Thursday, 1 October 2009

it's going well for a few days

then kapput the internet starts playing up again and i can hardly stay on a page for a few seconds without getting kicked off GGRRRR!, it's driving me insane, and sky were supposed to contact me sometime today and i'm still waiting

my gorgeous camera arrived and it's fab though i don't think musch of the batteries, went onto the kodak website and got the extender tripod handle thing i was after, some different pre-charged rechargeable batteries and dad treat me to a kodak printer for xmas as my printer is fine but it costs me £56 for a colour cartridge whereas the kodak cartridges as £9.99 so i should save a fortune eventually

also good news on the tote front, i had an email of the owner of the shop and she is going to get me one from america and have it dispatched directly to me :) it's going to take six weeks but i should get one eventually

poppy comes home tomorrow for the weekend, i need to buy a few things for her at the pet shop and if the weather stays nice i plan to spend some time out at the coast or in the park trying out my new camera

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