Friday, 31 December 2010

challenge 2011

well two challenges actually LOL i've signed up to do a mini book a month and to do an alphabetical photography challenge :D the mini book a month thing is simply that, i will learn how to make 12 different mini books over the next 12 months, chatting about them and showing off our finished mini books on uks and on this blog, the photography challenge is to go out and about and take photos of things starting with letters of the alphabet, so the first two weeks will be a, the next two weeks b etc etc, already have a and b planned it should get interesting when it gets to q and x though LOL actually thought i could take tanner the monkey along with me so he can get into a few of the photos LOL

bandaged up on the ankle again after twisting it really badly when i took dad over to wallsend yesterday :( it's very sore and i have no idea how i managed to get us home apart from gritting my teeth and trying to block out the pain :(

on a happier note i have booked us into glenacre up near jedburgh again for a nice long weekend, the one of the royal wedding LOL plan is to watch the wedding then head up there for the weekend, another holiday to look forward to LOL

Thursday, 30 December 2010

introducing ....................

............... TANNER !!!!!! my new monkey :) ain't he cute? well i think so LOL and what do you think of his outfit, super cute or what ?LOL? he has a few changes of clothes and no doubt he will be getting more when i see them in the sales, he is my new travelling monkey so he will be coming on holiday with us and having his photo taken and getting up to lots of adventures LOL and don't worry i already know i'm a complete nutter LOL

Tuesday, 28 December 2010

it hurts..........again :(

the ankle was healing nicely especially over the past few days as i have been resting it lots but it's now killing again and i'm back in a bandage :( what the hell was i doing you may wander?????? erm putting my knickers on LOL must have twisted it the wrong way and now i'm back to square one :( knew i should have continued to slob in my pj's LOL

Monday, 27 December 2010

he came, we got presents, we ate............................

................that more or less sums up the xmas in our household LOL we had a lovely day, lunch was delicous, the alcohol was good and the chocolates.............well there just doesn't seem to be any dent being made in the chocolates LOL why on earth we bought so much i do not know LOL

well onwards towards the new year and my birthday, no scrapping has been done as i'm spending the daylight hours reading and the dark hours playing some of the games i got for my computer :D one thing i have managed to do is to finish my patchwork quilt :D got the binding on today and all sewn up so it's all done, if the weather is okay tomorrow i'm going to hang it on the line to get a nice photo of it to show everyone then i might just have to launch into one for dad's bedroom :)

booked the black door for my birthday meal out, have a animal from the muppets birthday cake ordered from asda then on the friday i might just have to go out and treat myself to a new sofa and chairs!!!!! well we're going to have a looksie in the sales anyway

Friday, 24 December 2010

all done for another year :)

i'm home from work, the cupboards are stuffed with as many forms of confectionary as possible, the turkey is cooking and the presents are wrapped (well they're not actually as we are not wrapping this year we are recycling gift bags to be environmentally friendly :D) all that is required now is copious amounts of alcohol and a take away and christmas will have started LOL

i hope everyone has a wonderful christmas and santa brings lots of nice things :)

Wednesday, 22 December 2010

the worrying story of santa's beard

or how a bunch of 3 and 4 year olds can get themselves in a panic after finding some white fluff on the floor at nursery this morning LOL they finds a lump of white fluff and someone decided it was a bit of santas beard, they then discussed why santa might have lost a bit of his beard when he was at nursery last week and why hadn't they found it sooner, speculation was rife that santa had lost a bit of his beard because he wasn't well so panic set in that santa would not be available to deliver presents for christmas LOL so i spent the morning trying to reassure a bunch of panic stricken children that santa was fine and he didn't get poorly and of course the presents would be there LOL they calmed down a bit but i'm sure they were still thinking santa wasn't coming :( so imagine the relief all round when 4 year old O discovered the white fluff was actually half a pompom from an old dressy up hat LOL calmness was restored and all is well in the world LOL

don't ya just love pre-schoolers LOL

Sunday, 19 December 2010

48 hours later

and i'm feeling okay, still a bit stiff and sore when i get up in the morning but i don't seem to be limping any more and the ankle only hurts when i point my toes or turn my ankle to the left so i'll be at work tomorrow, five more working days then i'm off until the 4th of january then i'm only in for two days as i have my birthday and the day after off as well :)

did some scrapping this morning while waiting for dad to get the lunch done, cos he was out late last night he sleot in so the lamb didn't go in until after 10am LOL i was all prepared to upload them but can i as hell find the camera cable LOL i know exactly where it is, it's attached to my big camera, it's the big camera i can't find :lol:

and having escaped the snow for the weekend and most of the day, it's coming down now, hope it goes away very soon and that asda can get through tomorrow or i'll have to go shopping again :(

Friday, 17 December 2010

dancing on ice???

no, slipping and falling on ones arse on ice more like it :( putting the toys out at work this morning i slipped on the iced up soft play surface and went flying, really hurting my knee and ankle, as the morning wore on the ankle got more and more swollen and painful so ended up at the minor injuries clinic this afternoon, had a very good examination and it appears i have a sprained ankle which is now bandaged up, the nurse also said that because of the way i fell i may find my other leg is very sore tomorrow too where i have stretched and torn the muscles :( so that makes me pretty much immobile for the weekend :( the nurse at the clinic was really funny, i told her how i had done it and she laughed saying, "come on you were pissed and dancing and don't remember how you did it " LOL

so i'm being waited on my dad, am in my pj's, have my foot elevated and am bandaged up to my knee LOL

Tuesday, 14 December 2010

oh yes it is oh no it isn't LOL

went to a panto with the kids from work today, we decided that because the paths were still so icy we would get the bus, which of course the kids love :) we got right to the front of the audience and because there were mats on the floor we sat on those with the kids sat around us, it was lovely cos we were right on hand for reassurance and cuddles if needed but we also got to see the kiddies faces as they became totally engrossed in the panto, they were so well behaved and only once did anyone want to got to the toilet, something that is totally unheard of on our trips, we usually have to visit the toilets everywhere we go LOL, two hours flew by and apart from one who didn't like it and needed lots of cuddles the rest completely enjoyed it and have talked about nothing else but the panto all day :)

don't say this very often, but today was a lovely day at work and is the reason why i do the job i do, seeing little ones have a lovely time :)

Saturday, 11 December 2010

a busy weekend

but a really nice one,

dad has been behaving himself and is even going to go out for a drink tomorrow night so he must be feeling better, i think the fact that the snow has all gone in the street has helped him relax as he is no longer worried about falling over and is no longer worried about me driving in it :) very early this morning the post man delivered my super duper waterproof muck boots, of course they came today, i don't need them LOL they are fabulous, very chunky, with great grips and really warm and comfortable, only trouble i forsee is not being able to drive in them but they'll be fab for being in the yard at work, then we had a couple of xmas cards, one from tom and sarah at glenacre and the other from joyce and barrie, a couple we met on holiday years ago in cyprus, they were a lovely couple and were very kind to dad and we have stayed in touch ever since, it was so lovely to hear from them and to hear they have fulfilled their dream of emigrating to cyprus :)

made a few xmas cards and got them wrote out, will have to make a few more or maybe i'll just order a few from asda LOL the plan for tomorrow is to get some scrapping done, i like the look of the challenge over on uks and the sketch challenge over on sarahs cards and i really need to get some points on the boards to help the team this month :)

Wednesday, 8 December 2010

clean(ish) bill of health

after many many tests today, long spells of waiting around for test results, getting lost on the way back from the x-ray department and chatting about books with the bored doctor on the ambulatory care ward, dad got a cleanish bill of health, his heart rate and bp had returned to normal and the irregular heart beat had gone and apart from a bit of a chest infection he is fine, he is under strict instructions to slow down but come on let's be honest, that just ain't going to happen is it LOL

Tuesday, 7 December 2010

an unexpected visit to A&E

this morning when dad started to feel dizzy just as i was getting ready for work, made him sit down and he had gone as white as a sheet and when he started to slurr his words and drift in and out of consciousness i rang for an ambulance, took nearly all morning before we saw a doctor who knew what they were doing (ie the consultant) who was concerned about his fast and irregular heartbeat, so he was transferred to the rapid assessment and treatment unit where they gave him some lunch and kept taking his bp which was beginning to get back to normal, they gave him a beta blocker and another ecg and he has to go back tomorrow for more tests, thankfully work was very sympathetic as i am not going back tomorrow until he is sorted, hope i can take unpaid leave though for the days off as i want to save my holidays for next year

on the plus side my canvas i ordered has arrived and it's lush :D

Sunday, 5 December 2010

been having another wee spend LOL

i totally love this photo i took of dad and i at the viewpoint at the glencoe visitors centre when we were away in november, we had such a laugh trying to get a decent shot of us both and i love the way it turned out, so i decided as a treat to myself i would like it blown up and printed on to canvas, so i had a nose at a few sites online, not realising how much it would actually cost LOL i came across a site that had a special offer on so i'm getting it printed 23.5 inches by 16.5 inches for £35 including delivery which i thought was pretty good as most of the other sites were that price for a 16" by 12", thought it might look nice above the fireplace in the living room :D

dare i say it....................

................but it looks like it's beginning to thaw!!!!!! i hope so, we went out to fill the screen wash in my car and replace the car mats with the new ones i bought during our essentials shop yesterday (wine, de-icer, carmats and jack daniels LOL) and there is a definite thaw going on, it's very very slow at the moment and it will take ages to get rid of the mountains of snow on the paths but when i cleared outside our front door the compacted snow and ice came up quite easily, fingers, toes and everything else crossed that it continues LOL

Friday, 3 December 2010

thank goodness for the weekend

it's been a hell of a week getting to and from work, i ended up getting a taxi to work yesterday but braved the car again today, getting to work has been the worst cos the roads aren't too bad on the way home, well apart from our street which seems to have become a parking space for idiots, on the way to work this morning some fool was parked right across the entrance to the street and was just sitting there :o stupid arse LOL

any hoo the car is parked up until monday morning, and i refuse to think about it until then, we are going to go to tescos tomorrow to get a few essentials in just in case asda don't deliver again, then i think i'll try and get some of the cyber crop on uks scrappers done and i want to get the rest of the decorations up too, busy weekend planned

well it must be wine o clock so i'm away to open a nice bottle of red :)

Tuesday, 30 November 2010

it needs to go away now !!!!

not fun anymore and it's starting to get me down :( i hate the snow, the main roads are fine but i had to be dug out of the street again today (thanks S) and pushed out too, then i couldn't find anywhere to park at work where i thought i might be able to get the car out of again tonight, as it was i managed to get home alright until i got back to the street and someone had parked right on the corner making it practically impossible to get through :( then my lovely (being sarcastic here) neighbour has pulled his car right down so i had to reverse park :o reverse park in this fucking weather :o am not a happy bunny :(

Monday, 29 November 2010

scary out there!!!

and it's still snowing, got up this morning and another 3 inches had fallen overnight :( i couldn't get my car out from it's parking space until one of the neighbours dug it out then got it onto the compacted snow for me, it then took me quite a while to reverse it up the street and get it out of the street, by the time i got to work it had taken my 90 minutes to do a trip that normally takes 10 :o then gets a phone call off dad to say asda had been on the phone and weren't doing any deliveries so i had to go and do some shopping as we have nothing in the house LOL well that's when the trouble began, i got completely stuck in tesco's car park in battle hill, if it wasn't for the group of 6 complete strangers including a bunch of hoodies who pushed me out i would still be there now :( it's forecast for more heavy snow overnight and we've had loads of thunder and lightening :( this is the worst snowfall i can remember and if we don't have a major heat wave to melt it all it'll still be here at easter LOL

Saturday, 27 November 2010

more snow :(

looks like we could be blocked in pretty soon :( wish it would go away but it doesn't look like that's going to happen anytime soon :( took these photos from the front and back door about 10pm, and it's still snowing :(
the first two are from the front door and show the street, my car has had the past two days worth of snow cleared of it already so this is just todays snow :o the second one shows how deep the snow on the path is, the snow has slid off the roof a couple of times so it is now nearly up to the windowsills, something i remember from the winters when i was a kid LOL

the next two are photos of the back garden and from the back door, we have to go down 3 steps to get into the yard and the snow level is up passed the level of the top step :( going to take a ruler out tomorrow and measure it properly LOL

Friday, 26 November 2010

gutted :(

we have made the descision to cancel our weekned away due to the horrid weather :( we have had 6 inches of snow over the past couple of days and although the roads around here are fine i was a bit worried about driving over the moors and the carter bar in the dark in this weather, sarah and tom at glenacre were lovely about it and we will be there as soon as i can manage it :)

on the plus side i was thinking i will go to the frozen north crop on saturday but after hitting a patch of black ice this morning and ending up skidding sideways across the road and ending up in the other lane i think that now i'm home i'm in for the weekend :( at least it means i cna get on with my mystery kit for the cyber crop, i know exactly what i want to do which is very unusual for me LOL

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

loving my sewing

i've been finding myself really enjoying doing my patchwork recently, i find it really relaxing just sitting watching tv and running together a few rows of the patchwork to add to the quilt, i've even gone as far as buying the wadding and the backing material as i am so convinced i'll get it finished LOL
this is what it looked like a few days ago, it's got at least another couple of rows added to it now :) i originally got the material from qvc , it was an anna griffin fabric charm pack, but they don't do it anymore and i had ran out so i had to order some more fabric, i just googled charm packs and went for the cheapy ones when what i really wanted was the moda fabric charm packs (next quilt maybe LOL) but some of the fabrics that have arrived are really pretty so i'm quite pleased :)

nervously watching the weather forcast, we are due to go up to glenacre this weekend to have a trip up to the xmas markets in edinburgh, we have had some snow today and there is a lot more due over the rest of the week, but i've looked on the traffic scotlanf website and there are no road closures where we are going so i'm keeping everything i have crossed that we get away

Sunday, 21 November 2010

lazy sunday afternoon

well i never did get any scrapping done, i have a pile of new computer games to play with and a pile of books to read so i cocooned myself on the sofa and veg'd out all afternoon, eating haribo and drinking hot chocolate LOL while hopping around uk scrappers i came across a new circle journal starting in the new year with the theme of "music to scrap to" you do a cd with 10 tracks on it then send that with your cj on to your partner who scraps one of the tracks :) sounds unusual and i've done nothing like that before so i'm going to give it a go.

finally got round to watching the last two episodes of downton abbey last night, they had been sky+ for ages and just didn't seem to get time to watch them and luckily nobody told me what had happened, i absolutely love that series and maggie smith was fabulous in it, so glad they are making a new series :)

Saturday, 20 November 2010

a crafty weekend

is earmarked for this weekend, i did get quite a bit done yesterday as i had the day off but so far today all i have done is print out photos for my holiday albums, must crack on with those as i am really far behind, then next weekend it's jedburgh/edinburgh and the following weekend its the cyber crop over on uks, i wasn't going to join in but as usual i pressed the button and now i'm a christmas fairy LOl i also pressed the button for a mystery kit and class kit too LOL and then today i spent an bloody fortune in pc world on ink, papers and new computer games LOL oh well kit's only money LOL

Wednesday, 17 November 2010


a notice went up in the staffroom today about a meeting we all have to attend at the beginning of december, no mention whatsoever about what it's about but most people seem to think it's when we will find out whether or not we will have a job after xmas :( no use worrying about it until the day me thinks so trying not to think about it, anyway i came to the conclusion that really to do everything i want to do i really need to give up work and become a lady of leisure then i can get all the scrapping, cardmaking, knitting, crocheting and quilt making i want to do out of the way LOL got the patchwork wall hanging out again last night having decided i want to make it into a quilt so i got a few bits sewn onto it and now i'm off to search online to see if i can get anymore squares to go onto it :)

Sunday, 14 November 2010

post holiday blues

have hit with force. i am freezing cold, very tired, feel sick and think i've got another uti :(

Saturday, 13 November 2010

a wonderful week

just back from another fab holiday in scotland, we stayed near oban at tralee bay in a willow lodge, absolutely gorgeous lodge and park, the area was beautiful and the weather wasn't too bad, it was very cold and on the second day we woke up to snow on all the mountain tops, visited lots of places we hadn't been before, took loads of photos and spent lots of money, but hey ho that's what holidays are all about LOL

then mid week i got a text from r at work to say that ofstead had arrived to do the nursery inspection, to say it made my week was a small exagerration but i did giggle about it for at least a couple of days LOL

off to sort my photos out now LOL lots to sort :)

Wednesday, 3 November 2010


do i seem to be surgically attached to the laptop when really i have so many other things i should be doing right now LOL

Sunday, 31 October 2010

an excellent night

last night at b's house, since it was halloween i had suggested dressing up so i wore my devil costume again with the addition of gloves, a wig and the plan was for gruesome make up, well the taxi was coming at 6:45 and at 6:15 i still couldn't find my make up bag (shows you how often i wear it) so in desperation i runs upstairs to the craft room, has a quick read of the paint dabber labels to make sure they were non toxic and uses them instead LOL it wasn't until they were all over my face that i realised they were acrylic paints and not the watercolours i thought they were but hey ho too late now LOL we had a fabulous time, b had the house all decorated had put on nibbles and made vodka jellies so after that and a few glasses of wine everyone was very happy :) i'm sure the ladies won't mind me showing you a piccie of us all so here you go- the dream team parties LOL

Wednesday, 27 October 2010

sick sick sick

of coughing and it's only 2 weeks into the autumn/winter season, have even resorted to taking the antibiotics i got prescribed. never mind it's only 9 days to my holidays and oh boy am i looking forward to them :)

and i do love it when a plan comes together LOL booked tickets to go over to mull from oban when we are away :) then booked us in to a rather nice fish restaurant over looking the harbour for something special when we get off the ferry then it'll be back to the van for wine and reading :) sounds like a good day planned already LOL

Sunday, 24 October 2010

hello stranger

met up with mel for the first time in 14 years today, it was so lovely to see her, we had a quick catch up then went out for lunch where we laughed lots and caught up more, then it was back to my house for more catching up and some photo's to mark the occaision, have made her promise that it won't be another 14 years before we have lunch again LOL and it the old saying of "laughter is the best medicine" is so true as seeing her and having such a lovely time has made me feel so much better even if i am sneezing like billyo now LOL

Saturday, 23 October 2010

missed the crop

as my chest is so bad, lots of wheezing and coughing but i am determined to be better for tomorrow as i'm meeting mel for lunch, many moons ago when i trained to be a nursery nurse mel and i were best buddies, i was matron of honour at her wedding and for a while after we were really close, but life gets in the way, she was living in manchester, and along came two littlies and gradually we lost touch, until a month or so ago when i decided to see if i could find her on facebook :) now she's coming up to visit her family for the weekend so we are meeting up for lunch :) i am so looking forward to it, i reckon we haven't seen each other or spoken in 13 or 14 years so i am really excited to see her again, so even if i'm attached to an oxygen mask i'll be there tomorrow at 12:30 :D

Thursday, 21 October 2010

how did it get to be thursday already

it was monday just two minutes ago or so it feels LOL been feeling lousy for the past couple of days, luckily though i started taking my steroid inhaler a couple of weeks ago to get it back into my system and as soon as the cold weather started my chest flared up again, i'm glad i started taking the inhaler again when i did :) can't wait for the weekend, it's crop time on saturday then on sunday there's a chance i get to meet up with a long lost pal, we were such good friends back in the 80's and 90's but gradually lost touch, i looked her up on facebook and we are hoping to get together for lunch on sunday :)

Sunday, 17 October 2010

just fancy

getting completely rat arsed LOL but i have to get up for work tomorrow and i'm getting far too old to inflict a hangover on myself LOL will make do with a nice bottle of spring oak leaf wine form cairn o mohr :D mmmmmm delicous LOL

Saturday, 16 October 2010

oh i do like a weekend.......

........where for once all the plans i made actually happen, i got a long lie in thanks to a pair of earplugs so i didn't hear the builders, i got some reading done this morning, then this afternoon i got birthday cards made for my uks teamies and 6 more lo's done in my june holiday album, only 12 to go LOL so with any luck i might have it finished before the next holiday LOL this evenings plan includes catching up with things i've sky plused, eating chocolate tasting club chocolates and drinking cairn o mohr spring oak leaf wine :D then tomorrow i hope to be doing much the same thing as today as well as giving myself a haircut LOL

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

den building, doom and gloom and a plan comes together

spent the day building a willow den with the kids, our willow tunnels were getting out of hand so i took the loppers to them and cut all the excess off and used that to make a den, the kids held strip all the leaves off and lots of fun was had with willow leaves and bits of wood LOL it's a rather lopsided teepee shaped den and it needs a bit of strengthening but i'm sure the kids will love it once it's finished, thet were all for playing in it when it was 4 sticks and a bit of wool LOL

then the doom and gloom started about us maybe/possibly/might be losing our jobs, get fed up with the doom and gloom to be honest and really wish that wasn't all we get to hear all of the time, it's all speculation anyway until the government announces it's spending review results, so why worry about something that hasn't happened yet.

and i got the phone call i was waiting for last night and my plans for a weekend away at the end of the month are set, we're staying at glenacre again and the plan is to drive up to just passed dalkeith and park in the park and ride and get the bus into edinburgh and go to the xmas market in princes street gardens :D might get a bit of xmas shopping done too, and sunday, well i'll think of something to do on the sunday later LOL

and just wanted to say i am so glad to hear that the chilean miners are finally being rescued, a true miracle after so long underground

Sunday, 10 October 2010

a lovely weekend

have had a lovely weekend, yesterday was the frozen north crop which was lovely and i managed 7 lo's then today due to the builders at the school starting again at 7:30 i got up and did the weekly challenge over on uks, am quite detrmined to do much better with my points this month after my dismal total last month LOL especially as next month will probably be very low points too as we have a holiday and i'm still waiting to hear from glenacre about our xmas shopping weekend, reckon they must be away on holiday as i have sent two emails and have phoned and there's been no answer, will try again later in the week if needs be :)

Wednesday, 6 October 2010

hard day at work

but all my woes were blown away cos i had tea out with the team, my bunch of best buds who never fail to raise my spirits and make me feel all warm and fuzzy again, we just laugh so much, we can cry if we need to, we moan and generally put the world to rights, and tonight it was all helped down by a rather delicous and generous carvery, and to top it all we have arranged a hallowe'en night in complete with dressing up, so looking forward to it :) and thanks v, b and c you made me a happy bunny again :)

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

two faced people

make me mad, two faced friends even more so :( nuff said :(

Saturday, 2 October 2010


decided this afternoon would be dedicated to giving the craft room a bit of a tidy up, well it sorted morphed into a mammoth throw out and i am so glad i did it, ok i might have decided 2/3rds of my papers needed to be thrown away (well not actually thrown away, i'm going to take them in for the kids to demolish at work next week LOL, they might last a week or two LOL) but since they have gone i am feeling so much happier about my stash, i feel like i'm just having a wee paddle in the stash lake instead of completely drowning in it and i discovered some beautiful stash i had forgotten i had :) so i then made some pretty things with the sea glass i found on the beach at largs, even though dad had pronounced it as trash when i was picking it up he had to admit the things i have made are lovely, can't really tell you what they are, as i've made them as presents but i will take photos and when they have gone out i will have a show and tell :)

Friday, 1 October 2010

thank goodness

that week is over, feeling stressed and tired and i still didn't manage to get the extra jobs i'd had piled on me finished, but sod it, it's the weekend and i reckon it's time for wine and chocolate LOL

Thursday, 30 September 2010

scoping things out for the next holiday LOL

been having a wee browse of t'internet to find out what there is to do and where to go for our next holiday (5weeks and 1 day not that i'm counting LOL) fancy having a trip across to mull as i haven't been there before and now we know what to expect from the slightly bigger ferries after our trip to bute, i was thinking it would a nice day trip, it'll have to be a tuesday or a thursday as more ferrries run on those days so think i will try to book us onto one and we can cross another island off the list, also plan on having a trip up to glen coe and fort william and might even have another trip on the jacobite steam train as it's been ages since we were on that, one thing i do know is i'll be taking lots of thick jumpers and winter clothes cos i am still freezing cold :(

will be really glad when this week is over, i have never seem to have stopped all week with so many different bits of paper work getting handed to me to do and then all the usual paperwork i really feel like i have spent no time with the kids, this two of us in the room malarkey just really seems to be not working :( never mind it's the weekend soon and next weds i'm meeting up with my bessie mates for a meal out, that always cheers me up no end :)

Monday, 27 September 2010

is it just me

or is it bloody cold? i'm sitting here with my pj's and slippers on and my thick towelling dressing gown, a laptop on my knee and the fire on full blast and i'm still feeling cold LOL say that give me 10 minutes and i'll be so warm i'll want the windows and doors open LOL

Sunday, 26 September 2010

dad wins the prize for best photographer.........NOT!!!!!!

all i wanted was a photo of me paddling in the sea off cumbrae but i should have known better than to trust the job to dad LOL at least we had a bloody good laugh looking at them LOL in fact we laughed so much we cried LOL this is the first attempt LOL obviously not me in the sea LOL

the next one is again obviously not me in the sea LOL but at least we got the sea this time LOL

then the next two at least have me in it,shame they are out of focus LOL he couldn't really miss me i was wearing a bright coral jacket and was waving my arms in the air at him trying to get him to look in the right direction LOL

and i saved the best 'til last, here i am paddling in the clyde off cumbrae on sunday the 19th september 2010 LOL
now you can see why there are hardly any photos of me LOL still plan on scrapping them though, i think they'll make a fab page LOL

Saturday, 25 September 2010

home again

and at last we are warm LOL we have had a lovely holiday despite the weather which was either freezing cold but blue skies or warm and torrential rain, and i mean torrential, on weds afternoon it rained so badly that the village was cut off by flash floods at either end so we couldn't get out to go for our meal and had to stay on the park, the rain was running down the hills and under our caravan washing the gravel drive away and depositing it up against the front wheels of my car LOL

the area was lovely, i really liked bute and mount stuart house and loch eck was beautiful ans so peaceful, largs was the favourite though as we discovered nardini's ice cream WOW we went every day and tried something different from their ice cream sundae menu, my favourite was crunchy lemon pavlova MMMMM i also liked largs because the beach was great for picking up pretty pebbles, sea glass and sea pottery, i came home with pockets full of pretty things i intend to make into jewellery LOL

unfortunately the park and the caravan were not to our taste or standards and i will not be going back to stay with them, the van was very grubby and very old fashioned and most importantly freezing cold and damp, it's a good job we only use the place to sleep in but i was so glad i had taken my own bedding :(

off to put all the new purchases away and see what i can cobble together for tea, it won't be rack of lamb like last night, that's for sure LOL

Thursday, 16 September 2010

one more day

until the holidays, and i'm on earlies so i should be home by four which is good, it'll give me the chance to get everything done as so far i have done nowt LOL now hwere did i put the list of stuff i need LOL

Sunday, 12 September 2010

late last night

after a bottle of wine i decided it was probably time for a hair cut LOL so out came the clippers and it all came off :) considering i'd had a bottle of wine i did a rather good job of it and it's back to being the nice and short, spiky, off my ears style i like :) so today it was time to put the hair colour on, i had bought a new hair dye ages ago in dark bordeaux but had not got round to putting it on so this afternoon i thought i'd give it a go, now seeing as it was called dark bordeaux and by looking at the picture on the box i was sort of expecting a red wine/purpley sort of colour....................................erm well maybe i was expecting too much of a £2.49 hairdye (it is a schwartzkopff one though) LOL so it hasn't really gone red wine/purpley more of an dark orange/ginger nut effect LOL LOL LOL at least the greys have gone though LOL to be replaced by fluroscent orange LOL hopefully it will calm down after a wash or 7 LOL

Saturday, 11 September 2010

a- cropping we will go!

frozen north crop today and it was a fun one, lots and lots of gossiping, giggling, taking the piss, laughing and eating extremely good chocolate cake LOL a bit of scrapping was done too so a very good day was had by all, plus i came home armed with some new stamps and punches :D the award for most dedicated frozen north cropper definitely goes to S who travelled down from near glasgow to crop with us before heading off on holiday for a few days and we also had a visitor from belfast who was staying with H, it was lovely to see S and J and everybody and the day we had was just what the doctor ordered LOL now i need to cram everything i had planned to do this and last weekend into tomorrow, first port of call is a haircut and hairdye so i'm ready for next saturday :)

Friday, 10 September 2010

tfi friday

what a week LOL really deserve the bottle of wine tonight LOL and my crop tomorrow though as usual i have nothing packed, i'll be doing the usual flinging of kits into the bag late tonight or early tomorrow LOL

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

well i wasn't away as long as i thought LOL

because to my complete surprise i managed to fix the computer all by myself LOL i went into pc world and bought an external hard drive to back everything up onto then walked up to the tech guys and giving a jolly good impression of sounding like i knew what the hell i was talking about LOL told them what was wrong and said "i'm thinking back up and a complete system restore" and they said yes LOL so that's what i did and by golly it worked LOL sort of sadly cos i had my eye on a rather gorgeous toshiba which was embossed on the case LOL well at least i've saved myself a bit of money :) so now i just need to find where the computer has hidden all my music and photographs cos i know they were restored onto the computer it told me so it just didn't tell me where LOL

Monday, 6 September 2010

going awol for a while

having major laptop problems so it's going in to be mended and goodness knows when i'll get it back, hopefully before i actually have to walk around asda to do some shopping next week LOL

Friday, 3 September 2010

say hello wave goodbye

sad day at work today as it was the big kids last day before they start school, there was lots of tears, we have had some of the kiddies since they were wee babies and in some cases they were the second or third child from the same family we have had through the nursery, so it was very hard to say goodbye, of course the kids weren't bothered, it's a big adventure for them, off to big school plus there was sweeties to take home and that's all they were bothered about LOL but we had a few mummies in tears and even a big sister or two LOL i will miss a few of them so much as they and their families were just the nicest people, of course there is the other side of the coin and there are some we will be glad to see the back of LOL but onwards and upwards as they say! next week we get a whole new bunch of characters to keep us amused LOL i feel a chocolate attack coming on already LOL

Tuesday, 31 August 2010

love it when a plan comes together LOL

managed to get a week in november booked off work so immediately decided a week away was in order LOL i mean it's not as if i've had lots of holidays this year already LOL so we're off to tralee bay just passed oban in scotland for a week, decided against a turkey and tinsel bus trip this year after last years, i want more autonomy LOL here are some of the photos from the websiteour lodge right next to the willow pond and some views of the beach at the end of the site :)
sorry the photos are a bit small i took them straight from the website but they give you some idea of where we are going :)

Sunday, 29 August 2010

yesterdays lo's

all of these lo's are from my june and july album of our holidays to st cyrus and if anyone knows what kind of plant is in the what am i? lo i'd be very grateful if you'd let me know LOL

Saturday, 28 August 2010

and happily today

it's been gorgeous 12x12, pretty flowers, beads, ribbons and stickers :) had a lovely time at the crop today, i managed 6 lo's, 2 pieces of the most delicous chocolate fudge cake i have ever had (thankyou H) and met the lovely S who i know through her reading my blog and chatting on uks, it was lovely to meet you and i hope you had a lovely time at the crop, and please come again the next time you're hear :) i was really good and used some of my lovely sarah's cards kits and the lo's i did turned out pretty nice even if i say so myself LOL, i'll take some photos tomorrow and stick them up here later on in the afternoon :)

now i'm off to watch the deep and indulge in some chocolate and wine therapy with maybe a bit of retail therapy later on LOL

Friday, 27 August 2010

and today it's been fabric LOL

we got some new "oilcloth" table clothes for the dining room at work a few weeks ago, they are great and so easy to wipe down but were far too wide for the tables, hanging down so much the kids couldn't get their legs under the tables properly, so on wednesday i took my dressmaking scissors to them and cut a length off the width of two of the clothes and also a bit off the end of one of them as it was a bit long, so i had 3 lengths of lovely pale blue and white gingham checked oilcloth in my grubby mitts LOL didn't know what to do with it but then thought were they wide enough to make new painting aprons out of ???? after a quick check i traced the shape of the old aprons onto the back of the cloth and within 3 hours i had 5 new over the head tabard type aprons with velcro fastenings at the sides LOL i'm dead chuffed with them and it means we can throw the old tatty ones away!!! turning into a bit of a jack of all trades me thinks LOL

Wednesday, 25 August 2010

today i have mostly

been playing with paper, unfortunately not the pretty, expensive 12x12 kind but good old cheap sugar paper and by playing with i mean putting it up on the walls at work, our display boards were looking rather tatty and we have no display paper or borders so i decided to drag all the old ones bar 1 down and replace them with sugar paper, they aren't as big as normal but i could only put them as high as i can reach cos you ain't getting me on a ladder for love nor money LOL also decided to make my borders out of different coloured sugar paper and got them put up as well, so the room looks lovely and clean and fresh again, just need to get some of the childrens work up now and it'll be back to normal.

Saturday, 21 August 2010

a very productive day

had a great time at the holystone crop today even though the day didn't start off very well, for once i had had a great nights sleep, i wakes up and looks at the clock, 7:10 am, AARRGGHH!!!! i've slept in i thinks, i leaps out of bed, opens the curtains , hoys some clothes on and it was only as i tripped over my crop bags on the way down the stairs that i realised it was a saturday LOL mind you being able to go back to bed for an hour and a half was lovely :)

there was only me and h at the crop today as everyone else was away, we had such a lovely time, chatting, listening to 70's music and singing along to the ones we knew and scrapping, oh there was a break for the regulation eating of cake of course LOL i managed 7 lo's so i was over the moon, hope i can manage that many again next week, anyhow here are 3 of them for now :)

Friday, 20 August 2010

everybody's working for the weekend!!!!

and at last it's here LOL been busy doing lots of little jobs today that we never seem to get time to do, so i got all the children's photos taken for there registration cards, my colleagues were laughing as i made a little card rectangle so i could make sure all the photos were exactly the same size and were placed centrally on the card with the child's name centrally underneath LOL it would have driven me mad if they hadn't been straight and the same size LOL also made new versions of our tracker sheets and key worker sheets as well as new ticky lists for various things, just need to get some laminating pouches now and i can get them all finished next week and we are ready for the start of term.

going cropping tomorrow, so need to pack my bag, plan on scrapping this time and going to try and break my record of 6 lo's at a crop LOL

Tuesday, 17 August 2010

uh oh !!!!!!!

gets in from work tonight to find an email from hoseasons asking me to contact them about our september holidays asap, when i finally gets through on the phone (i was waiting a minute for at least 10 LOL) the advisor tells me that the holiday park we were going to has withdrawn all its bookings from hoseasons and they would need to rebook me somewhere else :O so i had to go on the website while she gave me codes to put in, the first was to sundrum castle, we've been there before and didn't like it as it was far too lively so she then offered one in hawick, now bearing in mind that we were planning to go to ayrshire in the west of scotland and hawick is in the east borders of scotland i had to say no again :O beginning to get a bit desperate so suggested weymss bay which overlooks the clyde near glasgow and over the river from dunoon, they had a caravan there so that's where we are going, it's not what i would normally have chosen as it's a loud and lively park and we do peaceful and quiet parks but i felt under such pressure to book that i just took it :( i wish they had have said think it over and get back to us in a while then i could have felt a bit less stressed about it all, as it is once i have been on the web and had a look at things in the area i think we will probably like it as there is lots to do and it's within easy reach of glasgow and dunoon so we can get to bute etc so only five weeks to go and we're off to weymss bay instead LOL

Sunday, 15 August 2010


have spent the afternoon printing out photos so i can do some scrapping over the next week and weekend, was printing off my June/July holiday snaps and i can't believe how up to date i am on the scrapping front, I'm usually at least one holiday behind reality ie I'm scrapping march holiday while going on September holiday but this year I'm bang up to date and i will have started Junes before going on Septembers LOL so this is a complete first for me, so the question is am i scrapping more or taking less photos????? mmmmmmm LOL

Friday, 13 August 2010

so very proud

of all the little otters who were in the class of 2010 and were so good at the graduation party today, there wasn't a dry eye in the house including staff as well as mums, dads and grannies LOL i was o proud of them all as they were so well behaved and they looked absolutely gorgeous, the only problem..............................well out of all of us not one remembered to take a photo of the kids all together LOL never mind there's always next year LOL

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

and last nights random weirdness

was me interviewing sharon and kelly osbourne while eating cheese and onion crisps LOL and very nice crisps they were too LOL

Sunday, 8 August 2010

this weekends efforts LOL

where on earth did this one come from

or another in the ongoing series of strange dreams LOL last night i had the weirdest of dreams but it was like watching a love story at the cinema, there was a man and woman and they were in love except she wasn't a real woman she was an alien who could fly and who was on the run from some pirates, he helped her escape and she gave him the ability to fly and when she jumped out of the window to escape he flew after her, she could fly much faster than him (she'd had more practise i suppose LOL) but he kept on flying in the direction she went, the sky kept changing coulour and he realised she was changing shape as the sky changed colour and when he eventually caught up with her she had changed into her true form which was a white ring of light but he could still find her amongst all the other rings of light and man and ring of light lived happily ever after LOL LOL LOL

where on earth do i get these dreams from, and why can't i just have normal ones LOL any way off to do a bit of scrapping and put a title on one i did yesterday as i reckon the glossy accents should be dry by now LOL

Thursday, 5 August 2010

24 down

only 48 to go LOL, have made all the mortar boards today they just need their tassells put on and a quick coat of watered down pva to help strengthen them, tomorrow is earmarked for tassel making and maybe making a start on the gowns, will have to find a random four year old and pin them down and draw a gown shape around them LOL you should see how cute they all look with their caps on, cute enough to squish and i think there will be many tears on the day when they all troop in wearing their outfits, so if you live in the vicinity od killingworth childrens centre be prepared for localized flooding on the afternoon of 13th aug at around 3pm LOL

Wednesday, 4 August 2010

nothing like the last minute

we are having a party at work next friday for the children leaving nursery to go to big school, everything is organised and prepared until this afternoon when the boss decides it would be nice to have a graduation ceremony for them, i actually think it's a lovely idea (unlike my colleague who was fizzing at the thought LOL) and said i would make a start later in the year ready for next year as we don't really have time for this year:) oh no!!!! we will have a graduation ceremony this year :o so i (me being the only creative one in the room) now have 7 working days to make 24 mortar boards, 24 gowns and 24 certificates LOL wish me luck LOL

Sunday, 1 August 2010

converted LOL

to weekends away and B&B's!!!! we had the most lovely time and if anyone wants to stay at a fabulous b&B near jedburgh ideal for touring the scottish borders i can thoroughly recommend glenacre it was so beautiful, well presented, spotlessly clean, and really comfy with sheep in the paddock and cows in the field over the road, a beautiful chocolate labrador and two of the nicest people in the world running it, nothing was too much trouble, the breakfasts were fabulous (the best we have had in scotland) and all within five minutes of the bright lights of jedburgh and all for only £30 a night per person!!!!!!! didn't want to come home today but i suppose i'll have to go back to work since we never won the lottery again LOL

we did melrose on saturday and then headed to kelso today to go to floors castle, i took nearly 100 photo's as the gardens we visited were lovely, think i'll make a little minibook of the photo's and have some big ones blown up of some of the flowers i took

Wednesday, 28 July 2010

it always amazes me

how much fun you can have with two pensioners and a hanger on LOL J,B and C will understand LOL went out for tea to a new pub with three great friends and oh boy did we have a laugh, those ladies are just what i need after a day at work :) then finally got to see inside of C's gorgeous caravan, no wonder it's her pride and joy :) planning on an early night in bed as i am so tired and i keep having to retype my words as i keep hitting the wrong buttons (thank the lord for spell check LOL), so off to dream land i go and tonight i hope i don't dream about work, my old workplace or spiders which seem to have been dominating my night time slumbers recently :(

Sunday, 25 July 2010

and here's a few more

only 7 more lo's to do and i will have finished my march album

photos LOL

finally got round to taking photos of the lo's i've done recently so here they are LOL

Saturday, 24 July 2010

another day of scrapping

went to the holystone crop today and had a really lovely time, i managed five lo's for the march album so that will almost be complete now, then i need to get my july holiday photos printed out, planning on making a mini album of the sneaky weekend getaway LOL

tonight i plan to drink wine, eat chocolate, maybe ice cream amd definitely have a takeaway LOL that's what weekends are for LOL

Wednesday, 21 July 2010

ooh err mrs

i've booked a weekend away LOL was just fancying a weekend break even though i've only been back from my holidays for 3 weeks, so whilst perusing t'internet i happened to come across the visit scotland website accomodation page and found some nice places to look at, decided i wanted to stay near jedburgh as i could get up there in an hour and a half after work, so had a look at places near there, couldn't get any lodge or caravan sites as they were all fully booked but discovered a fantastic b&b just off the a68 that has rooms available so i had a closer look then decided sod it and just booked it LOL really looking forward to it :)

forgot to mention we had a little thunderstorm last night so i had to get up to watch it LOL it was a tad disappointing as there was only 2 flashes of lightning and i was about to give it up as a bad job but just before i closed the window (i'd had it wide open so i could feel the rain LOL) i noticed something really unusual, i thought it was a flare at first as we aren't that far from the sea, it was a bright orange ball and came up from behind the houses over the field from us, began to realise it wasn't a flare when it didn't fade but lit up the clouds around it and travelled in an arc towards the west, have been looking things up online and i think it might have been ball lightning, it certainly wasnt a plane or helicopter as you could see around it and it didn't fade like a flare or a firework and there was no mechanical noise, so i either had a close encounter or it was ball lightning :)

Monday, 19 July 2010

i do love a rain storm

the rain that has been threatening all weekend finally arrived this afternoon, just a little bit at first but by teatime it had started to get heavier, the kiddies at work were watching it so i opened the doors and said they could go and have a run around in it, of course i couldn't resist joining them and of course the second we went out it became like a monsoon, so it was time for the socks and shoes to come off LOL we were absolutley soaked and everyone (including me LOL) was having a great time splashing around and jumping in the puddles, it then got even heavier and as the gutters couldn't cope with it the rain started coming over the edge of the roof like a waterfall, so we all played in that for a while LOL eventually we had to go in and i had five littleis running around in various stages of undress LOL but managed to get them all into dry clothes, trouble was i didn't have any spare clothes so i just had to stay wet LOL but a good time was had by all and i've promised them if it rains like that again tomorrow we will do it all again LOL

Friday, 16 July 2010

big idea festival

just signed up for some free online classes at a sight called big picture scrapbooking, they are running a big idea festival in the middle of august and there are 39 different projects to make, and very happily the kit they are selling is already in my stash pile so i don't need to spend any money, there are some more free classes on there too so i'll be having a nose at them before this class starts, i do like free things and if i don't like them i can always de register from the site

have a good weekend everyone, planning on a scrappy one LOL

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

how did it get to be wednesday already????

where on earth did the first half of the week go LOL been scrapping a bit today, decided to do this weeks challenge as it was set by one of my ribbons house mates, jo. suppose some would say i cheated a bit as i did it digitally but i like the darkside LOL also did the pass it on cj in digi too so thought i'd put them on here to brighten the place up a bit, treasure island is this weeks challenge, i drew a treasure map for the summer fair at work and the kids loved it so much and played for ages with it that i made them another one, they spend ages with it and the play figures making up stories about where the treasure is LOL and the other one is my pass it on cj lo, using some of the photos of the lovely flowers we saw in montrose

Sunday, 11 July 2010

a lovely weekend

first of all i really enjoyed my crop on saturday and managed five lo's although i'm not sure about one of them and it might need a bit of work before it get's a public airing, spent saturday night enjoying a glass or two of the autumn oak leaf winr i brought back from scotland from the cairn o'mohr winery while surfing and reading and playing on facebook, beginning to fall in love with facebook, all of a sudden i am catching up with people i haven't seen for years,

today i had a lovely long lie in, just what i needed to recharge the batteries then have spent a very lazy afternoon which was made very happy when my best friend from college got in touch through facebook, we gradually lost touch when she moved away to nanny and i stayed up here so it was such a great surprise to hear from her, now all i need to do is find something to keep me occupied while the stupid world cup is on tonight LOL

Thursday, 8 July 2010

nowt much going on around here

at the mo, work, home, sleep, work, home, etc etc etc LOL never mind it's nearly the weekend and i'm going to the holystone crop, no idea what i'm doing, i'll just try to get my entire stash in a few bacgs on saturday morning and see what happens LOL one exciting thing did happen, have gone back onto facebook after not being on for years, and tonight there was a message from one of the girls i used to work with ages ago but lost touch with, and she was asking if we fancied getting together, it will be great to see her again, so thankyou facebook LOL

had some hotel chocolate chocolates arrive today, trying very hard not to eat them in 1 sitting LOL if i have any will power they might last until the weekend LOL

Monday, 5 July 2010

let's try again

hopefully blogger will be playing more happily tonight so i can add a few more photos :) the flowers we saw were really stunning so most of my album will be them with the odd photo of dad and me and strawberry tarts thrown in for good measure, in fact that sums up the holiday pretty well LOL