Friday, 23 October 2009

was hoping for a quiet weekend

as after last week i am totally exhausted and after today at work when they were LOUD little horrors i was looking forward to a quiet evening on the puter with a nice glass of wine and a play with the lovely poppy, so all was going to plan until dad announces his breathing was deteriorating and had been ever since i had brought poppy home OMG!!!!! cue a frantic phone call to fellow otter r and poppy has gone to her house to stay, now r's husband didn't want her to come last weekend but he didn't really have a choice tonight so he wasn't best pleased but daughter v was grinning like a cheshire cat and was very excited LOL so no more poppy weekend visits *sad face* i'll just have to have my cuddles at nursery and she will have to get used to staying there over the weekend *sad*

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