Sunday, 29 January 2012

Catching up

With a bit of reading. while dad is watching the bowls final, i can get my hands on my kindle and read some of my books i had downloaded, he had asked to see how it worked and then decided he wants one so i've bought him one for his birthday but in the mean time i have to prize it off him as he likes it so much, what a cheek lol. Managing to stay on plan, it's a bit frustrating not having any scales in the house cos i'd like to know if i am losing weight through the week, it's such a chore having to wait until a tuesday night lol, need to go and make the pasta for my lunch tomorrow, getting good at this cooking malarkey lol

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

weigh in number two

and i lost four and a half pounds to get my one stone award in two weeks :) delighted :) and so far i am enjoying every meal i've eaten, haven't had to take any indigestion tablets since i started and my clothes are starting to feel bigger already :) go me and go slimming world :)

Saturday, 21 January 2012

the results of last weeks crop

and another couple i managed a while ago but have just got round to photographing LOL
dad on the sea probe atlantis on the kyle of lochalsh.

babbling brook running down the side of the ptarmigan station on cairngorm

dad and i after we gor off the funicular railway at the top station on cairngorm

looking through the windows of the glass bottomed boat at the kyle of lochalsh

done using the sketch from the simple recipes challenge over on uks, dad at the commando memorial, spean bridge

part of the work through the woods on the ardverickie estate, got to eat wild blueberries that the gorgeous matt picked from the sides of the path as we walked along to the waterfall on our land rover safari

chinese whisper lo, the house on the ardverickie estate in scotland where monarch of the glen was filmed

Thursday, 19 January 2012

over the moon

went for my first weigh in on tuesday night (am late reporting the result as i've been having mega internet problems) was really nervous and tried lots of excuses not to get on the scales, when i did i was really happy cos i could see the weight had gone down but in the heat of the moment i couldn't work out how much, imagine my delight when the lady told me i'd lost 10 pounds !!!!!!!!!!!! i was ecstatic and i wish i'd had a camera so someone could have captured my face LOL so i'm sticking to it again this week cos i would rally like my stone award next week :)

Monday, 16 January 2012

snot go away

suzy, jules, lesley, clare, moi, dee and the bloss :)
fed up with being full of cold now and barking like a seal :( did have a fantabulous time at the frozen north crop on saturday even if i did sneeze the whole way through it, got to meet two new teamies and we had such a laugh, it was a world record as we had 7 rik rak ravers all in one room :) loving the photos that pam took they will be appearing on a lo very soon
proving we are raving ravers........7 go mad in holystone LOL
i managed 6 lo's and even managed to not eat crop cake (even though it has no calories LOL) and was good when the otheres got a chinese takeaway, sticking to my pasta salad and yoghurt :)

speaking of pasta salad, i have my first weigh in tomorrow night, looking forward to it, hoping for a loss and secretly hoping for a 4lb loss as that would take me down into a different stone :)

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

been awol

due to the fact i have to be surgically removed from my ipad every evening to do things like eat and go to bed LOL to say i love it is an understatement LOL and once i get my email account set up on it i'll probably never use this old thing LOL

went to slimming world last night to join up, have been eating very healthily since sunday night when i had a last supper of prawn curry and chips with a peshwari naan and a glass of wine LOL finding it ok so far but struggling with feeling hungry just before lunchtime cos i've had my breakfast so early and sadly i can't slip away from the room at work to go have something to eat, am a bit worried about late shifts next week cos i don't get my lunch break until well after 1pm instead of 12:30 but i'll see how it goes and try and work it out, having my fave meal tonight...............jacket potato, beans and cheese :)

Saturday, 7 January 2012

in the middle of the birthday weekend

i'm having a fantastic time though it is proving a bit difficult to prize myself off the new toy LOL had a delicous afternoon tea at dobbies in ponteland then we had the most fantastic meal at cafe 21 in the evening, i have always wanted to try steak tartare and when i saw they had it on as a starter i knew i would have to give it a go, it was bloody lovely and i'll defo have it again, i then had venison medallions which were delicous too, followed by chocolate donut with pistachio icecream, there was a mistake with the ice cream and they'd put vanilla on the top so i then scored for an extra helping of pistachio icecream LOL yum LOL good job the slimming world diet doesn't start until monday eh LOL

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

is excited

not only do i have the next two days off work but the past couple of days i've come home to parcels of lovely goodies to go in my bedroom :) yesterday it was simple things like tie backs and tie back hooks but today i got gorgeous thinks like cushions and a mirror and a birdcage :) made one mistake, the bookcase i ordered is too little so i'll take that back to argos tomorrow and see if i can get a bigger one :) just waiting on the rug, lampshade, chair and bedding to arrive now and the make over is complete :)

tomorrows plans include shopping, getting rid of some old books and games, fabric browsing, antiques browsing and a bit of lunch throne in along the way LOL

Sunday, 1 January 2012

happy new year

didn't see a great deal of the new year as i spent the night in my craft room as there was so much shite on the telly, did a couple of lo's then i was in bed for half ten with the earplugs in. never heard a thing though it took me ages to get to sleep, cos i've moved the bed around i was convinced i was going to fall out of it LOL these are the two i did, the first one had been on my desk for days cos there was something about it i just didn't like, ended up tearing it off the orange card stock i had it on, sprayed some white card stock with blue mist and started again, really liking it now :)
the cullin mountains on skye from the summit of the single track road across some more mountains we'd just come up LOL
the annual silly photo we take whenever we go passed the glencoe visitors centre LOL
have done another couple of lo's today cos i was a bit bored this afternoon but by the time i was finished them it was too dark to take photos, a job for tomorrow as well as taking all the xmas decorations down and getting the house back to some semblance of normality