Saturday, 29 October 2011

i'm buying a gypsy!!!!

and no not one of the ones recently evicted from dale farm as suggested on my facebook page LOL, i'm buying a cricut gypsy :-) i'd been talking on facebook about getting one and one of my friends, the lovely l has decided to sell hers and not only did she think of me she's linking all her cartridges to it as well :-D i'm so chuffed as i am getting a complete bargain :-) can't wait for next weekend even more now as not only is it the sarah's cards retreat, l is bringing my new gypsy to the retreat :-)

other things to celebrate are 4 more pounds off and a reduction in my blood pressure of over 40 points :-D

Sunday, 23 October 2011

and another

busy day but at least i managed a long lie in this morning :) didn't get up until 11.10 :) after lunch and doing the shopping i decided to get the sewing machine out and make a start on the quilt i am making to raffle at work with all the pproceeds going to the sir bobby robson fund. turned out quite a bit bigger than the i had planned, in fact it might be bigger than the wadding i've ordered so it might need to be trimmed or i could make the wadding bigger with the other bits i've got left over :) i've just ordered some gingham fabric off ebay for the backing, going for lime green and white to set the colours off :) gotta love ebay, have been finding loads of lush stuff on there recently :)

Saturday, 22 October 2011

busy day

i was up bright and early this morning as i had this idea going around my head of something to make LOL anyhow thought i wasn't going to be able to get it done cos i had an eye appointment which entailed having eye drops to dilate the pupils, well it never got done cos the optician had rang in sick so it meant i got to make some xmas cards and get all gluey :-)

i've had this house shape for ages and today was the day it got finished, i painted really roughly with white acrylic paint then dry brushed stream paint dabber on it before putting the prime alla prima papers in it, i then used some of my hoard of tim holtz and prima embellies before using the finished house to display some of my sea glass and sea pottery collection.
the finished house
close up of some of my glass and pottery
the bottles are filled with glitter and micro beads
more seaglass and sea pottery and the flower embellie

Friday, 21 October 2011

what a busy week

at work :-) after our training day on monday my room buddy r and i decided to have a big change around in the room and make things a bit nicer, we changed the areas around and i've been making stuff for the home corner and also for the outside area, we went for a walk on tuesday and bumped into a tree surgeon who was chopping down some trees on a local estate, we managed to sweet talk him into bringing us some branches and logs so i've been busy all week turning our outdoor area into a bit of a woodland, have branches tied all along our fence, we made an autumn basket with leaves,grass and plants with the kids yesterday and today we made a bug hotel LOL i am now officially knackered and so looking forward to my sarahs cards retreat (13 dyas to go eeeeek!) and then a week away in a wood lodge :)

Monday, 17 October 2011

diabetic checkup today

and it was all good, my cholesterol is fine, and i had lost 8.5lbs since i was there 3 weeks ago, she was very happy with that but not as happy as me LOL let's just hope i can keep that up :-)

Sunday, 16 October 2011

delilah quilt mark 2

all done and ready to be delivered on november the 4th :-)

Saturday, 15 October 2011

all done

bar the handstitching :-) i was asked by a facebook friend and fellow uks'er if she could buy the last quilt i made, it was already for someone but i had enough material to make another if i bought more backing and wadding so i said i would make it for her, i had to have it ready in time for the sarahs cards retreat on the 4th of november to give it to her there so i'm rather glad to say it's nearly done :-) my next quilt is another lap quilt in blue/green and white. i'm making it to raffle at work with the money going to the sir bobby robson appeal, it's where a work friend was treated when she had a brain tumour so we always try to raise some money for it every year, i'm thinking of charging a fiver for a ticket and would be delighted to raise £100 :-) plan to get the material for that cut up tomorrow as well as get my first scrapping of the month done LOL then i want to make a wee padded case for my xmas kindle :-) got my eye on some lush sausage dog fabric from the stah for that little job LOL

Friday, 7 October 2011

more pretty fabric

has arrived so the weekend will be made up of cutting up said fabric and sewing it into another quilt LOL oh i do love this quilting malarkey :-)

Sunday, 2 October 2011

pink and girly

the quilt
close up of the quilting
that is what was requested so that's what i came up with, i absolutely adore the material so i'm hoping that the recepient loves it too though i'm pretty sure it will be well recieved :-) i quilted it very simply with just a double line of stitching down either side of the seams and around the main panel but i think it works very well :-) so that's another one all ticked off, i can make a start on my red, black and white one now then i want to make some bags as xmas presents :-) talking of xmas we made a start on the xmas shopping this afternoon, i'm getting a kindle and dad is getting some new clothes and some books so far :-) also have my eye an another couple of cricut carts and some scrappy stash :-)

a couple of close ups of the materials

Saturday, 1 October 2011

what a week

it's been a scorcher which wasn't great at work and nights have been horrid cos it's been so hot :( have a new laptop to play with (a lovely shiny glossy red one) after i accidently spilled wine on the old one and dad needed a new phone so i've been showing him how to use that, and today i've been finishing the quilt for tracey's niece, it looks gorgeous then i can get started on the next one that's been sitting in the box for a while, just been watching dr who, it was good but i had guessed what was going to happen, now watching judges houses on the x factor, the only time i watch it LOL anyhoo time for a glass of white and waiting for the take awat to arrive :-)