Thursday, 31 December 2009

and today it's back brrrrrrr

i should have kept my gob shut right LOL, after all the happiness that the snow was gone yesterday it started to snow at 9:30 at work this morning and by 12 we had 2 inches of the stuff :( not happy:( it did start to melt a bit this afternoon but when i left everywhere was frozen again. was home for four o clock and tucked up in my pj's by 5 LOL with my slippers on about to order the takeaway and have a nice glass of wine in an hour or so :)

Wednesday, 30 December 2009

hurray it's gone

well most of it has gone, that horrid bloody white stuff is all gone from home so feel a lot more confident about driving now, mind you i did get a bit of a shock when i got up to work yesterday as it was like a glacier on the roads and paths still, i was inching along at a teeny weeny rate but managed to stay upright, we spent most of the day in the family room, it was lovely actually seeing them all play together right from the teeny little ones up to the pre-schoolers, left about 3pm so only took 25 mins toil, and i took an hour and a half this afternoon so that's not too bad, on a late tomorrow so will probably go in about 9am again

my laminator that i had ordered from amazon arrived today so all i need to do now is stamp all my images onto pieces of paper, laminate them, put them in plastic wallets and keep them in a file LOL i mean i must only have a couple of hundred stamps to stamp LOL

Monday, 28 December 2009

that's the holidays over then :(

and one thing i have learnt from these ten days off is whenever i have a week off in the future we are going away, i have done absolutely nothing except sit on my bottom, read books, play on my computer and ds, done a wee bit of scrapping and watch crap on the telly.

now i know the rotten weather hasn't helped and there wasn't really any shops i could get too because of the crowds but it just shows that if i don't have a holiday i do nothing so next year i might work over xmas and ask for the first week in january off and dick off to edinburgh or perth and have a holiday

being good and not having a drinkie poos tonight as i'm on earlies in the morning so will need a reasonably early night in bed but am going to have one tomorrow night cos i don't have to be up as early on tuesday morning LOL

Saturday, 26 December 2009

it's beginning to look a lot like...................

.......................boxing day LOL

hope everyone had a lovely xmas day, we certainly did here, lots of pressies and lots of stash, things to play with, things to eat and lots of things to read :) xmas lunch was lovely although by the time i got the annual xmas lunch photo taken, it was beginning to get a bit cold LOL, dad snored as usual for the entire afternoon while i played in my phone, which was lots of fun, once i eventually worked out just how exactly i was meant to switch the damn thing on LOL i do love it though but it's going to cost a fortune if i want to go on the internet on it, i had a tenner on it yesterday and by last night i had £3.74 :0 today's mission is to work out how to get a couple of my fave songs onto the bloody thing so i can have a decent ring tone LOL wish me luck LOL

Wednesday, 23 December 2009

braving the weather

went out today and the weather was fine, our street and pavements however were not and i nearly fell on my arse getting into the car LOL got over to wallsend about 9:30 and while dad went to the bank i went and got the turkey, except dad had ordered it to be picked up tomorrow or so they said (dad is adamant he said the 23rd) luckily thought they had a one i could take away, went to greggs and got some bread buns and some pasties for our lunch then went and got the satsumas that asda no longer have LOL

had a huge delivery off stuff i had ordered today, i was very surprised at how quick they all came considering i had only ordered them at the beginning of the week, no secret santa present yet though :(

so we are now just waiting for the asda shop to be delivered and i need to hoover and that's us all ready for xmas

Tuesday, 22 December 2009

finally succumbed.... having the central heating on LOL twice in one year OMG!!!! the reason being when i got out of bed this morning the first thing i noticed was my breath, yes i could see my breath when i breathed out OMG it was that cold in my bedroom, so came downstairs put the heating on and closed the windows, now the house is toasty warm which probably means i won't be able to sleep tonight for being too warm LOL

Monday, 21 December 2009

the first day

of my xmas holidays and while i am not venturing out in that horrid cold wet stuff i do have plans, rather than sitting on my bum in front of the telly and playing on here i intend to sit on my bum in front of my craft desk and get some scrapping done, i want to get the little mini book i started at the holystone crop finished and it's almost there, then i want to get my scraplift ready for the email cj starting next month, then i must get on with the september holiday album LOL

Saturday, 19 December 2009

sod's law

i got up at 8:30 this morning to ring h and cancel going over to the durham crop as the street was like a skating rink, decided to go back to bed for an hour and woke up at nearly quarter to one LOL i guess i was more tired then i thought LOL and when i did get up the roads are cear and the sun was shining in a beautiful blue sky LOL we probably could have made the crop but i just know that if we had gone the snow would be deep and crisp and even as i type LOL

Friday, 18 December 2009

hurrah it's xmas

well the start of the holidays for me, finished today for the next 10 days and then when i go back it's only half shifts :) it's meant to be the crop over at dianne's tomorrow but the weather forecast is pretty dreadful so think i'll be staying indoors in the warm and finishing off my book, getting my scraplift lo done and staring the reorganization of my craft room that i have planned LOL

my new totes arrived today, mimi no longer do the lilac and chocolate so i have had to settle for the crimson and tan and dad has bought me the matching scrap tote for my birthday, also bought some hanging rails and accessories to go on the wall for when i do get the room reorganized LOL

looking forward to a yummy chicken kebab for supper and a nice glass or two of wine :)

Tuesday, 15 December 2009

ok i was dreading it..............

it had seemed like such a good idea when we were talking about it last week and organizing it but when it came down to it i was so dreading it LOL what am i on about you ask???? taking 11 4 year olds on the bus up to newcastle to see fenwicks window.

as it turns out it was such a lovely afternoon, the kiddies were as good as gold and so excited about going on the bus, they sang xmas songs to all the people on the bus, then when we got off were completely excited by everything, from flagpoles to the scabbiest xmas tree in random shops as we went passed LOL they all loved the window, which is the nativity this year, then we took them into eldon square to see the polar bears, after that we headed for the bus back to nursery, we had to keep quite a few of them awake on the way back LOL

there was a load of police officers about at least 5 or 6 on northumberland street alone and we heard so many sirens it was unbelievable, wonder if something was up, was very surprised at how quiet it was, i thought it would have been packed but it wasn't that bad really,

Sunday, 13 December 2009

today i have acheived...

nothing :(:(:( i was so full of plans when i got up this morning but i am still so cold and still coughing so much that apart from the asda shop i have done nothing, think i'll be seeing if i can get myself a doctors appointment next week

Friday, 11 December 2009

so bloody cold

it's been freezing today and horribly foggy too, i nearly fell on my arse when i got out of the car at work this morning, had a jumper and cardigan on and had boosted the heating yet i was still cold so spent the afternoon in my pink anorak too :( i was still shivering so i asked if i could go home, at this rate i will have no toil left and will have to work full shifts at xmas :( got home and have sat with the fire on full and my lappy on my knee and i'm finally starting to warm up :) trouble is i need to go upstairs and get my bag ready for the crop tomorrow and it'll be bloody freeing up there LOL hope h has the heating on in the hall ready for tomorrow, might have to wear many many layers to keep warm LOL

Wednesday, 9 December 2009

laugh til we cry LOL

met up with v and b for tea tonight and as usual we laughed so much we ended up with tears streaming down our faces and gasping for breath, i love those two so much, being with them never fails to put me in the best of moods, we exchanged xmas pressies and swore that this was the last year we buy for each other LOL

my cough is getting really bad, had a coughing fit at work this afternoon, think l was really worried that she was going to have to get help but once the crap was up i was ok, mind you i think i might be needing a trip to the doctors to get the usual antibiotics :(

good news xmas shifts wise though, looks like i might be off the week before xmas as i am definately off on xmas eve which i'm a happy bunny about

Tuesday, 8 December 2009

i had such..........

.....a great time last night at the rusty pickle workshop at the scrapbook shop in durham, lance was a great teacher and the kit was fabulous and i am so proud of the album i made especially as my pop up snowman and christmas tree work perfectly well :) the traffic wasn't too bad and i spent a while parked up reading my book until it was time to go along to the shop, now i know the journey is do-able i will certainly be trying a few more workshops if my shifts allow it :)

Sunday, 6 December 2009

all done

the wrapping i mean oh and the shopping oh and the xmas card writing LOL so now i can do relaxing before xmas. i got up after a medium lie in then did the asda shop then took the lights back i got yesterday and went to put petrol into the car in readiness for the journey to durham tomorrow :) then i went up to killingworth and got dad a couple of versy xmas cards then had a wander around matalan, did the very last pressie shopping and treat myself to those very cute rudolph slippers i saw last week and another pair as they were on buy one get one half price, all i need to do now is take the cards round and post the other ones and we are done.

need to get my tools sorted ready for tomorrow so will probably be heading off to bed pretty soon

Saturday, 5 December 2009

it's a girl !!!!

have been waiting on tenterhooks as one of the ladies i talk to on the sarah's cards thread, l, was due her baby any day and yesterday was chatting away merrily on the thread while telling us her contractions had started and how long they were, she went quiet about 9pm and when i managed to get on today she was back on announcing the safe delivery of her new baby daughter, i had a wee tear in my eye, so glad all is well and a lovely start to christmas for her and her hubby and son :)

decided today would be a good day to put the xmas tree up, we got everything downstairs and dad decides we'll put the window lights up first, but they wouldn't light up so off we went to b&q and got some new lights, tried them and they wouldn't work either, turns out dad hadn't switched on the plug LOL anyhow the lights were far too big so they are going back, i did buy some new lights for my tree as the other ones had a few lights out so they are now wrapped around the base of the reed lights on the landing and looking rather good, the tree when it eventually got put up looks really pretty though of course it will need titivating for a day or two LOL

do i feel xmassy yet ???? would be the honest answer LOL

Thursday, 3 December 2009

woke up.....

feeling rather teary today and no idea why but wondering if it had anything to do with the fact that when i took my tablet last night i dropped half of it and couldn't find it so just had to make do with half, will find out in the morning i suppose as long as i manage to get the entire tablet in my mouth tonight LOL. can't believe how quick this week has gone over and they still haven't told us whether or not we are getting our requested holidays at work yet

Tuesday, 1 December 2009

again a bit excited LOL

i entered a couple of photo's into the ukscrappers november photography competition, it was the first time i have entered it and the theme was glow, i am really chuffed as my photo of ben more near crainlarich in scotland has been chosen for the final shortlist, i am especially pleased as the photo was taken in a split second through the bus window on our way back from stirling on the sunday of our holidays and the bus was doing 60mph on the way down to lix toll at the time LOL