Sunday, 6 September 2009

guess i can talk about it now

on the friday before my holidays i was told about the room moves going ahead next week at work as they had been worrying me and c asked me to move into otters which is the pre-school room, i am so chuffed as it is my favourite age group, also love the staff that work in there so was a bit sad that one of them would be moving out, so start in there tomorrow, been dying to know who else has moved but i can't get in touch with anyone, will just have to be patient until tomorrow LOL

bought some gorgeous hand spun wool when we were away so went and got some huge knitting needles at arty and crafty this afternoon and have started knitting myself a scarf, it's knitting up lovely and very quickly too.

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nat said...

Yay!! Well done and hope tomorrow goes ok!!

Nat x