Friday, 30 January 2009

i've been a bad blogger

sorry to say but i have ignored this blog and the computer over the passed couple of days as i have been really busy, work has been ok and still enjoying being with the kids but i have been a bit tired, i have been reorganizing my craft room and this has taken a bit longer than i originally anticipated, the bookshelves and baskets arrived on tuesday night and we put them up in a couple of hours, the baskets looked lovely but i decided i needed another three sets of them just to make my shelves look symmetrical, have made some tags using the purple and green papermania papers and have stamped them with the contents of the basket and tied them on with ribbon, it looks lovely and i have loads of space left to fill with more stash *big grin*

had my cbt session yesterday and he thinks i'm doing really well and that i probably don't need much more, so he has arranged for me to see him in a months time and that will probably be the last one i need unless i feel like i need to see him later on if i start feeling poorly again, so i'm really pleased, to be honest with you i think i got more out of reading the mind over mood book than i have done from seeing him,

got some new games for my ds too, so have been playing that, after having been desperate for professor layton i really dislike it as not only can i not do the bloody puzzles but i hat how long it takes to get through the story to get to the puzzles.

Monday, 26 January 2009

first full day of the first full week

well my phased return is over, i am back to 8 hours a day 5 days a week, it has been fine tiday but goodness knows how i will feel by friday, probably completely exhausted, have had to swap shifts with susan on thursday for my cbt appt as kayleigh couldn't do it as her and rachel are going to the gym, tbh i really don't see why i should ahve to change shifts, work should make arrangements for me to be able to have the time off,

my glitter and flock arrived from qvc today, the pots are tiny but the colours are lovely so looking forward to using them though it will probably be well into the weekend before i get a chance to play, as i have my new bookshelves arriving tomorrow and then i want to sort the room out properly and then i have the seaton sluice crop on saturday afternoon :)

Saturday, 24 January 2009

frozen north get together

we had a get together of the uks sg crafters from the frozen north today, well heather, lis and me did, it was great and we had such a laugh, firstly heather and i went down to the royal quays and had a wee spend there, i got a huge canvas to go up onto my wall in the craft room when i get it all re oraganized, also had some nice stuff in the papaer mill shop and there is a demo on in feb so we will probably go down there, we had a coffee and a chat then headed up to blaydon to meet up with lis who we last saw at the scrapbook village crop in november, we met up in and mcdonalds and we were there for ages just chatting and laughing and generally having a jolly good time, we eventually shut up long enough to have some lunch then went along to amythest crafts and had another wee spend in there.

after saying bye to lis and promising to do it again soon, heather and i drove along to hobbycraft and got a few more things in there before coming home, it was a really nice day and some of the other girls from the sg said they would try and make the next one.

decided to treat myself to some new bookshelves from ikea to go in my craft room when i get rid of the sofa bed, but they wanted 35 quid for delivery, for fucks sake that was more than what the bookshelves cost, so decided i'd get some more of the ones i've got from tesco but they don't do them anymore so i ended up at argos, got 2 large bookcases and 3 sets of storage baskets for the grand delivery charge of £5.80!!!!!!!!!! good old argos eh!!!! they are being delivered on tuesday morning too *big smile*

Friday, 23 January 2009

weird dream watch #2

been meaning to blog this one for a while LOL

dreamt it was a training day at work and chrissie had told us we were going to new york, everyone was excited and i could see myself walking down 5th ave and looking in all the shops (never mind that in real life i would have been refusing to go as it hate flying LOL) anyways we turned up at work and piled into the coach we thought was taking us to the airport, except it was taking us to new york ,tyne and wear and we were going to the campbells soup factory for our training day LOL, we all had to wear white coats and hats and hair nets and got a tour of the factory for the day, the only good thing was the fantastic canteen where there was whole roast chickens or sushi for lunch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

if there are dream meanings, i reckon mine must mean i am completely insane LOL

Wednesday, 21 January 2009

phased return over

today was the last day of my phased return as i'm back to doing full days tomorrow and friday, at least i only have two weeks of full time before i'm off for a week, planning to do lots of crafty stuff that week *big grin* quite enjoyed today, had to fill in a profile for a new keychild, and am still remaining really positive whist being with the kids although i am a lot quieter in the staff room, still find that really uncomfortable, well with certain people i'm finding it uncomfortable any way.

will probably have to have an earlyish night in bed tonight too

Monday, 19 January 2009

catching up with the cyber crop challenes

spent all day yesterday scrapping and catching up with the cyber crop challenges, fingerprinted dad and did a wanted lo of him which made him laugh LOL was going to have an early night in bed but ended up chatting to heather so didn't go to bed until midnight, we've arranged to do a day trip of craft shops the week i'm off in february, have today and tomorrow off so have spent the day doing crafting, i have started my 12 months 12 projects album, i've made the covers and did the front page then did january's lo and journalling, used the tim holtz crackle paints to do my album covers, they were great, i loved watching the paint crackle, also used some glimmer mists for effect, they look lovely but the trouble is i can't get them off my hands, have even tried stazon remover and it still won't budge LOL, hope it comes off before work on weds LOL.

discoverd that the tsv on qvc tomorrow is a trimmer and some core-dinations card stock so that's my money safe then LOL

Friday, 16 January 2009

holidays booked woohoo

louise confirmed my holidays today well next al years anyway, so i've got a week booked off at the end of june and a week booked off at the end of august, so came home wnet straight online and got our holidays booked up, we are going to lochy park near fort william in june and nairn lochloy near inverness in august, *insert big smile*

the holidays i am due this year were harder to get, i could have the week off in february no problem but the only full week in march i could get was the very first week and that still left me with 4 days, so took that march week and two days of the following week and also booked off next monday and tuesday (so i can watch the craft tsv) !!!!!! spent a long time looking for somewhere to go in the march week but hardly anywhere is open that early, or actually hardly anywhere is open that early that we can afford so managed to persuade dad into edinburgh again staying in the same lodges we've just come back from *insert big smile again*

have something to look forward to now LOL

Tuesday, 13 January 2009

i'm an interpol agent!!!!

have joined up with the cyber crop on ukscrappers, it's scheduled for the first weekend in february and will be the first one i've joined in as the oscars one was the weekend i joined uks and it nearly put me off going back, this one is detective themed and i've been allocated to the interpol team, mystery kits go on sale tomorrow night at 7pm, will have to have one of them LOL

Monday, 12 January 2009

back to work

well it's been five months and five days but i went back to work today, actually being back with the kids has been fine, in fact lovely to be with them, i had lots of cuddles and kisses and had a lovely time just being with them, had a meeting with chrissie and a woman from hr, she was lovely but chrissie really upset me by saying how horrible i am when i normally have a depressive eisode and how big an impact it has on the nursery so this time was such a big surprise, gee thanks chrissie, really what i wanted to hear!!!! i will be getting a stress risk assessment to fill in and because chrissie won't actually get to see it i can be brutally honest, when i have sent that back hr woman will collate the results than we will have another meeting to work out how to help me,

was only at work for 4 hours but i'm totally exhausted, had my birthday get together, i got a nice bottle of wine and 2 lovely black and white troll beads, think i'll have to have a few more so i can have a black and white bracelet, after that i went to occ health but was only there a few minutes as he doesn't need to see me any more,

went along to asda to put my photo's in but one of the memory cards has a problem with it and it doesn't look like they are going to print the photo's out, it's all my 40th birthday ones too, i have managed to get them onto the computer so hopefully i will be able to print them off there or put them onto a cd and take that to asda

Sunday, 11 January 2009

good intentions

i was so full of good intentions when i got up this morning, i was going to do some scrapping, well i got into the craft room and decided to put my new brads away which led on to changing the way i store them into storing them by colour not by size, this took up the entire afternnon, i think i have far too many brads i think LOL!!! was going to throw them away but thought maybe someone could use them so asked the teamies and so far liz has asked for a bag so will send them off tomorrow, when i send julieanns birthday card off

back to work tomorrow, so far i don't know how i feel about it, i will only be there for a short time, as my meeting in the morning is 10:30 and i have to go to occ health at 3pm. it'll be strange that's the one thing i know but i've got to go back, in this day and age it's better to have a job you hate than no job at all, and to be honest i don't really hate the job

Saturday, 10 January 2009

we're back!!

well that was possibly the best holiday ever and we didn't get wet once!!! okay it was bloody freezing most of the time but it is the first week in january!!! there is far too much that happened for me to write it all down but some of the highlights were-

the upgrade to the vip executive lodge, climbing the 137 steps to the top of linlithgow palace, seeing keith and nicola and the boys, the hot tub, the lodge all decorated for my birthday, a fab meal at the witchery including a wee candle in my pudding, the royal yacht brittania, the tour buses round edinburgh and the lovely staff, caprice italian restaurant, our dynamic earth, holyrood palace, edinburgh castle and the views from up there, 22 new pin badges, lovely birthday cake, i could go on!!!!

it was fab, just the washing to do and the ironing and catching up on the emails and posts on uks!!! i have money to spend too!!!

Friday, 2 January 2009


not a good day today, went over to wallsend, decided to have a breakfast in one of the cafes, i went in while dad went to the bank, placed our order, went to pick the tray up with the tea on it and dropped it, it smashed on the floor but not before scalding the top of my right leg!!!!!!!!!!! OW OW OW!!!!!!!!!! we had our breakfast then dad's priority was to go and get some cigarettes!!!!!!!!!!! so it was about half an hour later by the time i got home and able to jump into the shower and get some cold water on it, it is killing and i was a bit scared it was going to blister so rang nhs direct and they told me to go to the minor injuries clinic in shiremoor, found it no bother and got seen too more or less straight away, the nurse cleaned and dressed it for me then dropped the bombshell no getting it wet for 4 days at least!!!!OMG!!!!! she also sent me off with some more dressings to redress it after 2 days and no i can't go into the hottub!!!!!!!!!!

well actually sod off, there is no way i am not going in the hottub, so i've bought more dressings and i'll just dress it every day if i have too, by god it hurts though

Thursday, 1 January 2009

happy new year

well here is 2009, i hope to god it's a better year than 2008 was for both me and dad, i decided to stay up last night and was very surprised when dad decided he would stay up with me, we had a lovely quiet night ( and sorry elizabeth if you ever read this but it was the nicest new years eve i have had in a long time), we ordered a chinese, sat and watched meet the fockers and a bit of the great escape then i put my coat on and went out to be first foot, there were quite a few people up in the street but i was the only one out being first foot, so i guess that old tradition is dying out too, i was stood outside in the cold watching all the fireworks going off and shouting through the letterbox at dad to let me in and he was in the warm shouting back through the letterbox, no big ben hasn't finished yet LOL, when he finally let me in we wished each other happy new year, had a drink, watched the fireworks on the telly then went to bed.

not making a new years resolution as i never keep them, but i am going to try on the diet front again, the second i've eaten all the xmas chocolates LOL