Saturday, 31 October 2009

happy halloween

no trick or treaters so far and if they don't arrive before dad goes out to the club the door will not be getting answered and all the sweeties will be mine HAHAHAHAHA LOL have been over to the scrapbook shop crop today, had a lovely time, it was a lot busier and that was without h,s and j! managed 6 lo's so i was really chuffed cos it meant i got my june holiday album is now completely finished and i have made a start on the september one, not that i'll get that done before i go away on friday LOL i haven't even done the photo weed yet, a job for tomorrow maybe

Friday, 30 October 2009

i'm a toto

i did it again, i clicked on a button to see just how i went about registering for the cyber crop over on uks and all of a sudden i was registered and i'm in team toto LOL as you might gather from the team name it's a wizard of oz themed crop, have no idea how much i will get done and i might be more selective than i was the first one i did and just do the ones i want to do and not buy all the kits and not stay up until midnight to photograph dad in bed LOL like i did the last time

we had a laugh at work today it being our halloween party, the kids and r will be having withdrawal symptoms from the amount of sugar they have eaten today LOL i could not believe r could fit 10 marshmallows in her mouth all in one go LOL i could only manage 6 and even then i was feeling very sick.

Tuesday, 27 October 2009

had my............................

....................poppy cuddles today cos i had missed her so much, think she might have missed me too as she has shredded her bridge and her vegetable hearts, think she was bored, i have someone to look after her every weekend now though which is a relief, have been looking at gas masks for dad so he can wear it while the popster is at home LOL

here's a few more of my recent lo's for you to look at, hope you like :)

Sunday, 25 October 2009

thought i'd brighten the place up a bit LOL

i haven't uploaded any of my lo's for an absolute age mainly due to being too lazy LOL and forgetting to take the little camera upstairs with me, so this morning i had a mammoth photo session, think i photographed 21 lo's in all so i thought i'd stick a few on uks and a few on here too, hope yo all likey LOL

Saturday, 24 October 2009

just what i needed

a day with a lovely bunch of ladies who have all become dear friends, eating delicious cake, chatting and putting the world to rights and a little bit of scrapping to be going on with LOL

we had the first northern frozen north crop today along at the recreation rooms at holystone, it was fab and i managed four lo's, i would probably have had time to do another one but i managed to leave the photo's i had sorted out on the desk up in my craft room, mind you that was better than p who had left all her stash at home LOL

so i will now be busy 3 weekends out of four LOL when will i get a long lie in i wonder LOL

Friday, 23 October 2009

was hoping for a quiet weekend

as after last week i am totally exhausted and after today at work when they were LOUD little horrors i was looking forward to a quiet evening on the puter with a nice glass of wine and a play with the lovely poppy, so all was going to plan until dad announces his breathing was deteriorating and had been ever since i had brought poppy home OMG!!!!! cue a frantic phone call to fellow otter r and poppy has gone to her house to stay, now r's husband didn't want her to come last weekend but he didn't really have a choice tonight so he wasn't best pleased but daughter v was grinning like a cheshire cat and was very excited LOL so no more poppy weekend visits *sad face* i'll just have to have my cuddles at nursery and she will have to get used to staying there over the weekend *sad*

Tuesday, 20 October 2009

he's home

thank god for that !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, 19 October 2009

better news

dad is on the mend, he is still in hospital but has been taken off the oxygen as his oxygen levels in his blood are fine, he still gets a wee bit breathless but his inhalers are making it better so if he continues to improve and keeps off the oxygen tonight he can come home tomorrow YEAH!!! he promises he will keep off the cigarettes and this time i hope he means it because next time he has a flare up he might not make it,

he has joined a research study to be a guinea pig LOL he will be seen by a doctor on discharge,and then 3 monthly interval for a year, it's supposedly going to help develop new treatments for people with copd,

well now that he is on the mend i might actually get a bit of sleep tonight cos when he comes home i'll be lying awake listening for his breathing LOL

Saturday, 17 October 2009

knew it would end in tears

many tears, my tears, went down to the docs this morning who gave him a thorough examination and prescribed him some steriods to help with the breathing, they seemed to work until half seven when he started with the gasping for breath and having to sit upright or stand to help again, so i rang the docs again and as soon as i mentioned he was gasping for breath they sent an ambulance,

got down to rake lane and they took him straight into a&e but i had to sit on my own in the waiting room, which is when i shed the many many tears, eventually a doctor came out and said "he's fine we fixed him" he was on a nebulizer but sitting up and breathing ok and his heart rate which had been 130 bpm in the ambulance was back down to 87bpm and his breathing was much better,

they have admitted him to the emergency care unit overnight where he was still on oxgen when i left ( well when i was thrown out if the truth be told i would still be there now if they had have let me stay), the doctor will see him tomorrow to see if he needs to be kept in or whether he can come home, if you pray please say a prayer for him tonight

not well

and he broke the agreement GRRRR

i knew there was something up with him last night when he went and sat at the kitchen table claiming it was cooler in there and alarm bells started to ring when he didn't want any supper, so when i gets up this morning and he's sitting at the table in the same position i got angry and made him tell me what was wrong.

we had an agreement the last time he wasn't well that he would tell me when he didn't feel well so we could do something about it but no i had to drag it out of him again

so anyway we now have an appointment down at rake lane to see a doctor at 11am so bang goes going to the crop :( it wouldn't surprise me if they don't send him to a&e and he ends up being admitted, have looked on nhs direct and it looks like a chest infection and not pneumonia so fingers x'd that's all it is and maybe i can nag him into giving up the fags again

Friday, 16 October 2009

it's a miracle

he can hear LOL dad got his new digital hearing aids today and all of a sudden he can hear LOL he is talking really quietly too so i'm the one who is having to say pardon to him instead of the other way round LOL he has the two of them now too, the technician who fitted them today said his hearing is probably back to the way it was years ago, think i might need to get me some of them LOL

Thursday, 15 October 2009

what a night

picture this, i'm upstairs scrapping away quite happily when thinking it was nearly time for bed when the phone goes and it's heather with the shocking news that d's shop where we have the frozen north crop is closed down AAARRRGGGHHHH so many frantic phone calls and pm's later we are sorted to go to the rec rooms in holystone, all sorted no probs fine LOL

lovely day at work, out for a meeting after work, tea out with dad which was yummy, shower then onto uks to discover the shop is not closing down after all LOL so more pm's sent out and with any luck it's sorted and we are back to d's on saturday,

oh i need a glass of wine LOL

Tuesday, 13 October 2009

no post yesterday

cos i had a night away from the computer, took myself up to the craft room and forced myself to scrap LOL i am so behind with my albums as i only seem to scrap at crops cos i come home get on the lappy and then it's bed time, so i decided to have a couple of nights a week away from it and maybe i will reduce the scrapping mountain/backlog i have LOL i have at least a dozen lo's from june hols and an entire september holiday album to do before i go away 3 weeks time LOL it's just not going to happen LOL

Sunday, 11 October 2009

never crossed the doors

this weekend :( i was going to go out but i ended up scrapping and reorganizing the craft room, i really need a whole weekend to do it justice but i made a start, and it looks a lot nicer, more natural daylight as i have moved my embellie carousel to a different place so it is not blocking the light from the window, also had a bit of a sort out of the buttons in the hope i might actually use them more LOL

had the usual hours play with poppy tonight, she is so funny, and persistant, she so wants to be out and about so i put her in her ball for a play tonight to give me some time to make some supper - chicken and basil nicoise with crushed new potatoes and green beans, it was only a frozen meal but i styled it ever so nicely and it looked fab, toasted pretty delicous too LOL

Saturday, 10 October 2009

more poppy photo's

managed to get a few decent photo's of the little monster tonight, we have been toilet training this week and she has cracked it already and uses her little toilet in the corner of her cage, should make cleaning her out a bit easier LOL have also been making a poppy playground out of a box, she loves being in it and at least she can't climb out of it although she has had a bloody good try LOL

on my travels around the net last night i discovered a hamster toys website, you can even buy a hamster lead LOL i have my eye on a suspended rope bridge, a hamster playpen and the lead for xmas for her LOL now is she the most pampered princess in the wolrd and am i getting a tad obsessed do you think LOL

Thursday, 8 October 2009

what a glorious day

it has been today, it's been warm and sunny with the brightest blue sky, so wish i'd had today off i would have gone somewhere nice and took my new camera to play, lets hop the weather stays like this for the weekend LOL

am desperately trying to break in two pairs of new shoes in time for my holidays, my old comfy ones have been worn constantly for the passed two winters and are starting to look a little worse for wear, but there is no way i am parting with them until they literally drop off my feet LOL this week i have been trying to wear the new ones for work figuring if i can wear them all day at work they will be fine for my hols, of course i have ended up with mega sore feet for the past 3 days :( had a small breakthrough today when i managed to get right to 3pm before i decided they were hurting, back to the red pair tomorrow LOL

Tuesday, 6 October 2009

another holiday to look forward to

was on the hoseasons website looking at holidays, i was all for going to derbyshire in march but then it hit me i really don't think i could manage a whole six months from november to the end of june without having some time somewhere in scotland LOL so i was looking at edinburgh again, then tried searching the rest of the site and it threw up the beech hedge site just outside of perth, we stayed there a couple of years ago, the owners have been building two lovely log lodges and they have hot tubs so decided to look a bit closer, as you can see from the piccies they look lovely and then i saw hoseasons had a low deposit offer on so instead of it being £125 it was only £50, so that made my mind up LOL so we are booked and it's only 164 days to go LOL

Saturday, 3 October 2009

not safety netting

but a suspension bridge LOL lots of bits of twigs wired together to make a bridge so at least poppy hasn't got too far to fall when she'd ceiling climbing LOL i spent a fortune at the pet shop today and it looks like half of the stuff i bought she isn't going to like, she hates her igloo and won't go anywhere near it so that looks like a waste of money, she is chewing her bars right now so it looks like the wine will have to wait and i'll be on poppy playing duty LOL

Friday, 2 October 2009

how do you make................. netting for an acrobatic hamster ??? LOL i have poppy home for the weekend and her latest trick is to dangle upside down from the ceiling of her cage, she has fallen off quite a few times so far tonight, one time from the ceiling she hit both levels on the way down then landed on a heap on the floor :0 she seems ok and it certainly hasn't stopped her doing it again stupid creature, right now though she is having a snooze so i get five minutes peace LOL going over to the pet shop tomorrow to see if i can get her a new house to sleep in and maybe even a hamster loo so we can potty train her LOL

another plan for the weekend was to go somewhere nice to have a wee photo shoot with my new camera, was thinking of the hall grounds in wallsend or the beach at seaton sluice........BUT then i saw the weather forecast, we have a severe weather warning in place for tonight and tomorrow for gale force winds with gusts of 70mph eeek, don't like wind :( so it looks like i'll have to wait until sunday, at least it means i can spend the day unpacking from last weekends crop LOL

Thursday, 1 October 2009

it's going well for a few days

then kapput the internet starts playing up again and i can hardly stay on a page for a few seconds without getting kicked off GGRRRR!, it's driving me insane, and sky were supposed to contact me sometime today and i'm still waiting

my gorgeous camera arrived and it's fab though i don't think musch of the batteries, went onto the kodak website and got the extender tripod handle thing i was after, some different pre-charged rechargeable batteries and dad treat me to a kodak printer for xmas as my printer is fine but it costs me £56 for a colour cartridge whereas the kodak cartridges as £9.99 so i should save a fortune eventually

also good news on the tote front, i had an email of the owner of the shop and she is going to get me one from america and have it dispatched directly to me :) it's going to take six weeks but i should get one eventually

poppy comes home tomorrow for the weekend, i need to buy a few things for her at the pet shop and if the weather stays nice i plan to spend some time out at the coast or in the park trying out my new camera