Wednesday, 31 August 2011

it's here :-)

my gorgeous new toy arrived today :-) yes the expression landed at chez debbie at 10:45 this morning, it's unpacked, i've had a wee play and i think i might be in love LOL, plan on having a very long play at the weekend and have loads of ideas of what i want to cut out already LOL

Sunday, 28 August 2011

a few more

digi lo's i've been playing around with tonight in between enjoying a delicious glass of merlot and sewing the binding on the baby quilt :-) i've ordered them as 8x8 prints from ds colour labs so i can keep them in my digi album :-)

edited to add POOOOOOO :-( has been pointed out that the date on the tralee bay one is 2011 not 2010 LOL well i'll just have to go back this november and have another holiday LOL

Friday, 26 August 2011

going back to the dark side

i have been having a bit of a play with the digi scrapbooking kit i got from create and craft over the past couple of nights, it took me ages to work out how to do it again but i'm back into the swing of it now and have produced these lo's so far :-) i really love the ease of being able to scrap while sitting in the comfort of my fave armchair and watching the telly but it will never ever take over from my adoration of paper stash LOL and it's my team boss over on uks that calls it the dark side LOL

Sunday, 21 August 2011

i knew..............

................i should never have joined the create and craft club LOL it makes things so much more tempting getting the 10% off and so far this week a digi scrapping kit and some punches have fallen into my basket LOL this is going to have to stop LOL

Thursday, 18 August 2011

it's finished

and i love it even if it's a bit wonky and not quite square LOL i'm very proud of this quilt as its the first time i've tried something other than squares and rectangles and i'm also very proud of being able to work out how to set the squares on the diagonal :-) this is the front of the quilt held up by dad :-) it's just the right size to cover my legs when i'm sitting on the sofa so let's call it a lap quilt :-) this is the back of the quilt and i had to add some of the strips from the jelly roll to the backing material as it wasn't quite wide enough, it wasn't until i took the photo that i realised just how wonky the backing fabric went on but hey ho it just adds to the character i say LOL i decided to quilt it really simply by sewing lines quite close together, again they aren't perfect and they certainly aren't all straight but i quite like the look :-) of course now it's finished i'm itching to start another and i have just the thing, a gorgeous red and black jelly roll to play with :-)

Friday, 12 August 2011

busy busy busy

at work this week as we built up to the leavers party/graduation yesterday, it was lovely but very hard work and i am so glad that we only do it once a year, the kiddies looked so cute but were completely overwhelmed by the amount of adults staring back at them LOL then today was a toughy as it was the last day of one of my little darlings, she has cuddled me all day and it nearly broke my heart when she asked me if i would miss her :-(

weekend plans include a crop and some quilting with maybe a bit of a lie in too :-)

Sunday, 7 August 2011

a lovely weekend

snuck away on friday straight from work up to glenacre for a little weekend of fun :) went all by myself and it's been planned for ages but after the last disastrous holiday i really couldn't wait! and yes it pee'd it down but that didn't stop me treating myself to a lovely new handbag , some gorgeous fabric and to some jewellery and another handbag i told dad he had bought me as xmas presents LOL