Sunday, 20 September 2009

bad blogger number 7348 LOL

but it wasn't all my fault, since installing a new version of firefox i have been having problems connecting to and staying on the net, it was taking ages to load up a page and then i kept losing my internet connection, fingers crossed it's ok now but i'm blogging while the going is good LOL

all my parcels arrived so i have lot's of lovely new stash, new clothes and new beads so a very happy bunny here, mind you i still might have to treat myself to a new thing or two LOL

i have poppy home for the weekend, decided on friday night to make her a poppy playground so spent a while fashioning pieces of cardboard, tubes and boxes into the nicest playground a baby hamster could want, she loved it and spent 10 happy minutes exploring it all LOL she then took advantage of my generousity by climbing over the wall and scuttling under the sofa LOL she was easily extricated (is that word or have i made it uo LOL) by offering her some carrot, she grabbed one end and i pulled until i could get my hands on her LOL

had a lovely time at the frozen north crop yesterday, got 5 pages done and got some wool to make some scarves as xmas presents, aslo paid my deposit to jo for the frozen north meet up/retreat at a lovely farmhouse near moffat in scotland for a weekend in feb next year, so looking forward to it, then realised it's the weekend before the sarah's cards retreat LOL so i'm going to be well busy for a week or two LOL

last night was a night out for the girls from work to celebrate r's 50th birthday, it's not until next weekend but we all went out tonight to let her have next weekend with her family, we went for a banquet at the ming cottage in whitley bay, it was really lovely, the food was excellent and at the end of the meal the staff brought out cake with sparklers and candles in and a little bunch of flowers for the birthday girl, a really lovely gesture, didn't get home until 11 when i thought i would be home about half 9 LOL had a wee cuddle and play with poppy then it was off to bed and a nice long lie in this morning, need to do the asda shop now and hope the internet connection holds long enough to let me get that done LOL

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