Sunday, 29 November 2009

what an afternoon

i had a nice long lie in, then decided i really needed to get on with the xmas pressy wrapping, so off i went but then i had to make a couple of containers in the craft room, so then i had to tidy the place it as it was an absolute tip, then i had to put things away from the crop and then i needed the loo etc etc etc so it wasn't until nearly half two that i actually sat down to do some wrapping, and it was nearly 6pm when i was finished and i still have some to wrap up, at least i can do those in comfort in the scraproom, then decided to write the xmas cards out, i decided to buy them this year cos i haven't really been in the mood to make xmas cards this year, although i have made plans for next years xmas cards LOL need to buy some more though so i'll have to add a few to the asda order

also treat myself, well actually dad treat me for my birthday to some more promarkers :) got 20 to go with the 12 i already have:)

Saturday, 28 November 2009

i've bought a dress

yup you read that right, i have gone and bought a dress, yes, me the one that lives in trousers LOL i was browsing for an outfit for xmas and there were no tops that i liked the look of so i ventured into the dress section and they had a really pretty waterfall neckline maxi dress, so i thought why not, it was the maxi bit that appealed to me as most dresses, even if they look long in the catalogues, only come to my knees and i like long, so this one was 52" in length, well it arrived this morning and it's really lovely, it is peacock blue and is the perfect length, i really like it so that is xmas day sorted,i had also ordered some shoes (going back-too high) and a cami and shrug combo, the idea being i would wear the shrug over the dress but i don't need it but i'm keeping it as the combo is really pretty and dressed up with a bit of bling will do for new year :)

went to the scrapbook shop crop today, really enjoyed it even though i seem to have left my brain in bed at home LOL i kept forgetting where i had put things and losing things then when one of my lo's didn't go according to plan (i need to pull the entire thing apart later on) i decided maybe it was time for home LOL

Tuesday, 24 November 2009

am excited!!!!!!

i have booked a workshop at the scrapbook shop in langley moor :) it's to do a christmas album with pop up bits and it's taught by mr rusty pickle himself, lance anderson :) i have heard he is a very good teacher and the album looks fabulous so i am very much looking forward to it, it's on the 7th of december at 6pm so i think i will just set off after work to get down there :) good job i'm on an early LOL, i've never done a workshop like this before having really only done classes with maria that i tended to go off in my own direction, but looking at how complicated this album is i will have to pay lots of attention :) this is the album we get to do, looks fabulous doesn't it? :) now what will i need to take, that is the question LOL

Sunday, 22 November 2009

weekend warblings

did nothing today except read papers, have a leisurely breakfast, watch crap on the telly and spend money LOL really enjoyed it though, feel like i could sleep for a week, had a nice day yesterday at the crop and managed five lo's and a small spend on some new embossing folders and a few sheets of card, back to work tomorrow, hope the kidlingtons are better behaved than last Monday LOL

Friday, 20 November 2009

it's a pudsey kind of day LOL

children in need day at work today (note to self-book 3rd week of november off next year LOL) BAA HUMBUG! i hate the whole thing, the dressing up, the forcing parents to buy a square on whatever, the whole palaver of bacon sarnies and biscuits etc and the spending the whole week before hand getting our priorities right by drawing posters rather than playing with the kids BAA HUMBUG AGAIN!if i want to give to charity (and i do, i love the oxfam unwrapped scheme) i will do it myself in quiet and not dressed up in my bloody pj's LOL i also cant stand the crap they put on the telly so tonight i will be taking my miserly arse upstairs with a bottle of wine and some chocolate and i will pack my bag ready for dianne's crop tomorrow and i will book the 3rd week of november off next year LOL

Thursday, 19 November 2009

children in need

i was so hoping i would have missed this years event at work, it's bad enough having to dress up for halloween but just a few weeks later it's dressing up time again, well i thought i'd put my old t-shirt i made a few years ago but it's a bit outdated now so think i'm going in my pj's and dressing gown and of course my new slippers LOL will have to put some clothes into a bag to take with me ac i need to pick my photo's up and i'll have to put petrol in ready for going down to dianne's on saturday.

had lots of parcels delivered this week with goodies for xmas for both me and dad, got some gorgeous beads from a string of beads then gets an email tonight to say that she is not going to make the silver cored beads any more, pretty gutted as i really like her beads and used to spend a fortune on them, as it is she has a 25% off sale at the mo so i might need to treat myself to a few of the ones i have liked over the years and couldn't afford.

Monday, 16 November 2009

why oh why

do they have to be so loud on my first day back from a week and a bit off LOL and why do they take advantage of my having no voice to completely ignore everything i have said LOL

went to the doctors today because of my sore leg, she had a good look at it and i am pleased to report it is not a dvt or even something wrong in the varicose vein, she thinks it might be neuralgia and it will settle down of it's own accord, off to google neuralgia now LOL

well i don't agree with her GRRR my symptoms as i described them to her do not fit neuralgia in any shape or form, from what i can tell it's phlebitis, have watched casualty a lot you know so obviously i am an expert in these matters LOL but seriously i have googled my symptoms and lots of sites pop up and they all say i have phlebitis GRRRR are all the doctors at that surgery crap ?????

Saturday, 14 November 2009

all day crop

the first of the three i go to a month was today, it was only our second time and there was only the four of us there but since the hall is free it really doesn't matter, in fact we do less scrapping and more chatting and eating LOL it is just so nice to have made such lovely friends from chatting to people online, i did four lo's including the first challenge of the uks cyber crop, when i came home i looked at the rest of the stuff, i like the look of some of the challenges but to be honest the classes so far are so not my cup of tea so i won't be joining in with them. planning on a nice relaxing night will candles, wine and chocolate brownies, i had some delivered from a lady in gower in wales, gower cottage brownies they are called and by gum are they delicious or are they delicious LOL yes they were a lot of money but as a treat they were definitely worth it LOL

Friday, 13 November 2009

do you pogo?

i do and i love it LOL before my holidays i ordered the daily deal from ebay which was a polaroid pogo mini photo printer, i asked them not to ship it until the day we came back and it arrived this morning, it's great, at first i couldn't work out how to get it to work but after reading the instructions on the kodak website for my camera as the pogo instructions are beyond carp i managed to get it to work, what cute little piccies it prints and i'm sure i'll love it loads and it was a great bargain at the grand total of £18.99, not very often i praise ebay but today i do LOL

Thursday, 12 November 2009

330 photo's later LOL

spent most of last night uploading my photo's from the holiday, had such a job as the easyshare program kept crashing and wouldn't let me put all the photo's on, so in the finish i uploaded them in about four little lots which seemed to work, so this morning i tries to order some collage prints from snapfish and it turns out the photo's had uploaded every time i tried so i had 3 copies of each photo to wade through which meant i had to delete nearly 700 photo's LOL sorted now though, here are a few of my faves that will eventually appear on lo's (if i ever get the september holiday finished LOL) took some fantastic photo's of the famous highland heritage winter cabbages and the grounds of the hotel looked fantastic in the frost, i also adore the way i can stitch pictures together on the camera to take panoramic views, took a few of them LOL

Wednesday, 11 November 2009

fantastic and no vertical sunshine LOL

had the best holiday, it was lovely and has flown over, the weather was great, although it was cold, it never rained so we stayed nice and dry, the frosty mornings and misty starts made for great photo opportunities and although i am looking forward to my own bed as the beds in the hotel were as hard as rock, the food and trips and entertainment were really great LOL no crafty spend on holiday but i did come back with a new purse, handbag, 3 pendants, a truth bead, magnetic bracelet, rubber ducks, teddies, momjii dolls, russian dolls, advent candle, and a titanic and iceberg ice cube tray LOL

of course there was drama, there seems to be drama a lot when we go away, the first bit was when dad had a fall in the bath, he said he was alright but it took a while to haul him out, then on the way home a lady off the other highland heritage coach fell as she was getting into the coach gashing her leg, it was pouring with blood and the driver was just standing looking at her, garry, our courier rang an ambulance but they were still letting her stand there and bleed, so i ran down the aisle, grabbed our first aid kit from the coach and did something about it, got her sat down and the leg elevated and applied pressure to the wound with two large bandages cos the blood soaked through the first one pretty quickly and just kept reassuring her and pressing down on the wound, it looked like it had more or less stopped when the ambulance arrived but they took her away as we were leaving, hopefully she was ok and they could get her home. as i went to help her husband asked if i was a nurse, i said no but i had watched enough casualty to know what to do LOL

now the job of tidying up, the washing and the uploading and editing of 350 plus photo's

Thursday, 5 November 2009

i am woman hear me ROAR !!!!!

i can change a tyre LOL yes all by myself too LOL went to take dad over to wallsend and as soon as i tried to move the car i knew something was wrong, the drivers side tyre was as flat as a pancake, so we gets the instruction booklet out and learned how to change a tyre, i lowered the tyre from under the car, found the jack, jacked the car up, took the wheel trim off, dad loosened the nuts but i took them off, took the flat tyre off where we found a massive screw embedded in it completely, i then put the spare tyre back on, tightened the nuts and replaced the wheel trim and lowered the car *big grin* i was so chuffed with myself, the only wobble i had was when we got into the car and i thought it was a bit wobbly but it was okay and i drove over to wallsend fine

got my new mobile phone *big grin* went into the O2 shop while dad was at the bank and had a look at the lg cookie, i had more or less decided i wanted the samsung tocco light because it had better battery life but two things swung me onto the cookie firstly it has this really cute little stylus to operate the touchscreen so i don't get fingerprints on the screen LOL and secondly the colour, everywhere else i had seen them they were black or pink but this one is white with a metallic turquoise trim LOL so i got that one, going with O2 as well as they have always been good for dad

Tuesday, 3 November 2009

no energy=no blogging

i am so tired i have been going to bed about 8pm cos i am so tired and i have been sleeping but only napping, i wake every hour or so it seems and the longest i am actually getting is 4 hours at the most, i could really do with an awful lot of long lie ins except that is not going to happen as i am pretty sure breakfast is at 7:30 LOL never mind i might get some kip on the coach LOL