Saturday, 17 October 2009

knew it would end in tears

many tears, my tears, went down to the docs this morning who gave him a thorough examination and prescribed him some steriods to help with the breathing, they seemed to work until half seven when he started with the gasping for breath and having to sit upright or stand to help again, so i rang the docs again and as soon as i mentioned he was gasping for breath they sent an ambulance,

got down to rake lane and they took him straight into a&e but i had to sit on my own in the waiting room, which is when i shed the many many tears, eventually a doctor came out and said "he's fine we fixed him" he was on a nebulizer but sitting up and breathing ok and his heart rate which had been 130 bpm in the ambulance was back down to 87bpm and his breathing was much better,

they have admitted him to the emergency care unit overnight where he was still on oxgen when i left ( well when i was thrown out if the truth be told i would still be there now if they had have let me stay), the doctor will see him tomorrow to see if he needs to be kept in or whether he can come home, if you pray please say a prayer for him tonight

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Suzy said...

I have a look on your blog now and again Debbie but wanted to leave a comment today

Hope your Dad is okay

They are a worry arent they - mine was in Lanzarote last November with my Mum and ended up in Hospital over there for two weeks with pneumonia - I was frantic. Luckily he is okay now

Hope he is home soon

Luv and hugs

Suzy xx