Saturday, 12 September 2009

hamster tamer extraodinaire LOL

well that was easy LOL i put poppy in her ball while i cleaned out her cage then when i put her back in i kept my hand in her cage and stroked her and let her sit on my hand then after a little while of that i gently closed my fingers around her and lifted her out of the cage *happy smile* so now i can put my hand in the cage and she will come and sit on it and be lifted out for a cuddle *big grin* now all i need is tips on how to get her to sit still for a photograph cos as soon as i get the camera focused on her she moves LOL with any luck i might have uploaded a short video of the crazy beast for any one who wants a wee peak at her, she is very cute LOL

1 comment:

Shirley said...

Aw what a little cutie she is :)