Saturday, 28 March 2009

seaton sluice crop and a rip off

i'll start with the rip off, i have had a library book due back for over a month now and i kept forgetting to take it so today decided i would eventually take it back and it cost me £5.85 for the bloody fine, what a damn rip off, more money lining the pockets of nt council, the lady was really sarcastic to me too so that will be the last time i set foot in howdon library.

went along to the seaton sluice crop after i had been to the library, i was too early as usual so i sat watching the waves crash onto the rocks and the wind whip the sea up into foam, when i got to the crop the usual people were there as well as some new ladies who were lovely too, one of them was a stamping up rep so i ordered the scallop punch and the circle scallop punch. h had brought her little girl with her as she didn't have a babysitter, e turns out to be quite possibly the cutest 2 and a bit year old i have ever met, she got stuck into some painting, had a picnic, played on the playgroup toys, went round putting people's rubbish in the bin and generally keeping the entire crop entertained LOL

lots of people saying they will turn up to the next durham crop so we might be very busy and maybe have to start doing it once a fortnight instead,

Friday, 27 March 2009

tfi the weekend

so glad the weekend is here, i am really starting to feel the being back at work full time and i am constantly exhausted needing a good ten hours sleep a night, i am also back to having lots of dreams which means i am not getting into the deep sleep i really need, will give it a few weeks then if i am no better i might be back to the doctors,

discovered that hazel and theresa from the morpeth crop have signed up for the sarah's cards retreat too so at least i will know some people and rachael is coming up too i am so looking forward to meeting everybody, i think name tags are the definite way to go

an i can definately go as chrissie let me book the friday off, thanks chrissie

Wednesday, 25 March 2009

so excited!!!

after weeks of laughing and joking over on the sarah's cards kit thread on ukscrappers about having a retreat, sarah and lianne have organised oe for the first weekend in march next year at a posh hotel near warrington and just off the m56, i have managed to bag a place on it straight away and i'm so excited by it, i have never been on a retreat before and will need a room buddy as i have no-one to share with and i'll probably have to beg chrissie to let me have the day off on the friday but that still won't put a damper on how excited i am. roll on march 2010 LOL

Monday, 23 March 2009

first late

uploaded 3 of the lo's i did at the crop on saturday onto uks today, i absolutely love the vintage advert one that i did, i love those papers, and i love the pretty flower one too,

today was the first time i have done a late since i started back at work on my own shift, i have done one before when i had to swap to go to a cbt appointment, it was okay as we weren't that busy and pre-school were quiet which is a good job as they didn't have a late (again!) as r had phoned in sick, ch was back at work today for the first day of her phased return,it was nice to see her back, it was k's 21st birthday today so she got the full works, hat, songs and presents LOL

Sunday, 22 March 2009

rip jade

jade goody passed away at 3am, my thoughts are with her family, especially her two little boys

Saturday, 21 March 2009

had a great day

met up with some of the ladies from the crafters from the frozen north social group i am in on ukscrappers, it was a lovely day, as well as me and heather and liz and emma, there was two new ladies, another liz and jo as well as liz 1's neighbour and her friend, we had the shop to ourselves mostly and chatted, laughed, drank tea and coffee (or water in my case), ate biscuits and were waited on by the lady who owns the shop and all for 2 quid, she then gave us all 10% off our stash shopping,we all had such a good time we have organised another get together for the week after the easter weekend, heather's friend joanna will be with us as she is over for the easter weekend so i'll have to do lighter packing and just take the odd one or two things as otherwise i won't get us all in the car LOL

i managed 3 lo's completed and another one almost done, i just need to sew the buttons on it, also may have a few new recruits to sarah's cards kits as everyone loved my march kit and couldn't believe how much was in it. am hoping they will sort a retreat out from sarah's cards, i would love to get togeter with all of those ladies,

Friday, 20 March 2009

weird weather

had to check the calendar today to make sure it was actually still march, it has been gorgeous, warm enough for a t-shirt and to get my feet into a pair of sandals for the first time this year LOL, in fact it was so nice we have had to start asking the parents for suncream, it's very weird though and i do hope this doesn't mean we are going to be in for a scorcher of a summer, the kids get too grouchy and i get too sweaty

when i got home my sarahs cards kit had arrived, as usual it is completely gorgeous and i've packed it in my bag for the crop, come meet up of the frozen northerners in durham tomorrow, also my first quirky kit came from crafty templates and that is lovely too, can see me getting it again, it's full of lovely trims and pieces of material and quirky little handmade embellies, i really like it,

my sandals i ordered from ambrose wilson arrived too, they too are lovely, the white shoes are just like stepping into a pair of slippers and the blue ones are pretty gorgeous too

Wednesday, 18 March 2009

life after ofsted

it was back to normal today, just us out doing indoors outdoors play, just shows eh! then after lunch environmental health turned up to inspect the kitchen, it never rains but it pours LOL

then i goes onto uks for a short time and discovered that some spammer was using my id last night when i wasn't on, so i have changed my password and i'm waiting for my scans to finish, i've also pm'd the tech guru on uks smax in the hope that he can help

Tuesday, 17 March 2009

ofstead are here

and then they are gone again LOL, went to get my camera out of my bag at work today then on the way back amanda lets me know ofsted were in the building, by the time i got back to the room everyone was in a full blown panic, i was like " calm down there is nothing we can do about it now " LOL, what was so funny to see was how pre-school and rabbits immediatley set up their outdoor areas, we have had those doors to the outside area open every single day come rain, hail, snow or shine and no-one else has but the second the ofsted inspector appears out they all come LOL

anyway 50 mins later she had left the building, it turns out that because we are now part of the children's centre we have to be inspected in a joint inspection with them, it was a shame really as she seemed to be a lovely lady and the whole thing would have been over and done with by 4:30

Sunday, 15 March 2009

another crafty day

have had another productive day today, i managed a whole 5 lo's and rearranged the craft room. it wasn't working the way i like and it's still not perfect but at least things are more at hand than what they were when i had it all in one corner, i like things to be in my reach so i've moved the desk back over to where it was originally, i might move the paper storage yet though so i can reach that without having to get off my behind LOL

need to buy a new office chair, the one i have had from tesco's for just under a year is now completley broken after i leaned over and the back snapped, so i have ordered a heavy duty one from the big and tall section of a company i found on t'internet, it's going to cost me nearly £100 but the other one was £70 odd or more and has been crap since the day i got it.

used my lovely sarah's cards february kit this afternoon to do these two lo's, i wasn't sure about the kit when i got it but i love it now, the colours are fab

Saturday, 14 March 2009

eventually a bit of 12x12

did these lo's today, it's been ages or so it feels since i scrapped in 12x12 so after doing these i feel really rejuvinated and my mojo is back, the first one is of dad in the hot tub when we were in edinburgh, i just love the expression on his face when his feet got tickled by the jets at the bottom, not 100% sure with the lo though, think it might have been better without the paint but never mind, sometimes you've got to try something new LOL

this one is the house challenge this week and it's about spring, i love this photo considering it was taken in the middle of a snow/sleet shower when we were in the botanic gardens, the only day we did outside things and the only day we had wet weather LOL, i used my sarah's cards january kit because the colours were perfect for the photo

getting up and back to bed

got up at 9am this morning which is very early for me !!! went downstairs read the paper then decided i was still tired so took myself back up to bed for a an hour and a half before resurfacing again, still exhausted though, it'll teach me not to have scooter rasces round the yard with a two year old anymore LOL

am planning on getting some scrapping done today, i want to do the house challenge and the reflections challenge on uks so need to print some photo's off the lappy to do them with, so maybe i'll have some work to show you later on LOL that's if i ever manage to get off the puter LOL

Tuesday, 10 March 2009

i like being messy

had a nice long lie in this morning then have spent the rest of the day being messy, decided to use the owl scrapbook i got from paperchase as an art journal type thing so started that doing lots of stamping and blending inks, also did some tags using the lovely tim holtz stamps i got from graphicus and then using a technique i saw on dan 99's craft blog i stamped them onto tags then masked them off before blending inks on the background and then stamping over that, they turned out really lovely so i used them to go in my art journal, think the next page is going to be with paints and collage

the washing machine arrived and dad is merrily washing away like a child with a new toy LOL

just started reading a new ian rankin as i so can't get into the jodi piccoult i got for xmas, different story with the rebus book though, i'm already onto chapter 14 and i've only been reading it for a couple of hours

Monday, 9 March 2009

new things and a bit annoyed

went over to wallsend this morning so dad could get some money out of the bank to get the new washing machine, we went to curry's first and straight away decided against the one we had seen online as it only held a 5kg load and was tiny, we saw another one we liked but decided to check out comet first, it was the same price in comet but the delivery charge was about 15 quid more than curry's so we just went back there and ordered it and it's going to be delivered sometime tomorrow.

and the reason for being a bit annoyed, well just before we went away from holiday dad had a phone call from the doctors to say that there was a problem with his blood tests (nothing to worry about though) and could he come in to see the doctor, well i've been worrying about it, so he went today and see the dctor and the problem with his blood, someone labelled the samples wrongly so he needs to have them done again, FFS !!!! could they not have told him that over the telephone saving me a week of worrying and bad dreams and dad the taxi fare there and back GRRRR !!!! doctors!!!!

Sunday, 8 March 2009

a fantastic night

met up with beatrice and val last night for the dream team reunion, as usual we had such a great laugh, i really love those two ladies and i so miss val at work, it is so not the same without her there and i so wish things could have been different, but never mind, we make a real effort to see each other every couple of months, i'd brought presents from our holidays for them and they went down really well, we had a chinese and copious quantities of red, white and rose wine and laughed and laughed and laughed, must say i'm really suffering this morning not only with a stonking hangover but also with a sore chest from laughing so much LOL

put all my holiday photo's onto the computer last night and did quite a bit of editting so later on today i hope to find a cd i can burn them onto and get them printed off the cd at asda, love these ones, my faves of the holiday me thinks *smily face*

i just adore the one of dad in the hot tub, he was almost wetting himself with laughter as the jets were tickling his feet, and wasn't i brave to have a butterfly on my hand, i didn't mind it on my hand but i freaked when one landed on my head, i hated the way it felt as it crawled around LOL

well off to do the asda shop now then i need to sort out the craft room and do kaylee's card to take in next week

Saturday, 7 March 2009

back home

back from another fabulous holiday, the lodge was not as posh as the first one but was still lovely and we were on the lower tier so had a much nicer view when i was lying in the hot tub, even dad had a few dips in the hot tub this time and seemed to enjoy it, we had a lovely lunch at the witchery again, did the botanic gardens, went up to stirling, got lost a couple of times,had lots of bus rides, got ripped off in the nessie 3d experience and had great food along at the pretontoun gothenburg

we left just before 9am this morning and were home by 12 after i had a quick detour along to mememe to treat myself to 3 new black and white beads so i can now have a black and white bracelet now.

so we now have a massive pile of laundry to do and guess what, the bloody washer is on the blink GRRRR !!!! looks like we'll have to go looking for a new washer tomorrow