Wednesday, 30 December 2009

hurray it's gone

well most of it has gone, that horrid bloody white stuff is all gone from home so feel a lot more confident about driving now, mind you i did get a bit of a shock when i got up to work yesterday as it was like a glacier on the roads and paths still, i was inching along at a teeny weeny rate but managed to stay upright, we spent most of the day in the family room, it was lovely actually seeing them all play together right from the teeny little ones up to the pre-schoolers, left about 3pm so only took 25 mins toil, and i took an hour and a half this afternoon so that's not too bad, on a late tomorrow so will probably go in about 9am again

my laminator that i had ordered from amazon arrived today so all i need to do now is stamp all my images onto pieces of paper, laminate them, put them in plastic wallets and keep them in a file LOL i mean i must only have a couple of hundred stamps to stamp LOL

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