Friday, 2 October 2009

how do you make................. netting for an acrobatic hamster ??? LOL i have poppy home for the weekend and her latest trick is to dangle upside down from the ceiling of her cage, she has fallen off quite a few times so far tonight, one time from the ceiling she hit both levels on the way down then landed on a heap on the floor :0 she seems ok and it certainly hasn't stopped her doing it again stupid creature, right now though she is having a snooze so i get five minutes peace LOL going over to the pet shop tomorrow to see if i can get her a new house to sleep in and maybe even a hamster loo so we can potty train her LOL

another plan for the weekend was to go somewhere nice to have a wee photo shoot with my new camera, was thinking of the hall grounds in wallsend or the beach at seaton sluice........BUT then i saw the weather forecast, we have a severe weather warning in place for tonight and tomorrow for gale force winds with gusts of 70mph eeek, don't like wind :( so it looks like i'll have to wait until sunday, at least it means i can spend the day unpacking from last weekends crop LOL

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