Sunday, 25 September 2011

over on uk scrappers

the first blind scraplift
i'm in a team (the rik rak ravers) :-) in turn this team is in a house (the red ribbons house) and this weekend the red ribbons has been hosting a cyber crop with lots of challenges and classes to do, i've been playing along a lot today and have done 6 lo's so far with a few more challenges still to go :-) here they are in no particular order LOL as you can see i've done them all digi but since i've got tons of tidying up to do from the holidays (and the craft room is a tip LOL) i haven't got the time to do them in real life but will probably do some of them in paper at some time
shimelle's starting point lo

mandy's challenge, i chose chinese

scrap out of your comfort zone challenge
scraplift challenge

the teapot challenge LOL

Saturday, 24 September 2011

didn't we have a lovely time....................

well yes we did actually LOL the weather was cold and for the most part rainy but the caravan was warm and cosy, the food was delicous and the wine was rather expensive but that's another story LOL we did loads of stuff we had never done before, like go in a glass bottomed boat, go hunting for nessie, ride the funicular train up the cairngorms and flirt like mad with a rather gorgeous 25 year old (well that would just be me LOL) so all in all it was fab :-) i took over 300 photos so i've got plenty to keep me scrapping with now :-)

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

playing with the digi stuff

again LOL did this one from a sketch over on the my creative scrapbook blog, a couple of my uks teamies get their kits and they look gorgeous :) did this one digi though with the love birds kit i got from daisy trail and create and craft :) really impressed with all the kits i got cos they are really versatile and dead easy to use :)

had some lovely deliveries today, a parcel of lush stash from sarah's cards and a cindy loo cartridge from a new seller on amazon at a very resonable price :) just NEED one more cartridge now (picturesque) then i'll be happy until xmas :lol:

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

this weeks uks challenge

did it in digi cos i'm supposed to be getting stuff sorted for saturday LOL, of course i ended up playing more and not getting sorted for saturday so here's another one LOL

Sunday, 11 September 2011

10 years ago on sept 11th

i was working in the busy bees room at childcare norham, i was on an early shift and as the parents came to pick their kids up we started to hear about the planes crashing into the world trade centre in new york, when i got home it was all over the television and i cried as i watched those poor people who felt they had no choice but to jump from the burning buildings, i watched in horror as the towers collapsed and i knew the world had changed forever. ten years later i wish for peace in an all too cruel world and remember all those who died in the attacks, who have died in the war on terror since then and those continuing to suffer due to illnesses brought on by working at ground zero.

Thursday, 8 September 2011

pain pain go away

that was last nights song :( left work at 3:30 with a bit of a pain in my back moving down to my groin, by 4:30 i thought i'd better ring nhs direct, by 5:30 i was feeling a bit of a fraud cos it had gone away, by 6:30 we're in the walk in centre at battle hill where i jumped the queue cos i was in so much pain, by 7:30 i'm in an ambulance on the way to A&E where i remained until 1:30 this morning :( seems i had renal colic and was passing a kidney stone :( all i can say is it's the worst pain i have ever had and i hope i never get it again :( was still painful at 1:30 but not too bad and they released me on condition that if it got worse i had to go back, well to be honest when i say released me i really mean i wasn't staying full stop and would have had to be chained to the bed to stay in the place LOL i really don't do hospitals LOL

anyway i was up at 6:30 and at work for 7:30 and all is well, no pain or anything except distinct lack of sleep so i'm knackered LOL

Sunday, 4 September 2011

proper scrapping this time

using real paper and glue LOL and also having fun with my new toy which i lurve LOL best money i have spent in a long time :-) so here are a few of the lo's i've done in the past couple of weeks