Sunday, 26 February 2012

resisted...................for a while

then thought "sod it i've been good for 7 weeks" and had a pudding LOL well they had my favourite pudding in the entire universe on the menu, cranachan with fresh raspberries and shortbread, so i had it, it was delicous and i'm being extra good until weigh in day to make up for it LOL mainly ate super free food yesterday and went for a swim so i hopefully will be okay.

Friday, 24 February 2012

The first temptation

Tonight we are going out for a meal for dad's birthday, he was 79 on tuesday, we always celebrate birthdays with a nice meal so that makes tonight the first temptation i have really had since starting at slimming world. I think i have it all planned. I've chosen a restaurant that does grilled, baked or steamed fish and i can have a salad with that,i can have oysters for my starter and have saved my syns to have a couple of drinkies with the meal. I am really hoping i can stick to my plan and not have a pudding as i don't want to undo any of the hard work especially with holidays and sarahs cards coming up. Fingers crossed it all goes well

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

It might be * week

But i still managed to lose 2.5lbs so that meant i got my two stone award tonight, really happy as n the past 6 weeks i have lost 28.5lbs, gone down two dress sizes, can do my watch up two extra notches and most importantly have stopped the kidney problems i was having and my blood sugar levels are almost in the healthy range :-)

Thursday, 16 February 2012

More swimming

Tonight i headed to the pool straight from work, did 20 lengths all in one go then thought come on i can manage another five, after that thought i could probably manage another five to make thirty but at the 28 length mark the body told the mind just where it could go, dragged itself out of the pool and came home LOL tell you something i'll sleep well tonight LOL Finally got round to donating the proceeds from the quilt raffle to the sir bobby robson fund, it's taken me so long cos i kept forgetting to bring the money home with me LOL so we raised the grand total of £150 and with gift aid added to that the grand total was £187.59 :-) so chuffed with that, it's a fab cause very close to the hearts of us all at work after one of my colleagues was diagnosed with a brain tumour in 2007, she had a lot of her treatment at the centre paid for by the foundation and has her yearly checkups at the new centre.

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Had my weigh in tonight and i lost a pound and a half, yeah me :-) well no actually, i was completely and utterly gutted and promptly burst into tears,why? Well i so wanted to get my two stone award this week but no it wasn't to be, plus all the swimming i've done this week too. Never mind onwards and downwards i go and at least i didn't head home and consume my body weight in chocolate cos i hadn't got that shiny sticker, hopefully next week

Monday, 13 February 2012


Where did that week go to LOL had a busy week, then i had the frozen north crop at the weekend, and i've been swimming too, started last week with 16 lengths, i'm now up to 26 and can swim them in sets of ten :-) i signed up online to do the swimfit challenge, i find the actual sessions too hard at the moment but i'm enjoying the challenges. The first one i decided to do was the distance of the great north swim which is two miles, i'm 96.4% finished that one now :-) so i'll be looking for a new one from tomorrow LOL i can even buy certificates and badges when i have done certain distances, well i'll have to have a few of them to go in the weight loss journal LOL hoping to get a few body magic stickers to add to my weight loss stickers too! Hoping for 3.5lbs tomorrow night to get my 2 stone award! I'm very highly motivated by a shiny sticker LOL

Wednesday, 8 February 2012


Five pounds off last night so i got my one and a half stone award, making 24.5 pounds in four weeks :-) i have 3.5lbs to lose to my 2 stone award so would love to get that next week but i'm not building my hopes up, any loss is great and i know it will have to slow down eventually. Also decided to bite the bullet and join the health club at the hotel the slimming world class is held at, i love swimming and they have a lovely pool with steps down into the pool as i can't manage ladders at the moment, had a look round the rest of the gym which was very scary but i did it. It's a bit expensive but i was spending a heck of a lot a month on takeaways so at least this is going to get me fit and toned up :-) So tonight i decided to go for my first swim, it's a 25m pool and i did 16 lengths before i was exhausted LOL but 16 lengths equates to 400m so i'm pretty proud of that, i should sleep well tonight too LOL

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

quite a lot

acheived in two days off work, yesterday i headed to the metrocentre and finally spent my birthday vouchers on an overnight bag for my holidays, then today i gave the craft tip..... i mean craft room a bit of a tidy up and under the rubbish and unused kits i found my mojo resulting in those three lo's this afternoon :-)

Sunday, 5 February 2012

it's cold out there

so i'm staying by the fire LOL we've had a tiny bit of snow, hardly covers the ground, but unfortunately it's turned to sheet ice :-( thankfully i don't have to go out today but i do have to go out tomorrow as not only do i have a doctors appointment but i have a day off work so i'm heading off to the metrocentre to finally spend my birthday vouchers off the girls at work, i had asked for paperchase vouchers only to find i can't spend them online or at the one at the silverlink cos it's only a concession so have to go into a paperchase shop, which means a trip to town or the metrocentre, well since i detest the metrocentre slighlty less than i detest a trip into town that's where i'm going LOL

Friday, 3 February 2012

back to work

today after being off for a couple of days with dizziness and feeling sick as well as my cough and cold, i have some antibiotics now so hopefully that will kick it into touch :)
never had a chance to get on to let people know how i did at slimming world on tuesday, another 5lbs off to make 19.5lbs in 3 weeks :) was over the moon to be slimmer of the month too :) so i now want to lose at least a pound and a half next week so i can get my 1.5 stone award :) can you tell i'm very highly motivated by shiny stickers LOL