Tuesday, 24 November 2009

am excited!!!!!!

i have booked a workshop at the scrapbook shop in langley moor :) it's to do a christmas album with pop up bits and it's taught by mr rusty pickle himself, lance anderson :) i have heard he is a very good teacher and the album looks fabulous so i am very much looking forward to it, it's on the 7th of december at 6pm so i think i will just set off after work to get down there :) good job i'm on an early LOL, i've never done a workshop like this before having really only done classes with maria that i tended to go off in my own direction, but looking at how complicated this album is i will have to pay lots of attention :) this is the album we get to do, looks fabulous doesn't it? :) now what will i need to take, that is the question LOL

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