Saturday, 26 December 2009

it's beginning to look a lot like...................

.......................boxing day LOL

hope everyone had a lovely xmas day, we certainly did here, lots of pressies and lots of stash, things to play with, things to eat and lots of things to read :) xmas lunch was lovely although by the time i got the annual xmas lunch photo taken, it was beginning to get a bit cold LOL, dad snored as usual for the entire afternoon while i played in my phone, which was lots of fun, once i eventually worked out just how exactly i was meant to switch the damn thing on LOL i do love it though but it's going to cost a fortune if i want to go on the internet on it, i had a tenner on it yesterday and by last night i had £3.74 :0 today's mission is to work out how to get a couple of my fave songs onto the bloody thing so i can have a decent ring tone LOL wish me luck LOL

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