Saturday, 29 September 2012

what a few weeks

i've had! i'll be so glad when next friday comes and i get to have some time off, with hopefully a lot of sleeping taking place! so tired both physically and mentally so really need the break. waiting for our new sofas to be delivered, they were supposed to come last week so i got rid of our sofas and now they aren't coming until next thursday :-( so i've been sitting on the floor and dad has been in a deckchair, well i've now made myself a bit of a nest on the floor with lots of cushions, duvets and pillows so i'm a lot more comfortable. mind you it's a good job i've lost 95lbs cos i'd never be able to get up and down off the floor otherwise LOL lost another 2lbs this week which took me up to the 95lbs and 15lbs in three weeks with weigh watchers, it's coming off slower but it's still coming off. had ordered myself a lush new jacket which arrived today but there was so much fluff coming off it i'm sending it straight back. meant i had to order the more expensive coat i liked but hey ho LOL

Saturday, 22 September 2012

a loss and a trip out

weigh in number two since my journey to the dark side and i lost three pounds this week taking me to 93 lbs altogether, still hoping for the 100lbs mark very soon :-) bought myself a satnav the other day as i have a couple of trips into city centres in the near future and wanted to be able to find my way there without any stress. decided i would head out for a trip in the car to somewhere i hadn't been before to test the thing out. after much research (well a quick perusal of the visit northumberland website!) i plumped for the garden station, near hexham, a little old train station that has been turned into a garden with a cafe attached. dad decided he fancied joining me too so after weigh in off we went :-) satnav got us there no bother at all so we sat in the sunshine having tea/coffee and a couple of bacon sarnies before having a wander around the garden. we then headed back into corbridge for a wander around the shops. it was a really lovely trip out rounded off by watching two newfoundlands playing around in the river and having a fantastic time :-)

then to round the day off i decided to stick our sofas on gumtree to get rid of them before the new ones arrive, eight minutes after the advert went up i'd had a phone call from paul who is coming to pick them up on moday :-) have also had two emails and another call so went straight back onto gumtree and removed the advert :-) know for a fact that he'll be selling them on later but as long as they are gone from my house and i'm not paying the council £40 each to get rid of them, then i'm a happy bunny :-)

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Will be glad

When this weeks over! But at least i haven't resorted to my usual trick of stuffing myself silly when i'm stressed. Want to get to that 100lbs lost before i go on my jollies.

Saturday, 15 September 2012

And i lost......

Ten pounds taking me up to ninety pounds in total :-) having a wee treat today, probably some wine then back on the wagon tomorrow ready for next weeks weigh in :-)

Friday, 14 September 2012

First ww weigh in

In the morning, have really enjoyed the first week so i'm very interested in seeing how i've done. Can't see me losing the ten pounds i lost my first week at sw as i was a heck of a lot bigger then but i'll be quite happy with 5 or 6 pounds :-)

Sunday, 9 September 2012

It's all over

The flame is out, coldplay have sung their little hearts out and the amazing firework display has made me come over all teary! That was an absolutely amazing closing ceremony! Considering i wasn't that bothered by it all at the beginning i have watched as much of it as i could, i've sobbed my heart out and cheered until i was hoarse. Well done to everyone involved with the olympics and the paralympics. I just hope the spirit and feeling there is in the country at the minute continues for a long time to come.

Saturday, 8 September 2012

Well, I've gone and done it.....

...... I've jumped ship and gone to the dark side LOL i've been to join weight watchers this morning!  I had found i was getting very bored of the food i was eating doing the slimming world plan and i can go on no longer craving bread the way i have been, so after a bit of research online i have decided to give weight watchers ago. Found the class very different as there was no reading out of the weights and the ensuing happy clapping. Instead there was a talk about hot spots in your kitchen and how to  change your kitchen around to help with your weight loss. I've made myself a shopping list and i'll get that ordered tomorrow, then after that i'm heading off to jarrow to take photos of the golden postbox thats there after 15year old josef craig won the gold and broke the world record in the swimming the other day

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Knew this would happen

I was at the hospital this afternoon to get the results of my scans and to find out what they are going to do regarding the pain i am in all the time from the cyst. Well as it turns out they plan on doing sweet bugger all! It's not "typical" cyst pain according to doctor, yet surgeon who saw me in hospital the other night said it was. I have to go back in three months time for yet another scan to make sure the pain isn't from the cyst! So i have three months of pain and no sleep due to the pain to look forward to. Gee thanks nhs! The next time i'm on morphine and screaming with the pain i'll just think, it's okay, it's not typical cyst pain, i'm fine, it's all in my head!