Tuesday, 15 December 2009

ok i was dreading it..............

it had seemed like such a good idea when we were talking about it last week and organizing it but when it came down to it i was so dreading it LOL what am i on about you ask???? taking 11 4 year olds on the bus up to newcastle to see fenwicks window.

as it turns out it was such a lovely afternoon, the kiddies were as good as gold and so excited about going on the bus, they sang xmas songs to all the people on the bus, then when we got off were completely excited by everything, from flagpoles to the scabbiest xmas tree in random shops as we went passed LOL they all loved the window, which is the nativity this year, then we took them into eldon square to see the polar bears, after that we headed for the bus back to nursery, we had to keep quite a few of them awake on the way back LOL

there was a load of police officers about at least 5 or 6 on northumberland street alone and we heard so many sirens it was unbelievable, wonder if something was up, was very surprised at how quiet it was, i thought it would have been packed but it wasn't that bad really,

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