Thursday, 12 November 2009

330 photo's later LOL

spent most of last night uploading my photo's from the holiday, had such a job as the easyshare program kept crashing and wouldn't let me put all the photo's on, so in the finish i uploaded them in about four little lots which seemed to work, so this morning i tries to order some collage prints from snapfish and it turns out the photo's had uploaded every time i tried so i had 3 copies of each photo to wade through which meant i had to delete nearly 700 photo's LOL sorted now though, here are a few of my faves that will eventually appear on lo's (if i ever get the september holiday finished LOL) took some fantastic photo's of the famous highland heritage winter cabbages and the grounds of the hotel looked fantastic in the frost, i also adore the way i can stitch pictures together on the camera to take panoramic views, took a few of them LOL

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