Saturday, 5 December 2009

it's a girl !!!!

have been waiting on tenterhooks as one of the ladies i talk to on the sarah's cards thread, l, was due her baby any day and yesterday was chatting away merrily on the thread while telling us her contractions had started and how long they were, she went quiet about 9pm and when i managed to get on today she was back on announcing the safe delivery of her new baby daughter, i had a wee tear in my eye, so glad all is well and a lovely start to christmas for her and her hubby and son :)

decided today would be a good day to put the xmas tree up, we got everything downstairs and dad decides we'll put the window lights up first, but they wouldn't light up so off we went to b&q and got some new lights, tried them and they wouldn't work either, turns out dad hadn't switched on the plug LOL anyhow the lights were far too big so they are going back, i did buy some new lights for my tree as the other ones had a few lights out so they are now wrapped around the base of the reed lights on the landing and looking rather good, the tree when it eventually got put up looks really pretty though of course it will need titivating for a day or two LOL

do i feel xmassy yet ???? would be the honest answer LOL

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