Saturday, 31 March 2012

and here's the rest :-)

here's the other layout's i did at the retreat. not a patch on the classes i know but i'm happy with them and that's all that counts at the end of the day.
this was done with the challenge kit we were given on the firday night. the title takes some explaining as i put it on after having been on the phone to dad for 15 minutes explaining to him he could watch a film on channel 4+1. of course because i didn't know the exact channel number he had to go through them all until he found it LOL my table buddies, rachael, lynne and jill were howling with laughter LOL and this is the man who wants an ipad LOL

hoping i'm not the last LOL

but i am finally getting round to uploading my lo's from the sarahs cards retreat other wise known as the BEST scrapping weekend ever :-) thought i'd do the classes first so in no particular order here they are :-) which ones your favourite?

Monday, 26 March 2012

Didn't we have a lovely time...

At the sarah's cards retreat. Yes yes yes is the answer. It was great to see old friends and make new ones, scrap 15 layouts and shop until i dropped LOL the shop was fab and i came away with a rather large bag of goodies which i told a certain father were all part of the goody bag LOL H was having none of it of course but it was worth a try :-) Was rather chuffed to have scored one of the huge kingsize upgraded rooms in the hotel, it was lush, so when i discovered my room door wouldn't lock, when reception offered to move me i was like "erm no thanks i'll just put the chain on and put a chair in front of the door" LOL no way i was moving into one of their scabbier rooms LOL the classes were lush, the kits and goody bag were amazing and i have a lovely photo of everyone to treasure. Roll on next retreat just hopng i can get a place :-)

Friday, 23 March 2012

And i'm off

Well i'm at my first stop actually, breakfast time before hitting the motorway, should be at the hotel by 1ish if the traffic isn't too bad. Dad has his instructions to behave and have a baby sitter on standby so he'll be okay. Roll on 3:30 cos that's when the fun begins

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Back x2

Back from a fantastic little break in dumfries and galloway, lovely little lodge in the middle of nowhere yet five minutes from the main road so we could explore. Saw rabbits, deer, pheasents, red kite, lots of cows and sheep, some newborn lambs and of course my favourite highland cows. Had really lovely weather, in fact yesterday i was strolling along the beach at rockcliffe in t-shirt sleeves in 16 degree sunshine filling my pockets with sea glass and pretty shells. Back too from weigh in, i wanted to go to weigh in even though it was a different class to my normal one as i was worried that being away for the weekend i would put weight on, i tried so hard over the days away and kind of stuck to red days, having meat/fish and vegetables, i was hoping to stay the same and secretly hoping for a pound loss for my club ten so imagine my shock when i stepped on the scales and i had lost 9.5lbs :-) that is 52.5lbs or 3 stone 10.5 lbs in ten weeks :-) such a happy bunny, i'll have to go away more often LOL

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Mixed feelings

I lost two pounds tonight so i got my three stone award but not my club ten, so i will be honest i was disappointed. My average weight loss over the 9 weeks is 5lbs which if i could keep that up for a year is a massive 18 stone :-o i'm going away for a few days at the weekend so not getting my club 10 this week has made my determined come hell or high water i'm getting it next week before the retreat at sarahs cards. What was a total surprise was to be the groups greatest loser, this is run from march to march every year and even though i've only been going for 9 weeks with my 3stone 1lb loss i was the greatest loser of my group. So i got a sash, certificate and bouquet of flowers as well as a sticker to go on my book. So,as i say onwards and downwards to the next stone award :-)

Tonight's the night

Really hoping the hard work of this week has paid off and the 127 lengths i've swam in three days and i get my three stone award and club ten sticker tonight, i have a feeling th three stone should be in the bag but i'm not so sure about the club ten, i only need to lose a pound to get my three stone where i have to lose three for the club ten so fingers crossed and lightest clothes i can find for weigh in LOL got my weekend away coming up too so the club ten will be great incentive to keep to the straight and narrow while away. Roll on 7:30 tonight and we'll see :-)

Thursday, 8 March 2012

Once again

I forgot to update my weight loss LOL lost 4.5lbs this week to take mw to 41lbs over all in 8 weeks, am desperate to get my 3 stone award and my club ten award next week, the club ten award is when you have lost ten percent of your body weight so really want to get those two stickers next week. To help me along i'm eating loads of super free food like salad and veg and fruit and have upped my swimming to a target of 120 lengths this week, went for a swim last night and was aiming for 30 lengths, was having such a nice time i decided to keep going and either did 40 or 42 LOL i lost count when i was swimming length 21 and wasn't sure whether it was 21 or 23 so i swam two more just to make sure :) loaded with cold today so having a night off the swimming, i would hate to sneeze mid length and i've got nowhere to keep my hanky dry LOL going tomorrow night though once all the kids are out of course.

Monday, 5 March 2012

2800 metres

Or 1.73 miles for those of us who work in old money. That's how many metres i've swam this week in four swims, 112 lengths :-) hopefully that should be worth a couple of pounds on the scales tomorrow night. Printed out the photos for the classes at the sarahs cards retreat this weekend so at least that's organized, nothing else will be though, not until we get bacl from castle douglas anyway, can't wait, really looking forward to the next few weekends - frozen north crop, castle douglas, sarahs cards, a weekend at home (boo!) then glenacre for easter. Proper temptation coming up but i'm determined to stay on plan, i'm not undoing all this hard work.

Thursday, 1 March 2012


ever since i have started on my slimming world journey i have wanted to be slimmer of the week just once and so far it had never happened until tuesday night. i stepped on the scales secretly hoping for 3 cos that would take me down into another stone bracket but prepared for a smaller loss. imagine my utter delight when penny pronounced i had lost 8lbs, so not only had i gone down into the next stone bracket, i had got my 2.5 stone sticker and was then pronounced slimmer of the week and slimmer of the month with a total weight loss in feb of 17.5lbs and in seven weeks a grand total of 36.5 lbs :-) then to top the evening i won the raffle prize too :-)

so it looks like the swimming is paying off so i've done 52 lengths over the passed 2 nights. having a night off tomorrow though :-)