Sunday, 28 February 2010

home again

back from the retreat at loch house farm, i had a really lovely time, i managed 17 lo's so i was very happy with that, the retreat centre was fabulous, it was right next to the main road but really quiet, the rooms and cottages were so lovely, lots of lovely little touches like lovely pictures on the walls and the kitchens had everything you could possibly need, the room we had to scrap in was great and just the right size for 10 of us, mary and martin were both lovely people, the food was fantastic and for the amount we paid for it, it was superb value for money.

i was the party pooper i guess as i was usually in bed the earliest which i gather didn't go down well with some people :( nor did my snoring which was commented on lots of times much to my embarrassment :( guess next time i go i'll sleep in the sun lounge then i'll be out of everyones way and can snore to my hearts content !!!!!!!!!!

am glad to be home and looking forward to getting into my own bed, at least i learned that i really do not need to take as much stuff away next weekend for sarah's cards retreat, am also planning on taking my swimming costume too so i don't spend my entire weekend scrapping LOL

Wednesday, 24 February 2010

two more sleeps

until loch house farm and meeting up with lots of fellow scrappers :) i am rather excited by it all, a tad stressed by the amount of crap i seem to be taking and fed up that i can't get a definite yes or no as to whether i can have a couple of hours toil from work to get away :(

work was awful today as we have been having a window in the bathroom turned into a door, both r and i have bad chests at the mo and it got to the point where we could both hardly breathe, r has her inhaler but i have nothing so i ended up swapping rooms for a while until i coughed up lots of crap and a bit of lung then i felt a lot better

got the car cleaned out ready for friday and have put petrol in, just need to go to the bank for some spendies and get the many bags and suitcases sorted ready for friday LOL fingers x'd that the weather stays ok, yesterday they were forcasting the dawn of a new ice age where today it's forecast for rain, rain i can cope with, i'm a bit more stressed about the driving in the snow .

Sunday, 21 February 2010

happy birthday dear dad LOL

think dad has enjoyed his birthday today :) he had the presents and cards opened by the time i got up, we went out for lunch to the stonebrook which was lovely then came home and did the weekly shop then i got sent upstairs to get things sorted for the retreat next week, i have packed my crop bags and have gone for the everything and the kitchen sink approach LOL i'll need a crane to help me get them down the stairs and into the car LOL i'm just hoping the weather gets better, we have had lots of snow flurries today :(:(:( at tea time we had birthday cake and candles and a few photo's to treasure then he had a slice of cake and some of his mini fruit cake, i just had a wee bit of the fruit cake as i am still stuffed from lunch and last night LOL

almost have my suitcase packed too, the thing that is taking up the most room is my lovely new dressing gown but i want to take it so i can snuggle into it at night time, planning on taking my pillows with me too in the vain hope i might get some sleep LOL

need to go and make my lunch for tomorrow then i think it will be an early night in bed as i'm exhausted

Saturday, 20 February 2010

what a busy day

because i had left everything until the last minute for dad's birthday (tomorrow) i had a very busy day today, i was up at half 8 and went to the post office to pick up a sarah's cards parcel, then i went to tesco to buy dad a cake and decided to stock up on water while i was there and i had a wee look around the bay clothes as f on my uks team will be having a baby soon, they had the cutest little outfits in and the sweetest shoes i have ever seen LOL got dad's birthday money out then headed down to the royal quays to get him some cards and some balloons, i also got myself two bargain tops at the ex catalogue store so i have two looks to choose from tonight, decided to take the balloons up to the restaurant and ask them to put them on his chair for him as a nice wee surprise LOL i also got him a mini cake for his pudding so that should be a laugh too,

cut dad's hair for him and his eyebrows which were in desperate need of trimming LOL i dyed my hair too, i wasn't going to but thought just get on with it and i'm glad i did as it has turned out really nicely, whether it will last until my holidays or not is another matter LOL

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

february week 3 challenge

over on uk scrappers, i've tried uploading it into the gallery at least three times but it's not putting it into the gallery so i've given up and put it on here LOL its made using the songbird avenue port au prince kit which was sold in aid of the haiti earthquake disaster, think i've got everything on it that i need, i'm calling the flower red as i needed something red and i liked this flower to go with it LOL i have just realised thst it's very similar colours to last weeks challenge lo but they are both autumn photos so they just seem to need these colours.

Tuesday, 16 February 2010

a few more lo's

a few more of the lo's i have done at the past two crops i've been at, probably won't get any more done this month as this weekend i need to get stuff sorted for the frozen north retreat and it's the retreat the weekend after, followed very swiftly by the sarah's cards retreat, bumped into one of the neighbours tonight as i came in from work and was telling him about the weekends away and he gave me his mobile number and said he'll keep an eye on dad for me, so that's the baby sitter organised LOL

Sunday, 14 February 2010

i do do real scrapping as well LOL

just to prove i am still paper scrapping as well as the digi stuff i finally got round to taking photo's of some of the lo's i have done at the past couple of crops i have been to, i did 6 at the holystone crop so i reckon i need to take at least a dozen photo's with me for when i go on the frozen north retreat in about 10 days time, i am so looking forward to it but will also admit to butterflies in the tum as this will be the first time i have left dad for about 20 years, i will be on the phone to him at least 5 times a day LOL

so here are a few of the lo's i have done recently, i've put a few in my uks gallery and some on here so peeps can see what i get up to LOL and please note these are still from my september holiday album and i still have about 20 lo's to do in that before i start my november album, so i guess i'll not be getting those finished before we go up to perth at the end of march LOL

Friday, 12 February 2010

thank goodness for the weekend

and with any luck it shouldn't be that busy a weekend and i can get a bit of a lie in, off to the frozen north holystone crop tomorrow, it's h's birthday too so it's an extra special crop, didn't take me long to pack my bag cos basically i hadn't unpacked from the last crop

off to book dad a meal at the black door for his birthday as there is nothing else he wants LOL haven't got him a card yet either, will have to pull my finger out, it's his birthday next sunday LOL

Thursday, 11 February 2010

oh the joys

of teaching a 76 year old how to text LOL all i need to know is what time the bank closes tomorrow night so he says he'll ring me at work after he's been, well the phone system at work is a laugh and nobody knows how to work them properly yet so i suggested he sent me a text, so i have spent the last half hour talking him through how to text the words "bank shuts at ...." and how to send it to me LOL he's practiced twice LOL god knows what i'll get tomorrow LOL

Wednesday, 10 February 2010

this weeks challenge

over on uk scrappers this week the challenge was to scrap with red, a heart and a song title/lyrics with love in it, i so don't go in for the valentine malarkey but i still managed to do the challenge with a bit of a twist and i'm really pleased the way it came out, it helps that i really love this photo and just in case you can't tell i used five hearts to make the flower that covers the red swirl LOL

Sunday, 7 February 2010

do you like it LOL

well what do you think? pretty gorgeous and on the 8th of march all mine LOL went for a test drive this afternoon and i was pretty much sold the second we left the car park in it, so the deal was done, i haggled a bit then got all embarrassed about it but i got what i wanted and i'm over the moon. it is lush and i'm in love, roll on the 8th of march :)

a very interesting day

yesterday turned out to be rather interesting if not a bit confusing, decided to go looking for a new car, there were lots i liked, some i loved and one or two i hated instantly LOL the first serious contender was the ford fiesta, it's really nice, has lots of bells and whistles to play with and the colour is just so me :) then we went down to the silverlink where i tried out a fiat punto which became serious contender number two, it's lovely a nice colour and has lots of bells and whistles to play with, i sort of got put off it slightly later on when i was reading the brochure to discover that a spare tyre is an optional extra :O but am still going to go and have a second look, we then went up to the peugot garage, really just to tick it off the list and i was completely surprised to fall head over heels in love with the 207, i adore everything about it EXCEPT the colour, i could only get it in boring colours so that has really put me off.

we then decided to go up to scotswood road to the garages along there so for the first time ever i actually drove through that part of town, and can i just say i am so glad i don't have to do that every bloody day LOL anyway we went to the kia garage but as soon as i sat in that one i knew i really couldn't live with a five door and they don't do them in 3 doors, the same with the hyundai i20, went to the ford garage up there and went as far as getting them to give me a price for my car and was quite pleasantly surprised when they offered me 4k :) so am very tempted cos even if the ford garage round here won't do me a deal, i've got that one to fall back on :) then we went along to the seat garage, now this is where i was heading all day really cos i really really had my heart set on a seat ibiza, they had one in orange on display so we headed straight for that, i sat in it and instantly detested it :O it was horrid, so i was very honest with the salesman and we came home LOL

so today the plan is to have lunch then to head back to the ford and fiat garages, do test drives and then talk money, so by tonight i should be the proud owner of some kind of new car LOL

Wednesday, 3 February 2010

uks challenges

have done the house challenge for the first time in ages over on uks and have also done the february week one challenge too, loving the fact i am getting to the challenges as i feel i can do them digi rather than feeling i was wasting precious pp just to get points for the team. Talking of points for the team i had a massive 420 points last month, can't wait to see what percentage of the team total my contibution is LOL the weekly challenge was to scrap pink (check) use bling (check) and use your old stash, well i don't have any old digi stash so had to just claim the 20 points instead of the normal 30, the house challenge was to scrap something or someone who lifts your spirits, i chose good old scotland as it always makes me smile, except when i have to come home and i cry LOL one of these days i will be living up there .

have decided i need to go back to the doctors next week, well actually my friends reckon i should go and see the nurse as she might be able to help me better, i am having dreadful trouble with the monthlies, i lose so much blood it is scary, they are also becoming a bit of a nightmare time wise, i'm having a show then nothing for a week or so then they come on like i've slashed an artery, i'm also feeling sick all the time and so tired yet i can't sleep and even when i do i cat nap or wake up completely exhausted still, i am constantly full of cold or feeling achy and sore and i have started this week with any form of food is going straight through me and i've been going up to 6 times a day, so (pardon the pun) but i feel like shit LOL luckily i only have a few weeks to go until the start of my retreat weekends away and then it's our holidays and then it's easter so a nice lazy time coming up

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

a parcel full.......

...............of new stash arrived this morning :) i feel like i hadn't ordered anything for ages, ooh well at least a week LOL but i needed a birthday present for h so got some nice stuff for her and of course a few things for me just happened to fall off the shelf for me too LOL think i might treat myself to a couple of new beads for february's xmas stocking addition LOL

now then what do you get a 77 year old bloke who has everything??? answers on a postcard please as i haven't got a clue what to get dad for his birthday and he hasn't got a clue either