Wednesday, 31 March 2010

oh my

received my grab bag of stash from sarah's cards today, there was a special offer of a box of stash worth £75 for £25 so i treat myself when we came back from the jollies, well it arrived today and the first words out of my mouth when i opened it were bloody hell LOL the stuff in it is completely fabulous, there are 15 pieces of cardstock, 13 pieces of patterned paper, a huge basic grey alphabet, a complete 6x6 pad of sassafrass pp's, a mini book, die cuts, thickers, ribbon, brads, stickers, rub ons, flowers etc etc etc LOL it's brilliant as there is nothing in it i won't use and some of the pp's will be completely perfect for my latest holiday photos

healthy eating day two has gone well and i'm about to prepare roasted vegetables for my tea :)

Monday, 29 March 2010

a distant memory

that's what the holiday felt like after i had been at work about ten minutes today LOL

have decided to get back on the healthy eating plan, i am seriously considering the lighter life programme but i really don't know if i can justify the amount of money it costs a week, you seem to get amazing results with it though, maybe i can do the very low calorie diet myself and drink tons of water, would be nivce to get back into my jeans LOL

got my sarah's cards kit from the post office this morning, it's rather lush and i love it, think i might have a scrappy easter and do lots of scrapping, supposed to be going to the frozen north crop on saturday but i have the feeling i might not be welcome there any more

Sunday, 28 March 2010

Saturday, 27 March 2010

lousy weather, fabulous holiday

yup it was pretty lousy weather, a bit dreich i am led to believe LOL but we still had the most fabulous time, the lodge was outstanding, the pictures on the website do it no justice as it is a really nice size and the equipment and furnishings were all top standard, the hot tub was glorius and i loved sitting in it with a nice glass of rose every night just gazing up at the moon and the stars, we did loads of things we have never done before, including a land rover safari up into the hills around aberfeldy which included off roading LOL we panned for gold and i found some, saw lots and lots of highland cows, so my coo lo's will be resuming soon LOL we ate well, drank well and more or less slept well LOL a truly fabulous holiday

now i need to wash the car as it's filthy and i'd forgotten how much birds like to poopoo on a green car :(

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

busy busy busy

is the buzz word for today, 16 in the morning and 15 in the afternoon, at least we managed some cover LOL two more days at work then it's our holidays, have nothing done for it, nothing planned, and i really should be upstairs now sorting it out but i'm not LOL

Monday, 15 March 2010

the biggest grin ever

i have what is quite possibly the biggest grin in the world on my face right now, as well as quite a few other ladies over on uks LOL we got advance emails the other day from s and l to let us know there would be another retreat next year but they were letting us know before they advertised it on the boards so all this years attendees could get first bite of the cherry, the retreat went live at 8pm tonight so i was in there at 8:01 LOL managed to get my place booked and l has hers booked too so we will be roomies again :D i was in such a fluster i managed to put my card number in wrong the first time but second time around it went in properly LOL

now just 350+ sleeps to go LOL

and in less than an hour the entire retreat sold out LOL i think s and l must be feeling pretty proud of themselves right now and they rightly deserve too, it was the best weekend ever LOL

Sunday, 14 March 2010

cj entry and this months challenge

left the email cj until the last minute as usual, i was having real problems with it as usually when i do a scraplift i practically copy it but i decided at the last minute just to do a flavour of it and i am really pleased with the way it has turned out, and i used one of my november holiday photo's so at least i will actually use it LOL

did this months challenge on uks too, it had to be a scraplift so i lifted one of l's lovely lo's and used some of the photo's from recent retreats as there had to be a theme of friendship, did this one in digi which means nobody but me will vote for it LOL but at least i get the points for my team LOL

Saturday, 13 March 2010

i don't remember it being that bright or how to spend £10,000 in less than 10 minutes LOL

picked up my new car today after sorting out my insurance and heading along to the holystone crop, driving passed the garage and seeing my car sitting there LOL i waited until half ten then couldn't wait any longer and rang to see when i could pick it up, the answer was now so i shot off from the crop to pick it up, d sorted everything out for me and i left the citroen there and headed off in my bright (and oh boy do i mean bright LOL) green ford fiesta, it'll take me a while to get used to the driving position and how big it is and i need a degree in buttonology to remember what all the buttons are for LOL but it is rather gorgeous :)

Friday, 12 March 2010

bye bye corsa

you were a fabulous little car and had i been able to test drive you for an entire weekend before making a choice i may have made a different descision LOL

so that means i have my little blue citroen back outside the house right now, looking all shiny and clean and hoovered inside and dusted, probably for the frst time since i bought it, but it won't be there for too long as i amanaged to get through to the ford insurance and it got cleared with 10 minutes to spare before the admin staff went home :) so i have to ring the garage in the morning to get a time to pick my new car up :):):)

so this time tomorrow i might have a brand new car sitting outside the door :)

Thursday, 11 March 2010

car update

thought things were going ok, at 11am this morning my car was nearly ready and i just had to ring back at 4pm to make sure, so i gets on to d the salesmen and we gets it sorted that i would pick my fiesta up on saturday morning at 8:30am, i was very excited and thought i'd be driving home in my old car tonight..............................but oh no !!!!! i rang at 4pm to be told that as they were putting my car back together they "discovered" that there was more damage so they have had to order another part and hopefully they will have it all sorted by tomorrow !!!! so will i be picking my new car up on saturday????.................................somehow i very much doubt it, especially as i can't get passed the firewall on their email system to send them a copy of my insurance confirmation

Monday, 8 March 2010

and some from loch house farm

a few of the photos i took at the loch house farm retreat a couple of weekends ago

a few photo's from sarah's retreat

finally got round to uploading my photo's onto the computer so thought i'd add some of the ones i took at the retreat this weekend, i've also got some of the weekend before at loch house farm so i might stick them on too LOL

Sunday, 7 March 2010

possibly the best weekend in the world

just back from the sarah's cards retreat and i had such a fabulous time :) l and i got there just in time to get seats at the last table in the room, we registered and were stunned by the generousity of the goody bag!!!! it was amazing LOL got loads of hello's and cuddles off everyone then it was straight into the first class, after that it was time for a very delicious evening meal then we had time to crop, we went to bed about half 11 which is when the hilarity began, the beds were tiny and very soft and very bouncy LOL l and i were terrified to move in case you got catapulted out onto the floor LOL

saturday started with the best breakfast spread i have ever seen LOL, then we headed into classes, i loved the them both, lunch was delicious then more classes before dinner which was nice but the main course was not quite as nice as the night before, then we cropped until about 11 but we were both exhausted so had an earlyish night in bed LOL

we were both up quite early this morning so had breakfast then checked out to beat the rush later on, we did the last class then had a bit more cropping time before packing up for lunch, after lunch we said our goodbyes to everyone then just headed home,

it was a fabulous weekend and i so hope it all happens again and we can get places on it as i absolutely adored it and want to do it all over again

Friday, 5 March 2010

the morning after the afternoon before

and i'm feeling better, i have a car hired for the weekend for the grand total of £55 :) nowt really LOL my bags are packed, i have a parking space sorted for l on b and a's drive that they never use and all i need to hear from now are the repair people and the courtesy car people but since i plan to be leaving about 11:30 they had better hurry up about it :)

Thursday, 4 March 2010

think positive

after many tears and a bit of chocolate i have realised that once the car has gone to be repaired i might as well be scrapping and having fun at the retreat in warrington rather than moping around at home, so dad has said he will be around to see the car gets to the garage ok and i plan to pester the car hire company from the second i get up in the morning until i get the car then head down in that, then at least i get there even if i'm a bit late

and then it get's shittier

what a way to end a bloody shitty week, i goes to wash the car at the carwash readt for the retreat tomorrow, can't get into car wash propery cos van is parked in it's access lane so tries to get in, gets stuck tries to reverse out and i gets caught on the car wash and rips the entire bumper off the front of the car!!!!!! manages to get to the nearest garage who were no bloody help so gets home in floods of tears to ring the insurance company, the garage will come and take it away to repair it but not in time for me to get to the sarah's cards retreat tomorrow and i can have a hire car but not in time to get me down to the retreat, why me ??????? just hope l can get herself down there so she doesn't miss out it

Wednesday, 3 March 2010

life sucks

gets a phone call off the garage, i'm supposed to be picking up my new car up on monday but it hasn't arrived at the garage yet and they don't know where it is :0 the salesman is going to try and find out where it is tomorrow and ring me back to let me know but it looks like i won't be picking it up on monday :(

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

just two more days

of work this week, thank the lord is all i am going to say LOL suffice to say i am so sick of being spoken to the way i get spoken to and i really don't know what to do about it, actually i do know what to do about it, it's just plucking up the courage to do it.

doesn't look like i'm going to get away with the frozen northers again for a weekend as they are planning them the months i have a going away holiday in and even though i enjoyed myself there is no way i'm giving up my holidays to scrap for a weekend LOL