Thursday, 19 November 2009

children in need

i was so hoping i would have missed this years event at work, it's bad enough having to dress up for halloween but just a few weeks later it's dressing up time again, well i thought i'd put my old t-shirt i made a few years ago but it's a bit outdated now so think i'm going in my pj's and dressing gown and of course my new slippers LOL will have to put some clothes into a bag to take with me ac i need to pick my photo's up and i'll have to put petrol in ready for going down to dianne's on saturday.

had lots of parcels delivered this week with goodies for xmas for both me and dad, got some gorgeous beads from a string of beads then gets an email tonight to say that she is not going to make the silver cored beads any more, pretty gutted as i really like her beads and used to spend a fortune on them, as it is she has a 25% off sale at the mo so i might need to treat myself to a few of the ones i have liked over the years and couldn't afford.

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