Saturday, 23 February 2013

Not impressed

With the three inches of snow i woke up to this morning and the fact it's still snowing very heavily! Scuppers the plans of heading out to buy myself a new pair of jeans for tomorrows photoshoot and to get a birthday cake and balloon up to the baltic for dad's meal tonight. Will also have to rethink the outfit choice for this evening, was going to wear what i wore for ceri's party but think i might just be going with jeans and boots! And if it hasn't gone by tomorrow it looks like the photoshoot will be in coats and hats!

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

A bit early but


Have bought him banners, balloons, presents and cake, he has loads of cards after i told my friends how he only ever gets three cards all off me and they all started sending him cards :-) we are going to 6@the baltic for a meal on saturday night and then on sunday we are having a photo shoot up at the baltic followed by lunch at the pitcher and piano :-) am so excited about the mini photo shoot and if the photos are lush i just might book another one in the summer down in jesmond dene :-)

Saturday, 16 February 2013

A trip to the metro centre

Thought i'd tootle off up there today to see if i could get anything nice to wear for ceri's 40th party tonight. Can you imagine how thrilled i was to discover there are now three fat lady shops :-) so of course i bought something in each of them! Also managed to resist all manner of temptation thrown at me from the cookie, pancake, pretzel, waffle, cup cake, donut, sweetie, milkshake etc etc etc shops and carts that seem to have sprung up, settling instead for a cup of black coffee! So i now have at least five outfits to choose from for tonight and you can just bet i'll end up going in my good old jeans LOL

Sunday, 3 February 2013

Not a great weekend

Dad not well but won't go to the doctors and my depression is rearing it's ugly head again. Cannot remember the last time i slept properly, and not knowing what's going to happen with my job isn't helping. Roll on tomorrow when we might get to know something.