Saturday, 5 September 2009

home again home again

jiggedy jig LOL we had a fabulous holiday, the weather was okay apart from the torrential rain we had on thursday which caused lots of flooding in the very east of moray but it didn't spoil our day, we went to the pics, something we haven't done for ages, nairn was lovely but i wasn't impressed with park dean, our caravan had quite a bit of damage to it and some of the fittings didn't look like they had ever been dusted, the entertainment was crap and the bar prices extortionate, they did point us in the direction of the havelock pub where we ate every night and every morning for brekkie, the food was fab and very cheap just what we like LOL i spent a ton of money on lots of lovely things like a new kipling handbag and purse, some nice wine glasses, two wood pandora beads, a teddy called george, some new clothes, some beautiful wool i intend to make a scarf with, a crystal bead in green from a new bead company called amore & bacci and a new watch LOL no craft stuff cos there wasn't any i could find and i was good on the way home i didn't go into perth as i wanted to order 3 amber beads to go with my wood ones when i got home,

we are all unpacked, dad has the washing started and i'm planning on a nice supper and lunch out tomorrow to keep the holiday mode going, the photo's are sorted and i just need to put a bit of petrol in the car ready for work on monday, took about 6 hours to get to nairn so i am really looking forward to my own bed tonight LOL

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