Sunday, 11 October 2009

never crossed the doors

this weekend :( i was going to go out but i ended up scrapping and reorganizing the craft room, i really need a whole weekend to do it justice but i made a start, and it looks a lot nicer, more natural daylight as i have moved my embellie carousel to a different place so it is not blocking the light from the window, also had a bit of a sort out of the buttons in the hope i might actually use them more LOL

had the usual hours play with poppy tonight, she is so funny, and persistant, she so wants to be out and about so i put her in her ball for a play tonight to give me some time to make some supper - chicken and basil nicoise with crushed new potatoes and green beans, it was only a frozen meal but i styled it ever so nicely and it looked fab, toasted pretty delicous too LOL

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