Sunday, 31 May 2009

lazy sunday afternoon

had a very late night (well actually morning) as i didn't got to bed until 1:40am so i had a bit of a long lie in, decided not to go to the gem show as there isn't anything i'm after at the moment and it was too nice to be wandering round the halls at gosforth park, sat and read the paper and some of my book then i made us beef stroganoff and dumplings for lunch before going upstairs and sorting out lot's of day trips for our holidays (20 working days and counting for fort william) next weekend i will get the packing lists and toiletries lists done then all i actually have to do is pack LOL it will be fab if the weather is like this though i will settle for dry and settled

Saturday, 30 May 2009

a night of weird dreams

well at least a couple i vaguely remember LOL #1 involved jordan (aka katie price) spreading poo around my house #2 was a much longer one in which i was a muslim teacher in a jewish school teaching the children about christmas LOL no idea where that one came from or the jordan one to be honest LOL

went along to the seaton sluice crop today but didn't scrap instead i managed a grand total of eight xmas cards with the kit i bought from qvc, they look really lovely all made up and i'm really pleased with them and how easily they seemed to be put together, got a couple of kits and some lovely lace that h was selling, we played bingo and had a raffle, no luck on either though i was waiting for 19 and 18 came out BOO, had a piece of cake or two and also got my lovely new punches off clare the stampin rep, might try and scrap tomorrow, would love to get my november holiday finished LOL

Friday, 29 May 2009

bon soir mes amies

or something like that LOL been a really busy week at work due to being short staffed and we had the training day as well and somewhere in the middle of this i lost my mind and volunteered to go into the kitchen today as j our cook was off, yes i volunteered, don't know what possessed me LOL as it was everything ran really smoothly and the lunch was on time, cooked properly and so far i haven't poisoned anyone (i think LOL)

had some lovely parcels this week from qvc and from kipling, yes i bought myself another kipling bag LOL a tiny lilac one for the night times of our holidays, also got some lovely vintage photo rubbons from qvc and some xmas card kits so i'm planning in making a start on them at the crop tomorrow as well as doing the class maria has planned

oh and rip pinky appleby a well love guinea pig who is now happily munching vegetabes in that great big hutch in the sky

Monday, 25 May 2009

joined another

atc swap, this one is an atc trail and i have to send an atc to the person above me on the list and one to the person below me on the list, will have to get my thinking cap on and come up with something different than i have done recently, will try and get them done tomorrow night after the training day, spent the afternoon scrappin, i only have 3 more lo's to do of my november album and then it's done LOL

got a wee bit of a shock when i wnet into the garden this morning and spotted my hair in reflection in the window, i dyed it deep burgundy last night and it looked lovely, well when seen in the sunshine this morning it's really bright and the grey hars have gone pink LOL good job i like weird hair colours eh LOL

Sunday, 24 May 2009


to add this one i did the other day, another jillibeans soup kit this time from indigo mill, love the colours in this one, and again another scraplift/inspiration from a lo in scrapbook trends

creative sunday

after a reasonably long lie in this morning (with the help of some earplugs LOL) and doing the asda shop i had a lovely creative afternoon, i managed 3 lo's using some of the lovely lo's in the new scrapbook trends magazine as inspiration and some of my lovely sarah's cards kits, i have also starte another one which involves a lot of paper pricking so i hope to get that finished tomorrow, here are the three lo's i managed today,all for my november holiday album, only ooh another 6 or so lo's then it will be done LOL really pleased with them all.

the first lo is using the may sarah's cards kit which is jilliebeans soup, thought the colours were perfect for the fiery berry and leaf pictures i took at tyndrum, on one of my early morning walks. the second one is using the march sarah's kit, even though the kit was spring fling, i thing this photo goes really well with the colours of these papers. the third lo is of the old slate quarry at seil island, i used some sassafrass papers for this one and also made my own flower embellies using some pages from an old patricia cornwell book i had lying around, might have to look for a different book though as a book all about murders and postmortems may not have been the best choice after all LOL

Saturday, 23 May 2009

what a lovely saturday

had a lovely day today, first stop was tesco which was the boring bit but then i wnet and got my fruit pixie parcel which was full of vintage ephemera yumminess LOL then i decided to treat myself to coffee at boundary mills so i could wander round the craft section of course and while i was there i bumped into y, i used to look after her two children when i worked at norham nursery, she was telling me that v is 15 and d is 14 tomorrow *shocked face* how old do i feel LOL OLD LOL, after chatting to her for a bit and having a nice cappucino and a piece of millionaire's shortbread i had a wander round the craft section,i was impressed with the dcwv packs they had in and got the citrus and the latte collections as well as a couple of sets of papermania acrylic stamps and some sheets of white 12x12, they have a trimcraft demo on tomorrow so i might pop along.

came home and chopped all of my hair off so i am back to being very very short again just the way i like it LOL, i then sat and played on the puter for a while and chatted on uks so bang went the scrappy afternoon, that's for tomorrow when i am not dying my hair cherry red !!!!!

Friday, 22 May 2009

feeling a bit better today

as i had my say and i have forgotten to worry about it LOL and at least i have a bank holiday to look forward too, i have great plans, tomorrow i am going to the post office to pick up my order from the fruit pixie that had to go back as dad was bowling (grrrrr), then i need to cut my hair desperately and i'm going to put a colour on it over the weekend too, the rest of the weekend i want to try and get my november album and my march album more or less finished and i want to get a minibook of directions and day trips out done for our fort william holiday, only 5 weeks to go and i cannot wait, i really need it

having a chinese for our supper, love friday take away nights LOL

Thursday, 21 May 2009

going to hell in a handcart

that's what work feels like at the moment, shit has happened, some things have been said, some other things have gotten round and someone was treat like a leper and because i've been her friend i feel like i'm being treat a bit like a leper too especially when people i really like say things that really upset me, so after a sleepless night , many tears today i have got what i needed to say off my chest, but it ain't going to get better any time soon, roll on my holidays, i really need them NOW

Tuesday, 19 May 2009

coffee and a chat

met up with a friend for a coffee at starbucks after work, it was lovely to see her, and i had a rather yummy caramel creme frappacino and a even more yummy banana nut muffin, was very restrained though and didn't head for the scrapbooking magazines or into paperchase, must stop spending, i'm skint LOL

Sunday, 17 May 2009

crop results

these are the four lo's i did yesterday at the durham crop (hello frozen northers LOL), really love going to that crop, such a great bunch of people. the first lo (sunset) was taken at the lodge in musselburgh in january and i used the may scrapagogo kit,

the second lo (morning has broken) was taken in november when we were at the ben doran hotel in tyndrum, i was up early every morning for a walk in the cold winter air and the sun rising over the mountains and trees was always lovely, the lo is again using the may scrapagogo kit.

the third lo (where to now) is dad trying to follow the guided tour at stirling castle when we were there in march, using the sarahs cards january kit which was daisy bucket papers and was gorgeous LOL

and last but not least the fourth lo is the view from seil island when we were there in november last year using sarahs cards november kit which was the daily grind by fancy pants. hope you like them, i'm pretty pleased with the way they turned out LOL

i was right

we didn't win but 5th place is pretty respectable and a hell of a lot better than we did last year LOL

Saturday, 16 May 2009

durham crop

i had a really lovely time at the crop today, we had 10 people there altogether and dianne has been out and bought another couple of tables so we can get more peeps in which is great, i managed to do all four of the lo's that i had planned and they all turned out pretty good in my humble opinion, i will try and get some photo's taken tomorrow, couldn't get them done today as the heavens opened just as i left the shop and it pelted down nearly all the way home and it's pretty dark and gloomy as i type so no chance of decent piccies tonight

it's the eurovision song contest tonight, now i normallly hate the bloody thing with a passion but last year ended up watching it while chatting to some ladies on uks and it was such a laugh so i might just end up watching it again this year, not that we'll win of course LOL

Friday, 15 May 2009

ooh a whole week

has passed and i haven't blogged naughty me LOL i have been busy at work and i have a pile of books to read through so i have been trying to limit my computer time, but friday night is takeaway and wine and play on the computer night LOL

off to the durham crop tomorrow, just me this time as heather is in balckpool, my bag is packed and i have 4 photo's with me to do lo's for so watch this space

Monday, 11 May 2009

as promised

some piccies of the acrylic album i made on saturday, it's full of photo's i took at the motor musuem near north berwick, i used the we r memory keepers white out hoopla kit i got from qvc, i enjoyed doing this one lots and discovered if you stamp on acrylic with white stayzon the is almost running out it looks like etched glass, a really lovely effect, i started another one tonight of my 40th birthday photo's using some lovely daisy bucket papers, it's not quite finished but i'm too tired to finish it tonight, i need a good nights sleep to get properly rid of the migraine i came home from work with today. right off to feed the guinea pig LOL

Saturday, 9 May 2009

ungodly hour

well that's what it felt like when i dragged myself out of bed at 7:30 this morning to get the car to the garage for 8am, was there before they opened but didn't have long to wait, i explained the problem and they said they would do a free brake check if i would like to wait, so i just sat and read my book for half an hour until they came and said there was nothing wrong with the brakes and that the squealing noise was probably because the drivers side front brake was slightly misaligned and he had adjusted it for me. so it cost me nothing and i was home for 8:45am

went along to the silverlink and went into boots and treat myself to a hair dye, decided i'm sick of the natural look so i'm going deep burgundy red, well that's the plan anyway, whether it will show up in my hair is another matter LOL them went over to borders and got a copy of the scrapbook trends magazine everyone is raving about, it is quite good and i will buy the next edition to see what that's like, there were some nice lo's in it and quite a few i will probably scrap lift LOL also bought myself the owls overnight bag that matches my handbag and purse and also got the washbag so i think i will manage to get everything i need for the sarahs cards retreat into them (only 300 days to go and counting LOL)

made a lovely 8x8 acrylic album of all the photo's i took of the vintage adverts when we went to the motor museum near north berwick when we were up there in march, it turned out really lovely and i plan to take some photo's of it tomorrow to stick on here

Friday, 8 May 2009

3 parcels

yes that would be three parcels of delicous stash from sarah's cards have arrived over the passed 3 days!!! firstly there was the apron lace border punch from fiskars then i went for a new ac album and page protectors but also ended up with the entire sei bridgeport range which is so pretty that i know i will not be using it for a looooooooooooooooooooooooong time LOL then sarah went and got the my minds eye andrea victoria range in too so i had to have that as well LOL

Wednesday, 6 May 2009

is it weds already

thank goodness for that, that means only 2 more days of work and it's the weekend!!!!

consultations are in store this week, i have until friday to worry about mine (not that i am going to worry about them LOL), hopefully i can get some things off my chest, not that i'll tell l how i am really feeling but never mind

have done no scrapping, mojo has gone walkabout again and i prefer playing with other things at the minute, anyway i have 8 new ian rankin books on the way so i doubt i'll be doing any scrapping apart from when i go to the crops :)

Monday, 4 May 2009

where's the noisy neighbour

when you need him, i mean c'mon i needed to be up earlyish to go out and play this morning, i wakes up at 8:40 thinks i'll have a few more mins as b is usually out in the garden by 9, that'll give me plenty of time to go out, i closes my eyes and when i open them again it's 20 past 10 LOL

still managed to get dow to the royal quays where i picked up some bits and pieces including some photo paper, a pack of cards with ww2 posters on them which i plan to use on atc's and as ephemera and a lovely pair of trainers at cotton traders, they are made to go in the water while wearing them so hopefully that means they'll keep my feet cool.

was going to go to the silverlink on the way back but since people where queueing to get into the car park i just turned round and came back home, was going to go to borders to treat myself to some new books or a magazine so now i'll have to checkout amazon to see if they have anything nice

Sunday, 3 May 2009

there will be no more....

.....spending on craft day today even if they have the nicest thing i have ever seen on, as i have just ordered a shed load of clothes from evans for my holidays and for summer and also ordered some lovely sei bridgeport papers from sarah's cards, i just love the shop and can't wait for the retreat LOL

mustn't be feeling well

or why else would i find myself up at 8am on a sunday morning without any help from the neighbours, mmmmm could it have something to do with the fact it's craft day on qvc and even though i know it is going to be crap and full of kanban i still have to be up to watch it just in case i miss anything LOL

anyway i have already purchased LOL ordered these and these yesterday when i was browsing and they have just had this brenda pinnick keeper album on and i really like it, it's a bit different from her usual muted stuff so i might just be persuaded to part with a bit more cash for a pile of stuff i NEED but will never actually use LOL

Saturday, 2 May 2009


to the next door neighbours for not being up at the crack of dawn this morning and allowing me a lovley long lie in, for the first time in ages i got the sleep i needed and woke up feeling refreshed, maybe there is something to alcohol and anti-histammines LOL

Friday, 1 May 2009

thank goodness for a long weekend

was so glad to get away from work today, k had a bit of a strop on me this morning which the boss walked in on and as usual i was the one that got wrong, well that's what it felt like anyway, i'm not letting it bother me and i intend to have a lovely weekend, might try and get down to the scrapbook shop in durham as i havent been since they moved, other plans for the weekend include reading my book, eating chocolate and drinking wine all along with a little craft room play LOL plus early bird neighbours allowing of course at least one long lie in LOL

had a mysterious allergic reaction this afternoon, i think i was bitten by something when we were playing outside and of course i had a bloody good scratch, then within minutes of this i was itching all over and had come out with a rash, i was scratching so much i was making myself bleed and then the wheezing started so i tore up to the pharmacist up the road from work, she said, "oh looks like an allergic reaction" (no never !!!!) "are you allergic to anything" (yes to penicillin in a deadly way) "i think you should see the doctor" (can't i just have some piriton!!!!!) "you might need to have allergy tests" (just give me the bloody piriton before i have scratched my skin off for god's sake!!!!!!) "here have some piriton" (about bloody time!!!!) LOL LOL

so after much scratching the piriton has worked and i am left with lovely red weals all down my arms and scabs all over my legs :(