Thursday, 31 May 2012

Got it

This week i finally got my sticky mitts on the five stone sticker when i lost the final pound :-) i now want to lose another five stone by christmas so that's giving me seven months to do it. I was a bit disappointed with the 1lb but i knew the weight loss was going to slow down and it has so i need to be ok with that. I have started my gym inductions and am going to aqua fit twice a week as well as swimming and riding my bike so i am hoping that will help kick start the losses again in a couple of weeks time when my body has got used to it again. Plan for the bank holiday weekend is swimming, a bike ride and a visit to the gym and two lots of aqua fit as well as making something for the slimming world class jubilee tasting session so it looks like it's going to be a busy one, hope i can squeeze a wee bit of scrapping in there :-)

Saturday, 26 May 2012

a little collage of the past 20 weeks

after losing another 2.5lbs last week and now being only 1lb away from my 5 stone award i thought i'd make a bit of a collage of my weight loss photos. i can definitely see a difference :-) been to aquafit twice this week, swimming three times, done my wii fit twice and i've got my bike back out of the shed :-) here's to the next five stone which i want off by christmas :-)

Sunday, 20 May 2012

back to the exercise

been feeling a bit better this week and my cough seems to be easing off except early morning so i have decided to give the exercise a go again, didn't like zumba on my wii, i'm far too uncoordinated for it LOL been for a swim and run in the pool, i do 30 lengths swimming then run up and down for 10 lengths, have also started doing my fitness coach on the wii, i'm only doing 15 minute workouts at the minute but they are really fun, like aerobics and stretches, the music is crap but never mind you can't have it all LOL am going to the gym tomorrow to set up my perfect start session then i can start going there and i think i might see if i can join the aquafit class as well :-)

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

weigh in 18

and i lost 1.5lbs so was quite happy with that, i only have 3.5lbs to go to my five stone :) plus i went to get some gym clothes today and i'm down five sizes since i started in january. also came away with a maxi dress and shrug another pair of canvas shoes and two suit cases LOL

Saturday, 12 May 2012

just dance

or land on the floor in a heap maybe LOL having had a go on my friends wii today i decided i was going to take the plunge and buy myself one with a couple of fitness games to go with it and make myself do a bit of exercise every day :-) had a good look around online and wasn't sure to go with the xbox kinect or the wii but the reviews for the fitness games came back better for the wii (and it was a heck of a lot cheaper) so i'm picking it up tomorrow.

tomorrow should be fun mind, in my foolishness i've told dad i'll take him out shopping for some new holiday clothes. now the last time we went shopping he moaned loudly about the price of everything LOL he still thinks you can buy things for a fiver, plus we have to go trainer shopping too so i'll need lots of good luck vibes LOL

Thursday, 10 May 2012

last weekends scrapping results :-)

this weeks challenge over on uk scrappers using a sketch hb put up on our team thread

my go at the red ribbons house national scrapbooking day challenge set by s over on uk scrappers

a lo i did following a prompt on the counterfeit challenge kit blog who had a blog hop going on over the weekend

another lo from a prompt on the counterfeit challenge blog, made using the last quirky kit

and last but not least my go at this months house challenge over on uk scrappers which was to use a colour combo, used aprils creative craft world kit and scraplifted sians lo on the quirky kit blog

Wednesday, 9 May 2012


Got back to swimming tonight after about a month off, i stayed the same at weigh in last night and in a way i'm glad because i had been really complacent about the whole thing for the past couple of weeks so it was the kick up the bum i needed. I have also booked myself into the aqua fit class on monday night too. Now whether i will last the whole 45 minutes remains to be seen but i'm going to give it a go :-) also am planning on getting a cycle carrier for the back of the car but since i have just booked myself onto the sarahs cards retreat for 2013 that might just have to wait until next payday LOL either that or i might have to rob a bank LOL

Sunday, 6 May 2012

Early one morning

The naughty girl got up and tootled off to the speed awareness course she chose to do to avoid points on her licsense after getting caught going rather fast along the m6 one day. It was actually quite interesting and i learned a few things. Will it stop me going too fast? Probably not if i'm honest with you but it will make me think about it a bit more.

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

And the first book

Has been chosen. The inaugural book of the killingworth book club is me and my sisters by sinead moriarty. Came home and downloaded it straight to my kindle and i've read the first three chapters already :-) and i really like it so far and i'm looking forward to our first get together and discussion on june the 13th. Feel all properly grown up and lady like now LOL