Tuesday, 6 October 2009

another holiday to look forward to

was on the hoseasons website looking at holidays, i was all for going to derbyshire in march but then it hit me i really don't think i could manage a whole six months from november to the end of june without having some time somewhere in scotland LOL so i was looking at edinburgh again, then tried searching the rest of the site and it threw up the beech hedge site just outside of perth, we stayed there a couple of years ago, the owners have been building two lovely log lodges and they have hot tubs so decided to look a bit closer, as you can see from the piccies they look lovely and then i saw hoseasons had a low deposit offer on so instead of it being £125 it was only £50, so that made my mind up LOL so we are booked and it's only 164 days to go LOL

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