Tuesday, 28 April 2009

100 posts

it seems my last post was the 100th i've done since i started my blog, can't believe it came about so quickly LOL could it be i'm a gobby cow LOL

anyhow, after a really pissed off day at work yesterday i decided an early night in bed was needed last night and it worked as i was in a much better mood all day, the kids had a whale of a time playing with every piece of office equipment i could sneak out of the office without anyone noticing, so cue 7 almost 3 year olds hole punching, sellotaping and stapling every piece of paper they could get their hands on LOL in fact it was so popular we decided to turn our writing area into an office LOL that should be fun tomorrow when they notice that there is scissors in the "office" too LOL

here's a couple more lo's i did recently,just to brighten the place up a bit

Sunday, 26 April 2009

more lo's

after considering murder against the neighbours at 9am again i managed to get back over to sleep and didn't get up until 11:30 LOL and after lunch i went upstairs to sort out my bag from yesterday and try and get a couple lo's i had finished that i had started at crops recently, i excelled myself though and managed to finish two lo's and do three more :)

really like the way the hidden one turned out as i was totally winging it, just ripping and sewing and seeing what would happen and for once it turned out pretty good, also did something a bit different for me when i did the curtains lo as i used some rouge de garance papers i have had for a while and i did some really wacky doodling on the cardstock, but i really like the way that one turned out too, on a bit of a roll :)

Saturday, 25 April 2009

bloody garages

my car was booked in to the citroen garage for it's first service today and i had to be up at the ungodly hour of 8am this morning, it was in the garage for 8:20 and i was told it would be ready for 11am, fast forward to 12:20 and you would find me seriously losing my temper with the mechanic when he informs me that a-it was going to be £170 for the service, b-they hadn't done the work it needed as they had ran out of time and c-would i like to book it back in so they could charge me another 60 quid to do the work they were supposed to do this morning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i was livid and told them in no uncertain terms to get stuffed so i am now on the lookout for a new garage to fix the brakes for me!!!!!!!!

luckily i had a crop to go to this afternoon and that helped cheer me up and after a huge volume of chocolate is consumed this evening i'm sure my equilibrium will be restored LOL

Thursday, 23 April 2009

the cj is done

and i really enjoyed doing it once i worked out which photo's to use but i never got the early night LOL

Wednesday, 22 April 2009


so so tired, i really could do with throwing myself in bed right now but i have a cj to do, i have no inspiration for it and to be honest i'm beginning to regret signing up to this one, no that's not true, it's just i'm tired LOL will go and do it now, then it's an early night for me

Tuesday, 21 April 2009

feeling sad.....................

.............that dad has decided to start smoking again :( he said he had given up because he had finally realised how badly they affect his chest, noticed on saturday how bad his breathing was then last night when i was up late and he waited until i went to bed i had my suspicions he was back on them, found the evidence today in the bin :( find it incredibly sad that even though he knows they are going to kill him sooner rather than later he still smokes :(

Sunday, 19 April 2009

another flower picture LOL

thought i'd put this lo on, it's not one i did yesterday, did it the same time as the froggie one but never got round to putting it on here, i made the embellie flowers from shrink plastic and the large one i made ages ago out of a circle of fabric and a button, the pp's on this one are the gorgeous wrmk white out nonsense range, i love them and this was the first time i used them, it's called firework flowers as i thought the flower looked like one of those huge rockets you see exploding at very large firework displays, no idea what kind of flower it was, it was in the hot house at the royal botanic gardens in edinburgh and the lens on my camera steamed up a bit but i like the effect it gave to the photo

oh and in response to laura's comments i've put one of those follower things on for you LOL

a great day

yesterday was one of those really lovely days where all i did was laugh and enjoy myself the entire day long. firstly i had a great day at the frozen crop, we laughed, talked, ate, drank, giggled, admired, made new friends and a wee bit of scrapping went on too LOL met lesley who is going to be my room mate and car sharing buddy when we go to the sarah's cards retreat next march, she was lovely and we have decided to make a day of the journey down, go early and hit lots of craft shops, especially crabapple in frodsham :) so it's looking increasingly likely that i am going to need a bank loan for the weekend LOL

then the girls came over for a chinese, it was lovely cos b and v weren't very well, full of cold but they still came and we had a lovely night, lots of chatting and wine and then we ordered a chinese which was delicous

so i was planning on a nice long lie in this morning except my neighbours had other plans and i was woken by next door revving his motorbike for what felt like hours before he actually drove off on it, then his dad started to mow the lawn, so i slammed the window shut, put my pillow over my ears and went back to sleep, not for long though as i was woken this time by the smoke alarm downstairs going off!!!!!!!

now i had always wondered what i would save first if the alarms ever went off, my stash or my clothes???? turns out i would save myself LOL i dived out of bed, ran downstairs to find the house full of smoke after dad had left the oil for the yorkshires in the oven for far too long, so it's now freezing in here as we had to open all the windows and doors to get rid of the smoke, i think it will be good old aunt bessies frozen ones from now on LOL

Friday, 17 April 2009

one more sleep

really really looking forward to the frozen north crop tomorrow, after the past few weeks at work i really need something to help me relax so planning on watching the end of criminal minds then i'm off to be

Thursday, 16 April 2009

it arrived today

my new gorgeous tote arrived this morning, it is much lusher in real life and has loads of extremeley useful pockets in it that need to be filled immediately with all sorts of stashy things LOL, fibbed a wee bit to dad by reducing the price i paid for it a wee amount LOL but he doesn't understand this addiction at all and anyway he thought it was in the £50 price bracket LOL

am i staying up for the tsv tonight, well more than likely even though i have to be up for work early tomorrow as the late staff have to go in half an hour earlier to enable the rest of the staff to take the kids out for a walk to see the new park being opened by the mayor and we don't get to go *shock* we have to start early then don't even get to go LOL mind you since it will probably be bedlam i'm a bit glad i'm not going LOL

Wednesday, 15 April 2009

oh my

somebody reads my blog LOL i never knew anybody did apart from gilly (hello *waves) from uks but when i logs in tonight there was a comment about one of my lo's (thankyou pam) LOL

busy busy at work but the kids have been hilarious and i have a request from c to wear my black troll beads tomorrow as he knows the names of the black ones, he's 2 by the way and likes to be called violet and remembers the names of my beads better then i do LOL you just got to love him :) we had glittery playdough today so everyone was covered in all things shiny and it will take weeks if not months to get the glitter out of the carpet, it being easter we had a small treat of haribo too which went down very well with the 7 littlies crowded around me as i shared them out LOL

i was a naughty girl over the easter weekend when i ordered this from qvc, i don't need it at all but it's very lovely and i have seen it a few times in real life when i have been to various crops, it was on clearance and i had a 3 easy pay code from qvc so it would be rude not to use it really LOL

Monday, 13 April 2009

why can i never......................

find the thing i want when i want it, is it because i have so much stuff me wonders LOL i was looking for my fiskars shape template to use on a lo this afternoon and i know i had it at the last scrap and yap (my new name for the frozen north crop LOL) and i was sure i had left it in my crop bag when we got back, but can i find it, well that would be a no, so i looked where the rest of the shape cutter stuff is kept and it wasn't there either, so i turned the craft room upside down and i'll be damned if i can find it, so i gave up and made a different lo instead, i just know it'll turn up when i'm looking for something else LOL

put together a few page kits ready for the crop next saturday as i probably won't have the time over the next week with being on lates, especially if it's as bad as it was last week, fingers crossed for a bit of better organisation staff wise eh ?????

Sunday, 12 April 2009

Happy Easter

to everyone, regardless of your beliefs i hope you have had a nice day.
had alovely day here, the lamb for lunch turned out pretty much perfectly and was completely delicous, mind you we have enough left to feed an army LOL i have had a small nibble on some chocolate and had a creme egg yum, have also been scrapping again, so at least i have a few points this month, i do think this month will be my lowest points total since i started LOL, i love this one of dad i di using the jillibeans soup white bean collection i got from indigo mill, it was completely perfect to go with this photo and i just love the little froggies i used and i wish i had kept a few more of them but hey ho LOL

watching willy wonka and the chocolate factory at the moment, jonny depp is very strange in a not nice sort of way and i don't like the fact the oompa loompa's are played by one person, give me the old gene wilder version any day LOL

Saturday, 11 April 2009

give me chocolate

i know you are not supposed to eat your easter eggs until easter sunday but i NEEDED it ok LOL and strictly speaking it's actually not an egg LOL it's a lindt bunny yummy LOL

Friday, 10 April 2009

being crafty

spent most of today being crafty :) i have signed up for an atc swap on uks and i had made them already but i wasn't happy with the way they turned out so i have made two more today and they look really lovely, i've also been experimenting with my melt pot again, trying to make some faux dichroic glass, the stuff i produced was okay but i've had a proper look at thein structions that were in craft stamper magazine the other month and i'm going to follow them to the letter tomorrow after i've taken dad along to sainsbury's to but some lamb for sunday lunch,

planning on spending some time over the weekend looking for the cheapest car insurance qoute i can find as it's due on the 5th of may or something like that, and it will have to be the cheapest one i can find as i am skint, and i still NEED ?lol? the core-dinations whitewash collection i have my eye on and some frosted memory glass as well as paying for a chines next saturday when the girls come round, and pay for the june holidays and to have a wee stash spend at the crop on saturday, i so will never be rich LOL

note to self

do not expect to eat a whole bag of honey roasted cashew nuts and not be trumping like an elephant all night LOL

Wednesday, 8 April 2009

roll on tomorrow

have been ridiculously busy this week at work, it feels like ratio's have gone out of the window and it's such a struggle especially with all the supply staff we have in, b was a squirrel today and i ended up staying an extra hour as we had so many children left at 3:30pm, i just about managed the hour and really they could have done with me staying but i was too tired,

there is a notice gone up in the staffroom, a and l are doing meetings with all the staff tomorrow, god knows what that is all about

on the plus side my order from craft obsessions arrived with the biggest jar of clear utee i could get my hands on and some new tim holtz idea-ology bits and pieces so my weekend is sorted out :)

Monday, 6 April 2009

i lasted.............................

one hour and twenty five minutes LOL

and 70 quid was spent LOL

my name is debbie and i'm an addict

yes i am an addict but at least what i'm addicted to isn't anything illegal, i am addicted to spending money LOL i am pretty much skint until payday but that hasn't stopped me spending a fortune over the weekend and then i logs into uks tonight and looks at some stamps and now i want to order them too as well as some foil and some sea glass and some bling and and and and and............LOL i could go on, i think i am actually getting worse the older i get, the sensible side of me says i should be saving it for my old age or a rainy day while the other side of me says spend it, i might get run over by a bus tomorrow and i don't want the taxman getting his hands on it LOL

so right now i have all these items in my basket and i'm trying my best to refrain from purchasing LOL how long can i resist ??????????????

Saturday, 4 April 2009

why always at the weekend

was soooooo looking forward to a long lie in this morning but someone somewhere decided today was a good day to start some road works at 8am GRRRRRRRRRRRRR, i tried to go back to sleep but it didn't work and when the doorbell went at 9am i gave up on the long lie in and got up, i'm glad i did cos my new melting pot had arrived and also the slippers that i had ordered to go with my new nighty but disaster they are too small so they have had to go back and i'll have to look for another pair

went up to boundary mills and got some pastry cutters and moulds to use with my melt art pan and also some mme laundry line papers, took dad down to the parks then went along to the royal quays and got some canvasses for my badges and some bit's and pieces at the paper mill shop before driving dad along to the park, the bowling season has started so that brings the peaceful saturday afternoons back but also the chauffering job back too LOL

Friday, 3 April 2009

tfi friday

thank goodness that week is over, bring on the wine and chinese takeaway LOL

Thursday, 2 April 2009

been so busy

have hardly had what feels like five minutes to myself recently, so have hardly been on the lappy or on uks, work is really shitty at the moment, nothing to do with me or anything i can talk about but it has made everyone single person there feel utter and total crap, just wissh the week was over and i can treat myself to a couple of glasses of wine,

ordered some new pj's ready for the sarah's cards retreat next year as we are planning on having a pyjama party LOL

have been reading lots recently though, got another couple of books read from the massive to read pile i seem to have, ian rankin mainly but i still have a jodi piccoult and a karin slaughter to get through too