Saturday, 17 October 2009

not well

and he broke the agreement GRRRR

i knew there was something up with him last night when he went and sat at the kitchen table claiming it was cooler in there and alarm bells started to ring when he didn't want any supper, so when i gets up this morning and he's sitting at the table in the same position i got angry and made him tell me what was wrong.

we had an agreement the last time he wasn't well that he would tell me when he didn't feel well so we could do something about it but no i had to drag it out of him again

so anyway we now have an appointment down at rake lane to see a doctor at 11am so bang goes going to the crop :( it wouldn't surprise me if they don't send him to a&e and he ends up being admitted, have looked on nhs direct and it looks like a chest infection and not pneumonia so fingers x'd that's all it is and maybe i can nag him into giving up the fags again

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