Wednesday, 24 June 2009

sarah's cards retreat

just wrote my cheque out for the next installment of retreat money, only two more installments to go then it's retreat time LOL

Tuesday, 23 June 2009

daddy's day photo's

thought i would put these two photo's of dad up that i took at the stonebrook when we went for lunch on father's day, he had forgotten it was fathers day so it was a nice surprise when i announced we were going out for lunch, dad had his favourite starter, prawn cocktail and it came on a board with the sauce in a wee jug on the side, he thoroughly enjoyed it and the first photo i took shows him concentrating on dipping the prawns in the sauce LOL the second one is his reaction to spotting me with the camera LOL, they will definately be coming to a lo near here very soon LOL

Sunday, 21 June 2009

what a fab weekend

i have had such a lovely weekend, just what weekends should be about, having fun, relaxing and getting together with friends. firstly it was the durham scrap and yap yesterday, it was going to be a quiet one but it turned out really busy, it was lovely to get together with all the lovely ladies that go and we did much more yapping than actually scrapping as usual, i did manage to sort of do 4 lo's i just need to add bits that i had left at home and come up with titles for them all then they will be done, took heather and i ages to get home as the a1 was closed just after the washington services as there had been an accident, then when we finally got through the tunnel the traffic was awful around the silver link too.

did a frantic hoover and tidy up and the lovely girls from work started to arrive, we had a great time, lots of chatting, a great deal of laughs, a little bit of alcohol (well ok then a lot if the recycling bin is anything to go by LOL) and a rather yummy chinese takeaway. couldn't believe the state of the kitchen when they left, it took me ages to tidy it up and to get the dishes done but it was done eventually and i dragged myself to bed

had a wee bit of a lie in then took dad his father's day cards and pressies down and announced we were going out for lunch, he had forgotten it was fathers day so it was a nice surprise LOL we went along to the stonebrook and lunch was delicous, so much so that dad spent the afternoon snoring away the calories on the sofa LOL at least i had control of the remote while he was snoozing LOL even managed to get a couple of photo's of him concentrating on his prawn cocktail when we were out, they'll be great on a lo LOL

Thursday, 18 June 2009

one more day

one day more LOL and it's the weekend. and what a weekend it's shaping up to be, a very busy crop by the sounds of things as there is going to be lots of us there, then the girls from work land on saturday night, i had to borrow some forks from work as i only have six and there should be about 8 or 9 of us LOL then it's daddy's day on sunday, think i might see if dad fancies going somewhere for lunch on sunday for a change

Tuesday, 16 June 2009

note to self 2

next time we are short staffed at work keep gob shut and do not i repeat do not volunteer to work extra LOL

Friday, 12 June 2009

normal service

is almost resumed LOL i am nearly better and feel fine, just have this voice that swings wildly from high and squeaky to croaky and deep all in one sentance and the nursery rhyme singing voice has disappeared completely LOL

get paid on monday so went and treat myself to some yummy lovelyness from sarah's cards, and i get to pick up the other parcel of yummy stash i ordered through the week, including the completely gorgeous feltie embellishments i've been after for ages

Wednesday, 10 June 2009


gross and disgusting blog post on it's way LOL

after having been poorly over the weekend my poorly ear developed into a full blown cold on monday and it was a feat of willpower to drag myself into work over the passed few days, now when i get a cold i always end up with a chest infection, well so far this has not been a chest infection but i have managed to cough up some rather unsightly phlegm every morning, when i got up this morning i felt the need to blow my nose and there was this almighty(or so it felt like) pop and this green stuff shot out of my nose!!!! at first i was a bit worried it might actually be a bit of my brain as it was so big but on closer examination it was the wrong colour (it was a definite green and i've always imagined my brain to be a pinky grey colour LOL). all i could feel afterwards was as if i had some space in my head and i could definately breathe through my right nostril much betterLOL i figure it was my sinuses clearing out so now i'm hoping for more green stuff out of my left nostril and with any luck that will me being all better LOL

oh and to cheer myself up i booked another holiday (yeah!!!!) you'll never guess where i'm going in november LOL

Sunday, 7 June 2009

wasted weekend

i've been poorly *sad face* and have done very little apart from sleep *snores loudly* but at least i did manage a small spend on some crafty goodies *weak smile* LOL just need to get the friday booked off at work tomorrow then i can book my november holidays, after all a girl needs something to keep her going LOL

Friday, 5 June 2009


working days to go and then it's my holidays (HURRAY!!!!!!!!!!) and boy do i need them, i haven't done a single creative thing this week, i've just slept basically, planned on booking a holiday this weekend as i have a week off in november but the company i want to go with are running there tours from a friday this year instead of a sunday so i think this weekend will be spent looking at other companies and if i cant get sorted it'll be back to work on monday and trying to book the fri of the week before off (that probably makes no sense at all but i know what i mean LOL)