Friday, 25 February 2011

normal service has been resumed LOL

had myself a very early night in bed last night and a really good nights sleep and i feel so much better for it today, got started on my packing for the Sarah's cards retreat and that really helped cheer me up then at work today we managed a bit of a laugh :) we were really quiet this afternoon so ended up taking the kiddies out for a walk :) let me set the scene, 5 littlies who never walk anywhere on wrist straps walking up the road to morrisons, i had 3 who were all determined to go in completely different directions to each other and we hadn't even got out of the nursery car park when they were so tangled up we had to stop and untangle them LOL we then had 1 super speedy walker and 1 who was ultra slow, 1 who sang the entire time and one who stopped every time she spotted a letter in her name LOL which was a lot LOL another one screamed all the way back to nursery when i wouldn't buy her a milky bar at the checkouts LOL and another one who kept muttering shut up shut up to the screaming one LOL needless to say we weren't out for very long LOL and the next time we are quiet i'm not suggesting a walk anywhere LOL

Thursday, 24 February 2011

feeling distinctly iffy

for the first time in ages i woke up this morning feeling very anxious and ended up in tears at work oversomething ridiculous, feeling very deflated too and not my usual self :( need to get away me thinks, luckily i've got my retreat to go to in a weeks time and then holidays aren't too far a way too, can't wait

Sunday, 20 February 2011

busy bee

been very busy this afternoon after recovering from a bad migraine that forced me home early from my night out last night, and before you ask it wasn't drink, i was on lemonade as i had the car with me LOL anyway i have done this weeks challenge on ukscrappers and i have done the february mini book from karens a mini a month challenge :) the theme was love so i went with my greatest love, the cow LOL used rafia to bind the book together as i have had it for ages and didn't have a clue what to do with it LOL i've also been making a new name badge for the sarahs cards retreat (12 more sleeps woo LOL) as the one i had made was far to big, love what i have made now, i just hope it dries in time LOL

Friday, 18 February 2011

birthday meal

took dad out for his birthday meal tonight as i am out at a retirement/reunion tomorrow night and it's his birthday on monday so didn't want to go out on that night when i have work the next day, we went to our usual restaurant, the black door in sheildfield, the food was it's usual delicious stuff and very good but the service was pants, it was obvious they were short staffed as there was only 3 waiting staff working for a restaurant with 17 tables full and a private party going on, the first and mains arrived ok but we waited an hour and 15 mins to get our puddings and we only got them because i had to ask the waitress to come and serve us and dad had to go and ask for my dessert wine to come with my dessert LOL anyway when we got the bill they asked if everything was ok and i said no the food was lovely but the service left a lot to be desired and not up to their usual standards, got the wine and coffee for free LOL result LOL

god where does the time go to????

this week has flown over and i have such a busy weekend planned i just hope i can get everything done that i want, although with heavy snow forecast i might be holed up in the street, making dad a couple of birthday cards rather than running over to wallsend tomorrow to buy him some LOL

Sunday, 13 February 2011

back online

i went to put my computer on saturday morning and noticed it didn't have an internet connection, didn't have time to ring sky cos i was on my way to the frozen north crop, but when it wasn't on when i got back i rang them straight away, they couldn't do anything over the phone so i left them to it and i got a phone call this afternoon saying they had fixed it so i'm back online, it was horrid not being able to play online like i normally do on a saturday night, mind you i did manage to get a few more squares of my quilt finished :)

here are the lo's i managed to do at the crop yesterday and another one i did this morning :)

Thursday, 10 February 2011

starting again LOL

as soon as dad's quilt was finished i began to get crafting withdrawal symptoms so got some knitting out to keep me going until the new lot of fabric i had ordered got to me, i ordered two jelly rolls which are from a company called moda and you get 40+ strips of fabric that are 40 inches long and 2 1/2 inches wide, i got one called it's a hoot and the other was called lollipop, i also bought a charm pack in the it's a hoot patterns, so i've started making a log cabin design quilt with the lollipop jelly roll, i'm making a set of squares which i will then sew up to make the finished quilt and then i think i'm going to have a go of quilting it by hand or try dropping the feeders on my sewing machine and see if i can do freestyle stitching on that,

here's a couple of the squares i've done already, have managed five so far :) sorry for the crap photos i just snapped them while the squares were on my knee but they give you some idea of what i'm up to :)

Sunday, 6 February 2011

all finished

and ready to be wrapped up for dad's birthday :D my next quilting project is going to be a log cabin design, so i'm off to find some nice fabric :) have my eye on some amy butler fabric or maybe the moda free bird jelly roll i like :)

Friday, 4 February 2011

dad's quilt

it's now all pinned to the backing and the wadding so this weekend i intend to get it all finished and wrapped up for his birthday, plan to embroider the date and his age on it as a wee surprise LOL trouble is i'm now itching to make another one, it's very addictive this quilting malarkey :)

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

feeling :-(

woke up on sunday morning feeling like i had been hit by a rather large truck, my head was so sore and the stuff coming out of my nose was a tad green to say the least, went to work on monday but was only there a couple of hours and i had to come home, went straight to bed and slept for 30 of the next 36 hours :( went to the doctors yesterday and was given some antibiotics which give me heartburn and make me feel sick and i had to go back for blood tests today to see if there is any reason for my feeling dizzy and so tired, have to persevere with the antibiotics as they are about the only ones left to give me since i'm allergic to penicillin and eryhtromicin make me so poorly, but one good thing to report is that it's not my chest this time but my sinuses are really badly blocked :( so we shall see what the bloods come back like. going back to work tomorrow any way, see how i go LOL