Tuesday, 30 November 2010

it needs to go away now !!!!

not fun anymore and it's starting to get me down :( i hate the snow, the main roads are fine but i had to be dug out of the street again today (thanks S) and pushed out too, then i couldn't find anywhere to park at work where i thought i might be able to get the car out of again tonight, as it was i managed to get home alright until i got back to the street and someone had parked right on the corner making it practically impossible to get through :( then my lovely (being sarcastic here) neighbour has pulled his car right down so i had to reverse park :o reverse park in this fucking weather :o am not a happy bunny :(

Monday, 29 November 2010

scary out there!!!

and it's still snowing, got up this morning and another 3 inches had fallen overnight :( i couldn't get my car out from it's parking space until one of the neighbours dug it out then got it onto the compacted snow for me, it then took me quite a while to reverse it up the street and get it out of the street, by the time i got to work it had taken my 90 minutes to do a trip that normally takes 10 :o then gets a phone call off dad to say asda had been on the phone and weren't doing any deliveries so i had to go and do some shopping as we have nothing in the house LOL well that's when the trouble began, i got completely stuck in tesco's car park in battle hill, if it wasn't for the group of 6 complete strangers including a bunch of hoodies who pushed me out i would still be there now :( it's forecast for more heavy snow overnight and we've had loads of thunder and lightening :( this is the worst snowfall i can remember and if we don't have a major heat wave to melt it all it'll still be here at easter LOL

Saturday, 27 November 2010

more snow :(

looks like we could be blocked in pretty soon :( wish it would go away but it doesn't look like that's going to happen anytime soon :( took these photos from the front and back door about 10pm, and it's still snowing :(
the first two are from the front door and show the street, my car has had the past two days worth of snow cleared of it already so this is just todays snow :o the second one shows how deep the snow on the path is, the snow has slid off the roof a couple of times so it is now nearly up to the windowsills, something i remember from the winters when i was a kid LOL

the next two are photos of the back garden and from the back door, we have to go down 3 steps to get into the yard and the snow level is up passed the level of the top step :( going to take a ruler out tomorrow and measure it properly LOL

Friday, 26 November 2010

gutted :(

we have made the descision to cancel our weekned away due to the horrid weather :( we have had 6 inches of snow over the past couple of days and although the roads around here are fine i was a bit worried about driving over the moors and the carter bar in the dark in this weather, sarah and tom at glenacre were lovely about it and we will be there as soon as i can manage it :)

on the plus side i was thinking i will go to the frozen north crop on saturday but after hitting a patch of black ice this morning and ending up skidding sideways across the road and ending up in the other lane i think that now i'm home i'm in for the weekend :( at least it means i cna get on with my mystery kit for the cyber crop, i know exactly what i want to do which is very unusual for me LOL

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

loving my sewing

i've been finding myself really enjoying doing my patchwork recently, i find it really relaxing just sitting watching tv and running together a few rows of the patchwork to add to the quilt, i've even gone as far as buying the wadding and the backing material as i am so convinced i'll get it finished LOL
this is what it looked like a few days ago, it's got at least another couple of rows added to it now :) i originally got the material from qvc , it was an anna griffin fabric charm pack, but they don't do it anymore and i had ran out so i had to order some more fabric, i just googled charm packs and went for the cheapy ones when what i really wanted was the moda fabric charm packs (next quilt maybe LOL) but some of the fabrics that have arrived are really pretty so i'm quite pleased :)

nervously watching the weather forcast, we are due to go up to glenacre this weekend to have a trip up to the xmas markets in edinburgh, we have had some snow today and there is a lot more due over the rest of the week, but i've looked on the traffic scotlanf website and there are no road closures where we are going so i'm keeping everything i have crossed that we get away

Sunday, 21 November 2010

lazy sunday afternoon

well i never did get any scrapping done, i have a pile of new computer games to play with and a pile of books to read so i cocooned myself on the sofa and veg'd out all afternoon, eating haribo and drinking hot chocolate LOL while hopping around uk scrappers i came across a new circle journal starting in the new year with the theme of "music to scrap to" you do a cd with 10 tracks on it then send that with your cj on to your partner who scraps one of the tracks :) sounds unusual and i've done nothing like that before so i'm going to give it a go.

finally got round to watching the last two episodes of downton abbey last night, they had been sky+ for ages and just didn't seem to get time to watch them and luckily nobody told me what had happened, i absolutely love that series and maggie smith was fabulous in it, so glad they are making a new series :)

Saturday, 20 November 2010

a crafty weekend

is earmarked for this weekend, i did get quite a bit done yesterday as i had the day off but so far today all i have done is print out photos for my holiday albums, must crack on with those as i am really far behind, then next weekend it's jedburgh/edinburgh and the following weekend its the cyber crop over on uks, i wasn't going to join in but as usual i pressed the button and now i'm a christmas fairy LOl i also pressed the button for a mystery kit and class kit too LOL and then today i spent an bloody fortune in pc world on ink, papers and new computer games LOL oh well kit's only money LOL

Wednesday, 17 November 2010


a notice went up in the staffroom today about a meeting we all have to attend at the beginning of december, no mention whatsoever about what it's about but most people seem to think it's when we will find out whether or not we will have a job after xmas :( no use worrying about it until the day me thinks so trying not to think about it, anyway i came to the conclusion that really to do everything i want to do i really need to give up work and become a lady of leisure then i can get all the scrapping, cardmaking, knitting, crocheting and quilt making i want to do out of the way LOL got the patchwork wall hanging out again last night having decided i want to make it into a quilt so i got a few bits sewn onto it and now i'm off to search online to see if i can get anymore squares to go onto it :)

Sunday, 14 November 2010

post holiday blues

have hit with force. i am freezing cold, very tired, feel sick and think i've got another uti :(

Saturday, 13 November 2010

a wonderful week

just back from another fab holiday in scotland, we stayed near oban at tralee bay in a willow lodge, absolutely gorgeous lodge and park, the area was beautiful and the weather wasn't too bad, it was very cold and on the second day we woke up to snow on all the mountain tops, visited lots of places we hadn't been before, took loads of photos and spent lots of money, but hey ho that's what holidays are all about LOL

then mid week i got a text from r at work to say that ofstead had arrived to do the nursery inspection, to say it made my week was a small exagerration but i did giggle about it for at least a couple of days LOL

off to sort my photos out now LOL lots to sort :)

Wednesday, 3 November 2010


do i seem to be surgically attached to the laptop when really i have so many other things i should be doing right now LOL