Tuesday, 31 August 2010

love it when a plan comes together LOL

managed to get a week in november booked off work so immediately decided a week away was in order LOL i mean it's not as if i've had lots of holidays this year already LOL so we're off to tralee bay just passed oban in scotland for a week, decided against a turkey and tinsel bus trip this year after last years, i want more autonomy LOL here are some of the photos from the websiteour lodge right next to the willow pond and some views of the beach at the end of the site :)
sorry the photos are a bit small i took them straight from the website but they give you some idea of where we are going :)

Sunday, 29 August 2010

yesterdays lo's

all of these lo's are from my june and july album of our holidays to st cyrus and if anyone knows what kind of plant is in the what am i? lo i'd be very grateful if you'd let me know LOL

Saturday, 28 August 2010

and happily today

it's been gorgeous 12x12, pretty flowers, beads, ribbons and stickers :) had a lovely time at the crop today, i managed 6 lo's, 2 pieces of the most delicous chocolate fudge cake i have ever had (thankyou H) and met the lovely S who i know through her reading my blog and chatting on uks, it was lovely to meet you and i hope you had a lovely time at the crop, and please come again the next time you're hear :) i was really good and used some of my lovely sarah's cards kits and the lo's i did turned out pretty nice even if i say so myself LOL, i'll take some photos tomorrow and stick them up here later on in the afternoon :)

now i'm off to watch the deep and indulge in some chocolate and wine therapy with maybe a bit of retail therapy later on LOL

Friday, 27 August 2010

and today it's been fabric LOL

we got some new "oilcloth" table clothes for the dining room at work a few weeks ago, they are great and so easy to wipe down but were far too wide for the tables, hanging down so much the kids couldn't get their legs under the tables properly, so on wednesday i took my dressmaking scissors to them and cut a length off the width of two of the clothes and also a bit off the end of one of them as it was a bit long, so i had 3 lengths of lovely pale blue and white gingham checked oilcloth in my grubby mitts LOL didn't know what to do with it but then thought were they wide enough to make new painting aprons out of ???? after a quick check i traced the shape of the old aprons onto the back of the cloth and within 3 hours i had 5 new over the head tabard type aprons with velcro fastenings at the sides LOL i'm dead chuffed with them and it means we can throw the old tatty ones away!!! turning into a bit of a jack of all trades me thinks LOL

Wednesday, 25 August 2010

today i have mostly

been playing with paper, unfortunately not the pretty, expensive 12x12 kind but good old cheap sugar paper and by playing with i mean putting it up on the walls at work, our display boards were looking rather tatty and we have no display paper or borders so i decided to drag all the old ones bar 1 down and replace them with sugar paper, they aren't as big as normal but i could only put them as high as i can reach cos you ain't getting me on a ladder for love nor money LOL also decided to make my borders out of different coloured sugar paper and got them put up as well, so the room looks lovely and clean and fresh again, just need to get some of the childrens work up now and it'll be back to normal.

Saturday, 21 August 2010

a very productive day

had a great time at the holystone crop today even though the day didn't start off very well, for once i had had a great nights sleep, i wakes up and looks at the clock, 7:10 am, AARRGGHH!!!! i've slept in i thinks, i leaps out of bed, opens the curtains , hoys some clothes on and it was only as i tripped over my crop bags on the way down the stairs that i realised it was a saturday LOL mind you being able to go back to bed for an hour and a half was lovely :)

there was only me and h at the crop today as everyone else was away, we had such a lovely time, chatting, listening to 70's music and singing along to the ones we knew and scrapping, oh there was a break for the regulation eating of cake of course LOL i managed 7 lo's so i was over the moon, hope i can manage that many again next week, anyhow here are 3 of them for now :)

Friday, 20 August 2010

everybody's working for the weekend!!!!

and at last it's here LOL been busy doing lots of little jobs today that we never seem to get time to do, so i got all the children's photos taken for there registration cards, my colleagues were laughing as i made a little card rectangle so i could make sure all the photos were exactly the same size and were placed centrally on the card with the child's name centrally underneath LOL it would have driven me mad if they hadn't been straight and the same size LOL also made new versions of our tracker sheets and key worker sheets as well as new ticky lists for various things, just need to get some laminating pouches now and i can get them all finished next week and we are ready for the start of term.

going cropping tomorrow, so need to pack my bag, plan on scrapping this time and going to try and break my record of 6 lo's at a crop LOL

Tuesday, 17 August 2010

uh oh !!!!!!!

gets in from work tonight to find an email from hoseasons asking me to contact them about our september holidays asap, when i finally gets through on the phone (i was waiting a minute for at least 10 LOL) the advisor tells me that the holiday park we were going to has withdrawn all its bookings from hoseasons and they would need to rebook me somewhere else :O so i had to go on the website while she gave me codes to put in, the first was to sundrum castle, we've been there before and didn't like it as it was far too lively so she then offered one in hawick, now bearing in mind that we were planning to go to ayrshire in the west of scotland and hawick is in the east borders of scotland i had to say no again :O beginning to get a bit desperate so suggested weymss bay which overlooks the clyde near glasgow and over the river from dunoon, they had a caravan there so that's where we are going, it's not what i would normally have chosen as it's a loud and lively park and we do peaceful and quiet parks but i felt under such pressure to book that i just took it :( i wish they had have said think it over and get back to us in a while then i could have felt a bit less stressed about it all, as it is once i have been on the web and had a look at things in the area i think we will probably like it as there is lots to do and it's within easy reach of glasgow and dunoon so we can get to bute etc so only five weeks to go and we're off to weymss bay instead LOL

Sunday, 15 August 2010


have spent the afternoon printing out photos so i can do some scrapping over the next week and weekend, was printing off my June/July holiday snaps and i can't believe how up to date i am on the scrapping front, I'm usually at least one holiday behind reality ie I'm scrapping march holiday while going on September holiday but this year I'm bang up to date and i will have started Junes before going on Septembers LOL so this is a complete first for me, so the question is am i scrapping more or taking less photos????? mmmmmmm LOL

Friday, 13 August 2010

so very proud

of all the little otters who were in the class of 2010 and were so good at the graduation party today, there wasn't a dry eye in the house including staff as well as mums, dads and grannies LOL i was o proud of them all as they were so well behaved and they looked absolutely gorgeous, the only problem..............................well out of all of us not one remembered to take a photo of the kids all together LOL never mind there's always next year LOL

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

and last nights random weirdness

was me interviewing sharon and kelly osbourne while eating cheese and onion crisps LOL and very nice crisps they were too LOL

Sunday, 8 August 2010

this weekends efforts LOL

where on earth did this one come from

or another in the ongoing series of strange dreams LOL last night i had the weirdest of dreams but it was like watching a love story at the cinema, there was a man and woman and they were in love except she wasn't a real woman she was an alien who could fly and who was on the run from some pirates, he helped her escape and she gave him the ability to fly and when she jumped out of the window to escape he flew after her, she could fly much faster than him (she'd had more practise i suppose LOL) but he kept on flying in the direction she went, the sky kept changing coulour and he realised she was changing shape as the sky changed colour and when he eventually caught up with her she had changed into her true form which was a white ring of light but he could still find her amongst all the other rings of light and man and ring of light lived happily ever after LOL LOL LOL

where on earth do i get these dreams from, and why can't i just have normal ones LOL any way off to do a bit of scrapping and put a title on one i did yesterday as i reckon the glossy accents should be dry by now LOL

Thursday, 5 August 2010

24 down

only 48 to go LOL, have made all the mortar boards today they just need their tassells put on and a quick coat of watered down pva to help strengthen them, tomorrow is earmarked for tassel making and maybe making a start on the gowns, will have to find a random four year old and pin them down and draw a gown shape around them LOL you should see how cute they all look with their caps on, cute enough to squish and i think there will be many tears on the day when they all troop in wearing their outfits, so if you live in the vicinity od killingworth childrens centre be prepared for localized flooding on the afternoon of 13th aug at around 3pm LOL

Wednesday, 4 August 2010

nothing like the last minute

we are having a party at work next friday for the children leaving nursery to go to big school, everything is organised and prepared until this afternoon when the boss decides it would be nice to have a graduation ceremony for them, i actually think it's a lovely idea (unlike my colleague who was fizzing at the thought LOL) and said i would make a start later in the year ready for next year as we don't really have time for this year:) oh no!!!! we will have a graduation ceremony this year :o so i (me being the only creative one in the room) now have 7 working days to make 24 mortar boards, 24 gowns and 24 certificates LOL wish me luck LOL

Sunday, 1 August 2010

converted LOL

to weekends away and B&B's!!!! we had the most lovely time and if anyone wants to stay at a fabulous b&B near jedburgh ideal for touring the scottish borders i can thoroughly recommend glenacre it was so beautiful, well presented, spotlessly clean, and really comfy with sheep in the paddock and cows in the field over the road, a beautiful chocolate labrador and two of the nicest people in the world running it, nothing was too much trouble, the breakfasts were fabulous (the best we have had in scotland) and all within five minutes of the bright lights of jedburgh and all for only £30 a night per person!!!!!!! didn't want to come home today but i suppose i'll have to go back to work since we never won the lottery again LOL

we did melrose on saturday and then headed to kelso today to go to floors castle, i took nearly 100 photo's as the gardens we visited were lovely, think i'll make a little minibook of the photo's and have some big ones blown up of some of the flowers i took