Saturday, 29 January 2011

things beginning with c

lots of photos today, been out taking photos of things beginning with c, went up to newbiggin by the sea and to woodhorn colliery and had a really lovely time LOL first up the curves on the front of the study centre at woodhorn colliery closely followed by a crow on the colliery wheel LOL next up is the chains hanging in the doorway at one of the engine sheds at woodhorn and the cogs in the machinery that drove the pumps to keep the colliery from flooding getting a bit more abstract now, this one is of the polished concrete floor in the exhibition centre after spending three and a half hours at woodhorn we went along to newbiggin to see the couple sculpture and also took some photos of the clouds, thought i might add a bit about the couple sculpture, they are 5 metres high and are made of bronze and were made by the artist sean henry, they are on newbiggins breakwater and are 300 yards out to sea so they appear life size when you are standing on the beach or promenadeone last photo as i was walking back to the car of the church and cemetry at st bartholemews in newbiggin, just as i was about to get into the car this couple walked over to say hello, turns out we shared a table with them on one of our turkey and tinsel tours ages aga, they were really lovely at the time so we had a bit of a catch up before heading home :D

Friday, 28 January 2011

mini book and recipe cards

last night i finally got round to taking photos of the tags i've made for the rik rak ravers swap and the mini book i have made for the "a mini a month" challenge over on karens blog.

for the recipe tag swap i have gone for liquid recipes as i don't really cook so i did a couple of cocktail recipes plus for my teetotal teamie lisa, a couple of non alcoholic yummy things LOL also i hope my teamie suzy doesn't mind but i stole her title cos i thought it was perfect LOL

for the "a mini a month" challenge, karen had designed an lovely envelope book with the theme of new beginnings, me being me i sort of set off on a tangent and my new beginnings was to make an envelope book with tags to keep the names and addresses of all the peeps i send xmas cards to in, instead of frantically trying to remember where i've kept the list every december LOL so here's a few pics

Thursday, 27 January 2011

gosh how did it get to be thursday already LOL

time flies when you're having fun i guess LOL i've been on earlies this week which means i can spend some time in the craft room when i get in from work, so this week i've finished the recipe cards for the team swap over on uk scrappers and i've been doing a mini book for the a mini a month challenge over here on karens blog, i've had the book made for ages but needed to decorate it so that's what i did when i had a sneaky afternoon off work yesterday, then last night i starts to fill it in(i'm using it as a list of names and addresses for sending xmas cards) and i had filled three of the four sections in when i remembered i had put white card on the back of each tag to write on LOL so i had to re do those three tags and remember to write on the paper this time instead of the patterned paper LOL

so tonights plan is to take photos of it and i'll put them on here tomorrow for everyone to see :)

Sunday, 23 January 2011

a fab weekend

after enjoying my unexpected training at the end of the week and being reasonably sure i have passed the course i was really looking forward to this weekend, cropping with the frozen north girls in the morning and having my buddies round for chinese and a chat on the evening and new computer games to play with and maybe some scrapping done on the sunday :) so far it has been just what i wanted :) really enjoyed the crop and getting a lot of dad's quilt finished then having a really good laugh with my buddies last night, we have tentatively arranged the next meet up at b's house to be a sleepover/ pyjama party LOL gosh we know how to live don't we LOL and i also mentioned us all going away somewhere together and that received the big thumbs up too :D i love nights with my buddies, they always give me a big grin on my face LOL

just chilling and waiting for the bowls to start LOL dad loves the bowls on the telly so i'll be earplugs in and playing my new game or i might head up to the craft room, desicions desicions LOL

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

unexpected training

yup, not at work tomorrow or friday, going to do peadiatric first aid down at the riverside centre instead, i even have to do an exam :( not the kind of training i like i'm afraid :( especially when i'm feeling dizzy and light headed and the world keeps shifting when i don't expect it to LOL so doing the recovery position or cpr just might be interesting tomorrow when i can't even stand up straight LOL

Sunday, 16 January 2011

and now we begin with b

so this morning when it wasn't hoying it down or blowing that much of a gale (just a small gale LOL) i headed off to blyth to get some b photos for the a-z challenge, so i managed beach huts, blyth beach and breaking water LOL it was really windy down there (or maybe i should say blustery LOL) but it was quite warm, there were loads of people there walking their doggies from very large rottweilers to the dinkiest daschunds and everything in between, i wanted to ask the daschund owner if i could take it's photo in preparation for the letter d but thought they might think i was a nutter LOL

so i've had lots of lungfuls of good old north sea air, it might just be time for an afternoon nap LOL

Saturday, 15 January 2011

when will i learn.................

not to have any faith in what the weather forecasters say LOL last night they said it was going to be bright and breezy on the east coast, perfect i thought to go and take the photos i want to take for my a-z challenge for letter B, so when the rain woke me up in the middle of the night i shouldn't have been surprised that when i got up this morning it was pissing it down with rain and blowing a gale LOL so i ended up having a very long lie in and then doing some scrapping instead.

hopefully the weather might be a wee bit better tomorrow and i can get out and about LOL

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

is the sun over the yard arm yet? LOL

cos by gum do i need a drink tonight LOL after the day from hell with a bunch of little monsters LOL the cure all of jack daniels and lemonade followed by large amounts of green and blacks organic butterscotch chocolate is in demand LOL and a large dose of prayers that tomorrow will be better might come in handy too LOL

Monday, 10 January 2011

would you believe it........????

bet you won't but i've gone and booked another holiday, that you can believe this is the bit you'll find's not in scotland :o:o:o LOL yup you read that right, not in scotland, it's in cumbria, 15 mins drive away from keswick, mind you one of the selling points was the view across the solway firth to the galloway hills so at least i can still see scotland while we're away LOL another of the selling points was the hot tub and yet another was the access to the spa at armathwaite hall for free while we are there :D OMG i'm already planning what treatment i fancy LOL

Sunday, 9 January 2011

birthday over

but dancing on ice has begun, BUT, what's going on, most of the professional dancers are new and they've changed the ice panel and why the change of format so that four of the couples don't even get into the starting line up :(

Friday, 7 January 2011

i do love a birthday weekend LOL

had a lovely birthday yesterday with lots of lovely presents, cards, cake, balloons and a bouquet, we then had a very delicious meal at the black door before i had to retire to bed early...............a bit drunk LOL today decided to take the chance and head up to alnwick gardens, even though it was completely freezing cold, at least it was clear and dry LOL glad we did though :D the ice was so thick that we couldn't got round a lot of the garden and the bamboo maze had been completely flattened by the snow but up in the walled garden the pond had the most amazing ice on it and i had to take lots of photos of that. not much in bloom as you can imagine but i did manage to find a few things to photograph LOL the inside of the tree house was fabulous, just like i imagine a hobbit house would look like LOL and we had a really nice lunch there too with the fire to warm us up :D so all in all a fabulous birthday weekend and i've still got the crop to go to tomorrow :)

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

happy birthday to me well almost LOL

had a lovely birthday at work cos i'm off tomorrow, i got lovely pressies and a really cute card, then when i came home there was a pile of cards too :) have tomorrow all planned, breakfast at costas, balloons, flowers, blyth for a new top and maybe some photos for the a-z challenge, a sushi lunch from m&s then an afternoon of pampering before heading up to the black door for my birthday meal :D

Monday, 3 January 2011

making the most......

of the last day of my christmas holidays we headed off out this morning for a drive and a bit of photography :) started off on the quayside at gateshead for a quick look at the bridges and a walk over the millenium bridge, of course tanner had to come too LOL we then went along to the angel of the north to take some photos for my a-z photo challenge, i really liked the angel, it was amazing really close up, when i was looking up at it i felt like i was going to fall over backwards, it was really strange LOL after that we headed down to the coast for a quick walk along cullercoats bay, it was quite nice down there, warmer than up in gateshead and not as windy, mind you it was not warm enough for this LOL after that we headed along to the fish quay where we had the most delicous fish and chips, before ending up in b&q cos dad wanted a new shovel, we didn't get a new shovel but we did get a letter to santa kit for tanner (well for the kids at work next christmas really) and a wild bird feeding kit :) so all in all a happy morning out and about LOL

Sunday, 2 January 2011

de-christmassed LOL

picked that word up from a lady on uks and i love it LOL the house has been de-christmassed and everything has been put away for another 11 months LOL i like the house back to normal just before the madness that is birthday balloons and cards go up on thursday LOL anyway the plan was to go out and start the 2011 challenge photos today but the weather isn't playing ball, so i'm off upstairs to the craft room to do a bit scrapping and see if i can get another album finished :)