Sunday, 29 November 2009

what an afternoon

i had a nice long lie in, then decided i really needed to get on with the xmas pressy wrapping, so off i went but then i had to make a couple of containers in the craft room, so then i had to tidy the place it as it was an absolute tip, then i had to put things away from the crop and then i needed the loo etc etc etc so it wasn't until nearly half two that i actually sat down to do some wrapping, and it was nearly 6pm when i was finished and i still have some to wrap up, at least i can do those in comfort in the scraproom, then decided to write the xmas cards out, i decided to buy them this year cos i haven't really been in the mood to make xmas cards this year, although i have made plans for next years xmas cards LOL need to buy some more though so i'll have to add a few to the asda order

also treat myself, well actually dad treat me for my birthday to some more promarkers :) got 20 to go with the 12 i already have:)

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