing is probably back to the way it was years ago, think i might need to get me some of them LOL

Thursday, 15 October 2009

what a night

picture this, i'm upstairs scrapping away quite happily when thinking it was nearly time for bed when the phone goes and it's heather with the shocking news that d's shop where we have the frozen north crop is closed down AAARRRGGGHHHH so many frantic phone calls and pm's later we are sorted to go to the rec rooms in holystone, all sorted no probs fine LOL

lovely day at work, out for a meeting after work, tea out with dad which was yummy, shower then onto uks to discover the shop is not closing down after all LOL so more pm's sent out and with any luck it's sorted and we are back to d's on saturday,

oh i need a glass of wine LOL

Tuesday, 13 October 2009

no post yesterday

cos i had a night away from the computer, took myself up to the craft room and forced myself to scrap LOL i am so behind with my albums as i only seem to scrap at crops cos i come home get on the lappy and then it's bed time, so i decided to have a couple of nights a week away from it and maybe i will reduce the scrapping mountain/backlog i have LOL i have at least a dozen lo's from june hols and an entire september holiday album to do before i go away 3 weeks time LOL it's just not going to happen LOL

Sunday, 11 October 2009

never crossed the doors

this weekend :( i was going to go out but i ended up scrapping and reorganizing the craft room, i really need a whole weekend to do it justice but i made a start, and it looks a lot nicer, more natural daylight as i have moved my embellie carousel to a different place so it is not blocking the light from the window, also had a bit of a sort out of the buttons in the hope i might actually use them more LOL

had the usual hours play with poppy tonight, she is so funny, and persistant, she so wants to be out and about so i put her in her ball for a play tonight to give me some time to make some supper - chicken and basil nicoise with crushed new potatoes and green beans, it was only a frozen meal but i styled it ever so nicely and it looked fab, toasted pretty delicous too LOL

Saturday, 10 October 2009

more poppy photo's

managed to get a few decent photo's of the little monster tonight, we have been toilet training this week and she has cracked it already and uses her little toilet in the corner of her cage, should make cleaning her out a bit easier LOL have also been making a poppy playground out of a box, she loves being in it and at least she can't climb out of it although she has had a bloody good try LOL

on my travels around the net last night i discovered a hamster toys website, you can even buy a hamster lead LOL i have my eye on a suspended rope bridge, a hamster playpen and the lead for xmas for her LOL now is she the most pampered princess in the wolrd and am i getting a tad obsessed do you think LOL

Thursday, 8 October 2009

what a glorious day

it has been today, it's been warm and sunny with the brightest blue sky, so wish i'd had today off i would have gone somewhere nice and took my new camera to play, lets hop the weather stays like this for the weekend LOL

am desperately trying to break in two pairs of new shoes in time for my holidays, my old comfy ones have been worn constantly for the passed two winters and are starting to look a little worse for wear, but there is no way i am parting with them until they literally drop off my feet LOL this week i have been trying to wear the new ones for work figuring if i can wear them all day at work they will be fine for my hols, of course i have ended up with mega sore feet for the past 3 days :( had a small breakthrough today when i managed to get right to 3pm before i decided they were hurting, back to the red pair tomorrow LOL

Tuesday, 6 October 2009

another holiday to look forward to

was on the hoseasons website looking at holidays, i was all for going to derbyshire in march but then it hit me i really don't think i could manage a whole six months from november to the end of june without having some time somewhere in scotland LOL so i was looking at edinburgh again, then tried searching the rest of the site and it threw up the beech hedge site just outside of perth, we stayed there a couple of years ago, the owners have been building two lovely log lodges and they have hot tubs so decided to look a bit closer, as you can see from the piccies they look lovely and then i saw hoseasons had a low deposit offer on so instead of it being £125 it was only £50, so that made my mind up LOL so we are booked and it's only 164 days to go LOL

Saturday, 3 October 2009

not safety netting

but a suspension bridge LOL lots of bits of twigs wired together to make a bridge so at least poppy hasn't got too far to fall when she'd ceiling climbing LOL i spent a fortune at the pet shop today and it looks like half of the stuff i bought she isn't going to like, she hates her igloo and won't go anywhere near it so that looks like a waste of money, she is chewing her bars right now so it looks like the wine will have to wait and i'll be on poppy playing duty LOL

Friday, 2 October 2009

how do you make................. netting for an acrobatic hamster ??? LOL i have poppy home for the weekend and her latest trick is to dangle upside down from the ceiling of her cage, she has fallen off quite a few times so far tonight, one time from the ceiling she hit both levels on the way down then landed on a heap on the floor :0 she seems ok and it certainly hasn't stopped her doing it again stupid creature, right now though she is having a snooze so i get five minutes peace LOL going over to the pet shop tomorrow to see if i can get her a new house to sleep in and maybe even a hamster loo so we can potty train her LOL

another plan for the weekend was to go somewhere nice to have a wee photo shoot with my new camera, was thinking of the hall grounds in wallsend or the beach at seaton sluice........BUT then i saw the weather forecast, we have a severe weather warning in place for tonight and tomorrow for gale force winds with gusts of 70mph eeek, don't like wind :( so it looks like i'll have to wait until sunday, at least it means i can spend the day unpacking from last weekends crop LOL

Thursday, 1 October 2009

it's going well for a few days

then kapput the internet starts playing up again and i can hardly stay on a page for a few seconds without getting kicked off GGRRRR!, it's driving me insane, and sky were supposed to contact me sometime today and i'm still waiting

my gorgeous camera arrived and it's fab though i don't think musch of the batteries, went onto the kodak website and got the extender tripod handle thing i was after, some different pre-charged rechargeable batteries and dad treat me to a kodak printer for xmas as my printer is fine but it costs me £56 for a colour cartridge whereas the kodak cartridges as £9.99 so i should save a fortune eventually

also good news on the tote front, i had an email of the owner of the shop and she is going to get me one from america and have it dispatched directly to me :) it's going to take six weeks but i should get one eventually

poppy comes home tomorrow for the weekend, i need to buy a few things for her at the pet shop and if the weather stays nice i plan to spend some time out at the coast or in the park trying out my new camera

Tuesday, 29 September 2009

should have known better

than to hope it would be as easy as ordering and getting the damn tote, comes in tonight to an email from saying they don't have the lilac tote in stock (why is it still on the website then) and they only have the red or can get me a black GRRRRRRRRRRRR no good to me as i really don't want to have to buy the whole set of totes again to match with what i have, so i've told them just to issue me a refund and i'll see if i can get it elsewhere have asked g from scrapbook shop and it looks like i can get it on the storage for crafts website so i'll try there in the morning

on a happy note my new camera arrived at 8:50 this morning, it's gorgeous and i can't wait to have a play, unfortunately the batteries have to be on charge for 18 hours, so it'll be tomorrow night before i get to play LOL

Sunday, 27 September 2009

boo hoo

when i came in from the crop yesterday the bars on the bottom of my tote bag that keep it taut fell off and when i had a look at the bottom of it, the plastic bits that the bars clip into are broken :( i was very sad and thought i would probably have a go at mending it with some electricians tape, well that decision didn't last very long so i've ordered the large version, rather than the medium one i've got from craft at home up in scotland, bunged it on my credit card :) so with any luck that will arrive by next weekend LOL

had a lovely time

at the scrapbook shop crop yesterday, got to meet some new ladies and to catch up with cat who had abandoned the seaton sluice crop to join us and with shirley and liz, filled a loyalty card and bought some lovely goodies, ate yummy swiss roll (thankyou shirley) oh and did some scrapping, not as many as usual,only the 3 as i did quite a bit of handcutting on them this time, mind you i did more than some people LOL,

paid our november holidays off today as they were needing paid off by thurs so i seriously need to start looking at holidays for march and june now, i need something to look forward to don't i LOL

Friday, 25 September 2009

oh my

look what i've just been treating myself too, it's a kodak z980, 12 mega pixels and 24x optical zoom, oh my LOL i've been lusting after the kodak z1015 for months now with 15x optical zoom but saw this one and had to have it, i have had such sterling service from my z710 and it takes fabulous photo's so i'm hoping this will serve me as well as that one, this one has digital image stabilization so dad will have to learn to use it LOL, i love my camera's and have had a few now always going for the zoom lens so this one is going to be such a treat, bought it off amazon as it's £79 cheaper than on the kodak site, roll on 1pm tues when it arrives LOL


it's the weekend, i do love a friday night LOL but no poppy this weekend (sad) as she has gone on holiday with our cook j, as her daughter is desperate for a hamster and this is a trial run, mind you she's coming home with me next weekend, i need my cuddles you know LOL have a crop to go to tomorrow, down at the scrapbook shop in durham so plenty of cash needed for that then, not that i strictly need anything but you know LOL

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

what to call this post

haven't got a clue actually LOL not much going on, work home bed basically LOL have put some holidays in the diary at work for next year but no idea whether i have got them yet, need to get another holiday booked you know, i do like at least two holidays booked at any particular time, gives me something to look forward LOL got a nice pair of shoes delivered today, a pair of wine coloured leather flatties ready for the winter, aslo my sarahs cards kit arrived today, as usual it's gorgeous and i love it, will more than likely use it when i got to the sbs crop in durham on saturday

Sunday, 20 September 2009

bad blogger number 7348 LOL

but it wasn't all my fault, since installing a new version of firefox i have been having problems connecting to and staying on the net, it was taking ages to load up a page and then i kept losing my internet connection, fingers crossed it's ok now but i'm blogging while the going is good LOL

all my parcels arrived so i have lot's of lovely new stash, new clothes and new beads so a very happy bunny here, mind you i still might have to treat myself to a new thing or two LOL

i have poppy home for the weekend, decided on friday night to make her a poppy playground so spent a while fashioning pieces of cardboard, tubes and boxes into the nicest playground a baby hamster could want, she loved it and spent 10 happy minutes exploring it all LOL she then took advantage of my generousity by climbing over the wall and scuttling under the sofa LOL she was easily extricated (is that word or have i made it uo LOL) by offering her some carrot, she grabbed one end and i pulled until i could get my hands on her LOL

had a lovely time at the frozen north crop yesterday, got 5 pages done and got some wool to make some scarves as xmas presents, aslo paid my deposit to jo for the frozen north meet up/retreat at a lovely farmhouse near moffat in scotland for a weekend in feb next year, so looking forward to it, then realised it's the weekend before the sarah's cards retreat LOL so i'm going to be well busy for a week or two LOL

last night was a night out for the girls from work to celebrate r's 50th birthday, it's not until next weekend but we all went out tonight to let her have next weekend with her family, we went for a banquet at the ming cottage in whitley bay, it was really lovely, the food was excellent and at the end of the meal the staff brought out cake with sparklers and candles in and a little bunch of flowers for the birthday girl, a really lovely gesture, didn't get home until 11 when i thought i would be home about half 9 LOL had a wee cuddle and play with poppy then it was off to bed and a nice long lie in this morning, need to do the asda shop now and hope the internet connection holds long enough to let me get that done LOL

Tuesday, 15 September 2009

still no parcels

well not quite i did get half a parcel delivered this afternoon, i ordered a set of paint daubers from qvc, four of them arrived today, god knows where the other four are, so after ringing up to complain i have to wait 5 to 7 days for a courier to turn up to take them away then wait for the replacement ones to arrive GRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!! no sign of any of the other things i have ordered, i get so impatient but i get used to the fab delivery times from sarah's cards and expect every one to be like that, especially annoyed that my beads still haven't arrived.

had a busy morning at work when we had 14 kidlingtons in before 8am !!!!! i mean c'mon LOL but did have a very nice day in our room including a wee play with poppy, roll on friday so she can come home and play LOL

have been naughty and ordered both the september and the october scrapagogo one off kits, i really like the kits but i don't think i want to subscribe to another club so will just keep getting the ones that are available and take my fancy

Sunday, 13 September 2009

i'll miss her

poppy has to go back to nursery tomorrow and i will miss her tons, she is such a little character and has been so much better entertainment than the television that has been on offer over the weekend LOL right now she is making a bid for freedom through the bars of the cage LOL might persuade her into her ball for a little run around before she goes back

Saturday, 12 September 2009

hamster tamer extraodinaire LOL

well that was easy LOL i put poppy in her ball while i cleaned out her cage then when i put her back in i kept my hand in her cage and stroked her and let her sit on my hand then after a little while of that i gently closed my fingers around her and lifted her out of the cage *happy smile* so now i can put my hand in the cage and she will come and sit on it and be lifted out for a cuddle *big grin* now all i need is tips on how to get her to sit still for a photograph cos as soon as i get the camera focused on her she moves LOL with any luck i might have uploaded a short video of the crazy beast for any one who wants a wee peak at her, she is very cute LOL

Friday, 11 September 2009

we have a guest

her name is poppy she's approx 6 weeks old and she bites LOL she's the nursery hamster and hasn't been handled very much so it appears to have fallen to me to do the taming, have been putting my hand in her cage and feeding her and stroking her so this weekends job is to get her so i can pick her up. she is very cute and fun to watch, she hasn't used her wheel yet but she creases me up the way she climbs the bars and jumps from level to level in her cage, hoping to get some photo's over the weekend too LOL

two lovely stash parcels to play with when i got home so lots of stuff to play with over the weekend too

Thursday, 10 September 2009

some more holiday photo's

to brighten the place up a bit since i havent yet got round to picking the actual photo's up from asda yet LOL just keep forgetting to go on my way home from work as i'm always too knackered and just need to get home LOL anyway it's not as if i need them, i still have nearly all the holiday photo's from june to get through yet LOL

Wednesday, 9 September 2009

day three in otters

and i am beginning to get my head around it all and settling in LOL the first two days all i did was ask questions and i must have done r and l's heads in LOL it was completely exhausting to but i am so enjoying it, i love the pre-school age group, they are so funny and i love being able to talk with them, we had the most interesting conversation about how old people were today, i told the children i was forty and j asked me when i would be "fivety" LOL we also have the cutest pet in pre-school a brand new hamster called poppy, it appears to have fallen to me to get her used to being handled so i've been sticking my hand in here cage every day so she can get used to my smell, we cleaned the cage out today so she went in a box and i managed to stroke her lots and she had a good old sniff of my hand and even a taste, she wasn't biting but putting her teeth around the end of my finger and tasting me, i did get a nibble though when i tried to pick her up, so she is coming home with me on friday and my job for the weekend is to tame the hamster LOL so i might be typing with plasters on my fingers on monday LOL

have the house to myself as dad has a hospital appt to have his hearing tested ready for new digital hearing aids, lets hope they work better than his other one does LOL

Sunday, 6 September 2009

guess i can talk about it now

on the friday before my holidays i was told about the room moves going ahead next week at work as they had been worrying me and c asked me to move into otters which is the pre-school room, i am so chuffed as it is my favourite age group, also love the staff that work in there so was a bit sad that one of them would be moving out, so start in there tomorrow, been dying to know who else has moved but i can't get in touch with anyone, will just have to be patient until tomorrow LOL

bought some gorgeous hand spun wool when we were away so went and got some huge knitting needles at arty and crafty this afternoon and have started knitting myself a scarf, it's knitting up lovely and very quickly too.

Saturday, 5 September 2009

home again home again

jiggedy jig LOL we had a fabulous holiday, the weather was okay apart from the torrential rain we had on thursday which caused lots of flooding in the very east of moray but it didn't spoil our day, we went to the pics, something we haven't done for ages, nairn was lovely but i wasn't impressed with park dean, our caravan had quite a bit of damage to it and some of the fittings didn't look like they had ever been dusted, the entertainment was crap and the bar prices extortionate, they did point us in the direction of the havelock pub where we ate every night and every morning for brekkie, the food was fab and very cheap just what we like LOL i spent a ton of money on lots of lovely things like a new kipling handbag and purse, some nice wine glasses, two wood pandora beads, a teddy called george, some new clothes, some beautiful wool i intend to make a scarf with, a crystal bead in green from a new bead company called amore & bacci and a new watch LOL no craft stuff cos there wasn't any i could find and i was good on the way home i didn't go into perth as i wanted to order 3 amber beads to go with my wood ones when i got home,

we are all unpacked, dad has the washing started and i'm planning on a nice supper and lunch out tomorrow to keep the holiday mode going, the photo's are sorted and i just need to put a bit of petrol in the car ready for work on monday, took about 6 hours to get to nairn so i am really looking forward to my own bed tonight LOL

Friday, 28 August 2009


the holidays have officially started, got away from work about 2ish and went and filled the car up with petrol, came home to find the road being resurfaced finally and i got some nice news from c before i left work, not allowed to talk about it just yet but i am a happy bunny, so that's it until my holidays, if you are passing through feed gus for me, he get's very hungry LOL

Thursday, 27 August 2009

they forced me LOL

been out for tea tonight with v and b, two of my dearest friends, think it ws to cheer me up after the fiasco recently and it certainly did the job, it is impossible to be sad when i am with those two as they would just take the piss if i was LOL we went along to the shiremoor house farm, there have a huge menu and there was so many things i like the look of, i finally decided on indian spiced chicken kebabs, when they came they were attached to two metal rods that were hanging over the plate, the pieces of chicken were huge and you got salad, fries and rice as well as dips, i had also ordered some garlic bread and there was four slices of that when it arrived, needless to say i didn't manage it all but v and b wanted a pudding so they forced me to have one too LOL i had strawberry and vanilla marscapone fool with white chocolate curls YUM,they were huge when they came too so will definitley be going back there again LOL

the postman had been with a parcel today but dad was in and he says the postman didn't knock which means he was probably hammering on the door for hours LOL we are going to pick it up on saturday on our way to nairn so at least i'll have a parcel to open LOL

Tuesday, 25 August 2009


simple as that, i hate the bloody lot of them, ok well not all of them but certainly next door and the next one up, i can't even walk down the street without someone having a go at me, it wouldn't bother me if it was their space i had parked in, then they have every right to say something but tbh it has fuck all to do with them, have been in tears over it today and feel physically sick at the thought of coming home from work every night, i so wish they would all just fuck off

Sunday, 23 August 2009

trying to remember my cbt

feeling really strange, really upset and sad, trying my best to remember everything my therapist told me, also annoyed that one man should reduce me to feeling like this, dreading going to bed tonight cos i know i won't sleep which will mean for a weepy me tomorrow, will have to have a word with l as soon as i get in


after chatting to a couple of the ladies on uks i decided to report last nights incident to the police, i did it online via their minor incident report form and thought that would be it, erm no! they rang me at 12:50ish and asked if i had seen him today which i had through the window, which resulted in much shaking and my heart racing, and i told the officer i was too frightened to go out tbh, so she arranged for a visit this afternoon.

the officer has just been and after speaking to me, went next door and spoke to "him", he apologised to the officer and said he hadn't meant to frighten or intimidate me, he was just full of hell over the parking situation, so that's it, in the meantime i await my apology with baited breath!

off to cut and dye my hair now in ready for the holidays and boy they cannot come soon enough LOL

oh what a night

after having such a fabulous time yesterday at the crop, doing some shopping, managing five lo's and have a lovely chat, i ordered myself some supper and opened a bottle of wine for a nice relaxing night, the next thing it's 10:15pm and there's someone hammering on the door, thinking it was dad and i had locked the door i opens it to be faced with the next door neighbour(henceforth to be known as the fucking bastard or fb)screaming in my face because he couldn't get his car parked outside his door because i was parking over the road (outside the house of someone who is away this weekend!!!!!! go figure) and someone had parked in his space so now he had to park in the water and i should be parking in the water like him, after i had got over the shock i tried to show him that it is not the water stopping me parking outside my house but the five inch deep pothole that is only outside my house, i also pointed out that since i pay my road tax i can actually park where the hell i like. i have never been yelled at like that by anyone before he then started on dad who had just got back from the club yelling how much of a disgrace i was and i should park outside my house, at the finish we just walked away from him and left him yelling and screaming!!!!! during this time he had his finger pointing and wagging right in my face and i had to hold my hands out in front of me to keep him away from me

i am a wreck this morning after churning about it all night and i am in two minds about calling the police and reporting him for assault. i have seen many a tantrum in my life but usually from a two year old but never from a 72 year old who throws his toys out of his pram because someone has parked where he parks!!!!!

jesus !!! the sooner this water malarkey gets sorted out the better and roll on eary sat morning so we can fuck off away from it all for a week

Friday, 21 August 2009

we have progress

on the water front, while i was at work today someone has been and.....................................painted two blue lines on the road LOL whoopdido LOL

all packed for the crop at scrapbook shop tomorrow, the wine is opened and the supper has been ordered, the weekend starts here LOL

Thursday, 20 August 2009

the water board have been

when i got up this morning a northumbria water van was in the street so i sent dad out to ask when this farce would be getting sorted, they took a few photo's said they had been pulled off another job to come and look at this and that was it, so when dad asked when they were coming to fix it they said they would get to it when they could, errr no like, so i feel another snotty email to northumbria water coming on,

was late home tonight as the last kid wasn't picked up until five past 6 so couldn't get parked where i have been parking, then it is going to be even worse tomorrow night as another car has turned up, looks like i might end up parking in the river tomorrow and over the weekend

Tuesday, 18 August 2009

what a farce

for years we have been naggin the council to come and resurface the road where i live as it is in a really dreadful state, so finally we get a letter saying they were coming to do it yesterday, we had to be out of the street by 8am and back at 6 so off i tootles to work 2 hours early, gets a phone call off dad to say the street was coming along fine BUT just outside our house the contractors had managed to fracture the water main WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so i comes home to half the street finished, water pouring down the road, nowhere to park except in someone else's space, a huge hole outside my door and i had to wade across the water to get to the house GRRRRRRRRRRR so when will they come and sort it out, well the workmen have reported it to northumbria water, they have to fix the pipe before the contractors can come and finish the road, so fast forward to tonight (and goodness knows how many gallons of water wasted down the drain) and the water is still there, the hole is still there and i still can't get parked, so northumbria water have had a snotty email, so have the council and so has my local councillor and the mayor, and guess what they will be getting another one tomorrow and the next day and the next day until it get's sorted LOL

i wonder if look north would be interested LOL

Saturday, 15 August 2009

another fab crop

had a great time at the frozen north crop at dianne's craft inspirations shop in belmont today, a couple of the lovely ladies from the morpeth crop came so it was really lovely to catch up with them. i managed my usual 6 lo's LOL i had time to do another one but i was scrapped out by then LOL shirley took a piccie of me with 5 of the lo's i had done so i might have to scrap the photo as it's a really lovely one of me for a change, will see a few of them next week at scrapbook shop in durham then we are talking about going to the harrogate papercraft shows together which would be fantastic, shopping, chatting and stash with a bunch of great friends LOL

Thursday, 13 August 2009

bad blogger number 957 LOL

no time......................too book to ds game to play.................stuff to do...................things to see..........................places to go....................and i need a hair cut and dye before my holidays and i've got nothing organised and i've got two crops to pack stuff for and and and oh well you get the picture LOL

hopefully normal blogging shall be resumed soon LOL

Sunday, 9 August 2009

a busy weekend

went back to work on friday which was fine, the kids were fine and i was fine to be home at 5:15 LOL, had a bit of a lie in on saturday but wanted to do some scrapping so after breakfast i went upstairs and got a couple of lo's done, got distracted though by pretty beads and wire, i have had an idea floating around in my head of how i wanted my badge for the sarah's cards retreat to look like, now i know it's not until next march but hey ho so i set to having a bit of an experiment LOL the experiment went very well and i got it all finished, the letters and dragonfly were cut on my criccut out of shrink plastic which i then heated until it shrunk, they then had perfect pearls added to them then glossy accents, the rest is just bits of wire and beads twisted together randomly until i got it the way i wanted it :)

we've been out for lunch today, i had bison burger cos it's supposed to be low fat and healthy, what the menu didn't mention was it had the taste and texture of minced plasterboard LOL so to make up for my disappointing main course, i had eton mess for my pudding which was delicious

Thursday, 6 August 2009

feeling so much better

so much so that i'm going back to work tomorrow, have been out of bed all day and dressed and my appetite is back and i'm eating normally again, the weeing for england has stopped and even the pain in my chest has gone away now if only i could get the neck pains i've been getting at night to go away, i'm trying to break in some new pillows to see if that helps as the ones i had were making the neck pain worse, only trouble is it takes me ages to get pillows the way i like them, i'll be fine tomorrow though i only have the one day to get through then it's the weekend and i plan to scrap it away LOL

Tuesday, 4 August 2009

oink oink

it appears i have piggy flu. woke up yesterday with a raging sore throat, cough, sneezing, headache, earache and a temperature so i did that online symptom checker on the pandemic helpline and the next thing i knew i had been authorised tamiflu, took the first couple and they make me feel very very sick but when i got up this morning i only feel dreadful compared to deathly like i did yesterday, the worst bit is the sore throat and the pain everywhere, even my hair hurt yesterday

Sunday, 2 August 2009

fairy doors

i have joined a mystical fairy doors swap over on uks. not really knowing what i was letting myself in for i googled it and came up with some gorgeous little doors, the idea being that you prop them up against a tree or on a shelf and then a homeless fairy uses her/his magic to open the door and make her/his self a little home

being ever enthusiastic i immediately set to it and made my two fairy doors, I'm really pleased with them and thoroughly enjoyed getting inky, painty and glittery, i have them propped up on my mantel and have my fingers x'd for a housework loving fairy to move in LOL

please excuse the dreadful photo's too, but i have had a fair bit of wine tonight LOL

some of my latest lo's

finally got round to taking some photo's of the lo's i did at the scrapbook shop crop last saturday so thought i'd stick a few of them on here to brighten up the place LOL this one is my highland cow obsession rearing it's ugly head again LOL i had to climb over a gate to get close enough to this one, it was still behind another fence though so i was safe LOL i loved the way it appeared to be peering through it's fringe at me LOL

this one is of my new charlie bear, i wanted another one to go with william who i got last year but the shop i got him from is closed so when i spotted this one in the gift shop at eilean donnan castle i had to have her, so william has a new sister and she got her name from the castle LOL

this one is of the seals at the seal colony just outside of plockton, they were so well camoflaged that at first they were really difficult to see but once you spotted one it became easier, loads of cute babies too LOL

Saturday, 1 August 2009

soldiering on

had a really bad nights sleep last night, if i lay on my back my knee hurt, if i lay on my right side my shoulder hurt and if i lay on my left side my chest hurt, finally managed to drop off about 5:30am then was up at 9:30 to empty my craft bag, got everything put away then did the cj entry and sorted out the photo's i actually intend to scrap in the june holiday album, then did a couple of lo's to make a start, of course i was as stiff as a board when i got up and my chest was killing again, roll on next week when i can get an appointment to discuss where we go from here.

finally managed to get twilight finished and about to start on the next one, took me a while to read it but it was really good, don't think i fancy the film though, think it would ruin my image of edward LOL

Friday, 31 July 2009

rip sir bobby robson

who passed away today aged 76, i was never much interested in football but the amount of money he has helped to raise for cancer research is remarkable, and having battled cancer five times it is time for a rest, rip sir bobby

Tuesday, 28 July 2009

post 150

can't believe it LOL quite like how i have become quite good at this blogging malarkey now LOL been to the hospital tonight to get the chest x ray and blood test done that the doctor wanted me to have done last tuesday, thought i would be better but the pain isn't going away and it's moving further into my chest rather than my side, we weren't there all that long and to make up for missing tea we decided to treat ourselves to fish and chips, they were rather yummy too LOL off to bed now though need some sleep it's going to be busy at work tomorrow

Saturday, 25 July 2009

how much did i spend

it was supposed to be a crop but it turned into a very satisfying shopping splurge too LOL h,j,l and i went to the scrapbook shop in durham to their monthly crop today and had the most FABULOUS time LOL there was only us there and another lady as well as g and her daughter l and the two ladies who work in the shop but we had such a lovely time, i did 6 lo's which is a new record for me and bought some yummy yummy stuff LOL

first of all i ordered the home decor cricut cartridge online to pick up today, then splurged on some fabulous new stamps, a gorgeous mini book which has chipboard, acrylic and felt pages, some lovely 7 gypsies ephemera, the rest of the delish mme penny lane range, some beadazzles, some shaped pp's and .................................oh more stuff than i can actually remember LOL and what was even better was the next crop is the weekend before the bank holiday weekend so i can got to that one as well, and i already have my eye on a couple of bits and pieces to buy then LOL

Friday, 24 July 2009

what a quiet day

which was probably a jolly good job as there was only the two of us in the room, did manage to get all of my development files up to date so i can start doing reviews before all the kiddies move into the pre-school room, we had an even quieter afternoon as all the kiddies went home early and i was left with one child after tea, glad i was on earlies though as there were still lots of kids left in the other rooms

really looking forward to tomorrow, going down to the scrapbook shop in durham to join their crop, so tonight i need to sort out stash and photo's repack the huge tote bag and cart it downstairs, drink lots of wine and enjoy cheesy chips for my supper LOL sounds like an almost perfect night to me...............................................oh and dad's gone out bowling so it gets even better LOL

Thursday, 23 July 2009

feeling okay

i'm pretty much feeling okay with the shingles apart from the pain which isn't great but i'm just taking paracetemol and once i'm in bed the pain goes right away, any way there is no way i am missing the crop on saturday so i've got to be fine LOL decided to read the letter the doctor gave me to take to the x ray department as he wanted me to go and have a chest x-ray but i didn't go, he was looking for pleurisy or a pulmonary embolism, a blood clot on my lung, surely i would feel a lot more poorly than just a bit of burning pain if i had a blood clot on the lung!!!!

got a parcel delivered today, a new ac d ring album and lots of page protectors, they were on sale at 3 jolly scrappers so bought them, i always keep my eye out for sales LOL not that i need any excuse to spend LOL

Tuesday, 21 July 2009

trapped wind? my arse

woke up on sunday morning with a really bad pain in the left side of my chest and it was really sore at work on monday, of course i got lots of sympathy off my lovely work mates who suggested i had trapped wind and obviously needed a good old fart LOL well i started feeling this really strange burning sensation over the painful area and then i noticed a few spots so took myself off to the doctors after work and i have shingles, luckily apart from the pain i feel absolutely fine and not at all poorly, just wait until i go to work tomorrow, trapped wind LOL my arse LOL

Monday, 20 July 2009

can you believe

i managed 12 lo's over the weekend, that has got to be some kind of record LOL mind you i will probably be all scrapped out for the foreseeable future now LOL at least it means my march holiday album is completed so i can make a start on the june one, just have to weed the photo's out from the 200 i had printed to a more scrapable number LOL

Sunday, 19 July 2009

my favourite day of the month

is fast becoming the third saturday, two months in a row now i have had the scrap and yap and a night out with the girls for a chinese and i am relly liking it, might have to try and persuade the girls to make this a regular thing LOL firstly though i had a great time at the crop though it was awfully quiet at first, just me and j, but eventually l, l, j and p turned up too and best thing, j came armed with chocolate and even better, thorntons chocolates at that, the smell was just divine LOL i managed a scrap and yap record of 5 finished lo's, used all my new kits, had a wee go off my new sewing machine which is quickly turning into my fave toy and only spent 6 quid but got lots of lovely new lace to add to my collection LOL they all loved the kit i had put together for the raffle and j won so she has the stress of putting together a kit for the next time LOL had some pretty hairy driving conditions to ge through on the way home when the heavens opened and even with the wipers on quickest speed i could not see a thing, just slowed right down and drove very carefully until i was through it

was first to arrive at c's quickly followed by b and v then m and r arrived, we had a really good chat, lots of hysterical laughter usually aimed at b or me, a nice chinese and a glass or two of the falling down water both the red and white varieties LOL home for about midnight so straight to bed and a nice long lie in this morning

this afternoons plan is to get the shop done, take some photo's of my lo's then upload them so i might have some pretty things to show you later on if i'm lucky LOL