Monday, 16 November 2009

why oh why

do they have to be so loud on my first day back from a week and a bit off LOL and why do they take advantage of my having no voice to completely ignore everything i have said LOL

went to the doctors today because of my sore leg, she had a good look at it and i am pleased to report it is not a dvt or even something wrong in the varicose vein, she thinks it might be neuralgia and it will settle down of it's own accord, off to google neuralgia now LOL

well i don't agree with her GRRR my symptoms as i described them to her do not fit neuralgia in any shape or form, from what i can tell it's phlebitis, have watched casualty a lot you know so obviously i am an expert in these matters LOL but seriously i have googled my symptoms and lots of sites pop up and they all say i have phlebitis GRRRR are all the doctors at that surgery crap ?????

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