Friday, 31 July 2009

rip sir bobby robson

who passed away today aged 76, i was never much interested in football but the amount of money he has helped to raise for cancer research is remarkable, and having battled cancer five times it is time for a rest, rip sir bobby

Tuesday, 28 July 2009

post 150

can't believe it LOL quite like how i have become quite good at this blogging malarkey now LOL been to the hospital tonight to get the chest x ray and blood test done that the doctor wanted me to have done last tuesday, thought i would be better but the pain isn't going away and it's moving further into my chest rather than my side, we weren't there all that long and to make up for missing tea we decided to treat ourselves to fish and chips, they were rather yummy too LOL off to bed now though need some sleep it's going to be busy at work tomorrow

Saturday, 25 July 2009

how much did i spend

it was supposed to be a crop but it turned into a very satisfying shopping splurge too LOL h,j,l and i went to the scrapbook shop in durham to their monthly crop today and had the most FABULOUS time LOL there was only us there and another lady as well as g and her daughter l and the two ladies who work in the shop but we had such a lovely time, i did 6 lo's which is a new record for me and bought some yummy yummy stuff LOL

first of all i ordered the home decor cricut cartridge online to pick up today, then splurged on some fabulous new stamps, a gorgeous mini book which has chipboard, acrylic and felt pages, some lovely 7 gypsies ephemera, the rest of the delish mme penny lane range, some beadazzles, some shaped pp's and .................................oh more stuff than i can actually remember LOL and what was even better was the next crop is the weekend before the bank holiday weekend so i can got to that one as well, and i already have my eye on a couple of bits and pieces to buy then LOL

Friday, 24 July 2009

what a quiet day

which was probably a jolly good job as there was only the two of us in the room, did manage to get all of my development files up to date so i can start doing reviews before all the kiddies move into the pre-school room, we had an even quieter afternoon as all the kiddies went home early and i was left with one child after tea, glad i was on earlies though as there were still lots of kids left in the other rooms

really looking forward to tomorrow, going down to the scrapbook shop in durham to join their crop, so tonight i need to sort out stash and photo's repack the huge tote bag and cart it downstairs, drink lots of wine and enjoy cheesy chips for my supper LOL sounds like an almost perfect night to me...............................................oh and dad's gone out bowling so it gets even better LOL

Thursday, 23 July 2009

feeling okay

i'm pretty much feeling okay with the shingles apart from the pain which isn't great but i'm just taking paracetemol and once i'm in bed the pain goes right away, any way there is no way i am missing the crop on saturday so i've got to be fine LOL decided to read the letter the doctor gave me to take to the x ray department as he wanted me to go and have a chest x-ray but i didn't go, he was looking for pleurisy or a pulmonary embolism, a blood clot on my lung, surely i would feel a lot more poorly than just a bit of burning pain if i had a blood clot on the lung!!!!

got a parcel delivered today, a new ac d ring album and lots of page protectors, they were on sale at 3 jolly scrappers so bought them, i always keep my eye out for sales LOL not that i need any excuse to spend LOL

Tuesday, 21 July 2009

trapped wind? my arse

woke up on sunday morning with a really bad pain in the left side of my chest and it was really sore at work on monday, of course i got lots of sympathy off my lovely work mates who suggested i had trapped wind and obviously needed a good old fart LOL well i started feeling this really strange burning sensation over the painful area and then i noticed a few spots so took myself off to the doctors after work and i have shingles, luckily apart from the pain i feel absolutely fine and not at all poorly, just wait until i go to work tomorrow, trapped wind LOL my arse LOL

Monday, 20 July 2009

can you believe

i managed 12 lo's over the weekend, that has got to be some kind of record LOL mind you i will probably be all scrapped out for the foreseeable future now LOL at least it means my march holiday album is completed so i can make a start on the june one, just have to weed the photo's out from the 200 i had printed to a more scrapable number LOL

Sunday, 19 July 2009

my favourite day of the month

is fast becoming the third saturday, two months in a row now i have had the scrap and yap and a night out with the girls for a chinese and i am relly liking it, might have to try and persuade the girls to make this a regular thing LOL firstly though i had a great time at the crop though it was awfully quiet at first, just me and j, but eventually l, l, j and p turned up too and best thing, j came armed with chocolate and even better, thorntons chocolates at that, the smell was just divine LOL i managed a scrap and yap record of 5 finished lo's, used all my new kits, had a wee go off my new sewing machine which is quickly turning into my fave toy and only spent 6 quid but got lots of lovely new lace to add to my collection LOL they all loved the kit i had put together for the raffle and j won so she has the stress of putting together a kit for the next time LOL had some pretty hairy driving conditions to ge through on the way home when the heavens opened and even with the wipers on quickest speed i could not see a thing, just slowed right down and drove very carefully until i was through it

was first to arrive at c's quickly followed by b and v then m and r arrived, we had a really good chat, lots of hysterical laughter usually aimed at b or me, a nice chinese and a glass or two of the falling down water both the red and white varieties LOL home for about midnight so straight to bed and a nice long lie in this morning

this afternoons plan is to get the shop done, take some photo's of my lo's then upload them so i might have some pretty things to show you later on if i'm lucky LOL

Friday, 17 July 2009

do i need an ark?

well maybe if this damn rain doesn't let up soon LOL we had the most torrential downpour i have ever seen yesterday, we opened the doors at work to let the kids see and hear it then i found a clear plastic umbrella and sent them out one by one under it into the yard so they could experience the rain but keep dry, they loved it, a few were a bit more cautious than the others but E loved it and was dancing around the yard and twirling the umbrella LOL wish i had been out there with her LOL

but today has been a lousy day, the kids are all like caged lions due to not being able to spend time outside ans there behaviour has been awful, i was so glad when half four came i was out that door like a shot LOL tonight i need wine and cheesy chips and i've got my lovely durham crop to go to tomorrow though and come hell or high water (which is looking increasingly likely LOL) i'll get there

Wednesday, 15 July 2009

veni vedi visa LOL

today is payday which can mean only one thing, i spent LOL as you probably all know i have no nice clothes and am always dressed in rags LOL so i needed those four new t shirts i ordered from evans this afternoon LOL ok to be truthful i have two double wardrobes in my bedroom stuffed full and a huge fitted wardrobe in the craft room stuffed full and i still have to put my winter clothes away in boxes as i have no room to store them during the summer............................but it's a tinkerbelle t shirt, i mean every girl deserves a tinkerbelle t shirt at least once in their lives don't they and right now is my time for a tinkerbelle t shirt LOL and ok i know i could have stopped there but the other 3 t shirts were rather nice too, a neon lightening rock chick look one and a white one shoulder thing and a black backless number too, hopefully they will arrive when dad is out LOL

now must go i have tea to have and i have got to get this cj done by friday LOL

Monday, 13 July 2009

asda get it right

and exactly the right shopping with no substitutions was delivered on time this afternoon, still not heard anything from them about the snotty email i sent them though LOL

Sunday, 12 July 2009

OMG...... good was torchwood, sat glued to the chair for the entire five hours last night and was scared, sad and snotty with crying all in one go, that can not be the end surely, captain jack has got to return in some shape or form, so glad i recorded the entire thing to watch all in one go as the suspense of waiting for the next episode night after night might have just about done me in LOL

off to do the asda shop now, with any luck i might get all my shopping in one go this week LOL

Saturday, 11 July 2009

when i rule the world

neighbours who mow their lawns at 8:15am on a saturday morning will be executed at dawn LOL i mean come on how rude it's the weekend for $*#%'s sake LOL

went and got my photo's developped at asda today, they got done on the hour long service so i had an hour to waste, and waste it i did LOL ended up with two new ds games and five new books, got the stephanie mayer twighlight saga and the new karin slaughter, they should have been well over 30 quid but when i put them through the self service till it only came to £24 so that was a bargain, sat in maccie d's nursing a cup of hot chocolate until it was time to go and pick them up, then went along to arty and craft and bought some beads and wired to make my name badge for the retreat in march

going to watch all the torchwood episodes i taped last week and have a marathon torchwood session tonight

Friday, 10 July 2009

everybody's working for the weekend

and that sums up why i work, or maybe it should be working for holidays as that's what i work for LOL took me ages to get home tonight as there had been a major accident on the a19 so i had to go the long way round and it took my 30 minutes instead of 10 GRRRRR, was going to go to asda but have decided to go tomorrow and if it's not too expensive i just might splash out on the 2hour developping instead of my normal 2 days, have a cj to do over the weekend as it has to be posted next friday, was a bit stumped as to what to do for altered states but i know what i'm going to do so it should be a doddle LOL

thought i might stick another couple of holiday photo's up just to brighten the place up a bit too LOL

Wednesday, 8 July 2009

busy busy busy

day at work today and an even busier night when we had 14 children left at 5:20pm was glas to get home that's for sure LOL had to make a quick dash home cos something had disagreed with me, must be all the salad and fruit i'm eating on this trying to cut down malarky, mind you i did have a magnum but i figured that since all the dyas calories had gone down the loo an ice cream wouldn't hurt LOL, need an early night now

Monday, 6 July 2009

when did i become so forgetful

realised as i was leaving work that i hadn't got my house keys in my bag, now i remember taking them and my cheque book and diary out of my bag before we went on holiday and putting them in a safe place until we got home, well of course i'll be damned if i can actually remember where the safe place was, i've had the house turned upside down and all my usual safe places searched and they are not in there, so the next stop is the upstairs and hopefully they'll turn up, think since i turned 40 my brain has become mush LOL

Sunday, 5 July 2009

have i got swine flu????

well no actually after checking my symptoms on nhs direct i am actually fine but at 12:30 this morning i wasn't so sure LOL i woke up feeling really hot and dizzy as if i was going to be sick so i sat up then started to cough and cough and cough, my nose was streaming and the back of my throat was burning with retching so much, went on for half an hour before i managed to get calmed down, went back to bed but started all over again at 6:30am, no idea where that came from

back to work tomorrow boo, never mind only 7weeks and 5 days to my next holiday LOL

Saturday, 4 July 2009

a few holiday piccies

just a random few photo's from the over 35o that i took, i've weeded them out already and only have 200 to develop LOL

me pretending to be my favourite animal in the whole world and getting very sweaty in the process(it's not art if you haven't suffered for it LOL)

we went on a nessie spotting cruise on loch ness and this was the closest we got to finding it LOL

we discovered we were part of the robertson clan (the cynical among you may be thinking that we were told this only to make us buy an embroidery of our clan crest LOL) so here is dad wearing the clan tartan, i don't like it i want to be a murray their tartan was the nicest LOL

a fabulous holiday

just back from the best holiday in fort william, we had so much fun, the caravan was lovely, the site was lovely and peaceful right under ben nevis and the weather was gloriuos,yep, apart from one afternoon of the most fantastic rain and thunderstorms it has been sunny and HOT, so hot in fact that the only way to keep cool was either up a mountain or on a boat LOL so we have been on cruises on loch linnhe, loch sheil, loch ness and on the sea from plockton and have been up on the cable cars to aonoch mor,

the day we went up aonoch mor was the scottish national mountain bike championships and we went up with one of the bikers who was hoping to get down the mountain in five and a half minutes, it takes 15 mins to go up in the cable car LOL

had lots of yummy food, especially when i decided to push the boat out and we had supper at the crannog restaurant in fort william, took a taxi so i could have a bottle of wine and we had the most delicous sea food, so gorgeous and fresh and well worth the 84 quid the evening cost LOL

took loads of photo's so while dad is doing the washing i'm planning on getting them all sorted on the computer so i can get them on a disc and get them developed at asda next week