Thursday, 5 November 2009

i am woman hear me ROAR !!!!!

i can change a tyre LOL yes all by myself too LOL went to take dad over to wallsend and as soon as i tried to move the car i knew something was wrong, the drivers side tyre was as flat as a pancake, so we gets the instruction booklet out and learned how to change a tyre, i lowered the tyre from under the car, found the jack, jacked the car up, took the wheel trim off, dad loosened the nuts but i took them off, took the flat tyre off where we found a massive screw embedded in it completely, i then put the spare tyre back on, tightened the nuts and replaced the wheel trim and lowered the car *big grin* i was so chuffed with myself, the only wobble i had was when we got into the car and i thought it was a bit wobbly but it was okay and i drove over to wallsend fine

got my new mobile phone *big grin* went into the O2 shop while dad was at the bank and had a look at the lg cookie, i had more or less decided i wanted the samsung tocco light because it had better battery life but two things swung me onto the cookie firstly it has this really cute little stylus to operate the touchscreen so i don't get fingerprints on the screen LOL and secondly the colour, everywhere else i had seen them they were black or pink but this one is white with a metallic turquoise trim LOL so i got that one, going with O2 as well as they have always been good for dad

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