Friday, 31 August 2012

The end

Of another year, the last of the littlies left today, lots of hugs and quite a few tears (from us and the parents, the kids weren't bothered in the slightest LOL) and off they all went into the wide world of big school. So next week brings even littler littlies who are now the big kids in the building and lots of repeating ourselves while we get them into shape LOL wish me luck on monday, i'm going to need it LOL

Friday, 24 August 2012

What an eventful............

Evening, night, morning and afternoon that turned out to be. Had my nails done last night, leaves salon at 8:30 feeling perfectly fine, by 8:50 i had a bit of a pain where my ovarian cyst is,  by 9:15 i'm writhing in agony waiting for an ambulance and by 9:30 i'm on morphine :-( everyone at the hospital was fab, i kept being sick with the pain but once the morphine kicked in i was fine, had lots of tests to rule out kidney problems, x-rays and x-rays after having dye put into my bloodstream, then seen by surgical registar who says he thinks my cyst may have become twisted. As i was feeling lots better i was discharged in the early hours. Came home and tried to sleep but by 9am i was waiting for another ambulance to take me back down to a&e :-( still think it's the cyst so as i am seeing the consultant about it in two weeks time anyway i've been sent home with a pile of very strong painkillers with the instructions to return if the pain comes back or i start to vomit again and develop a fever!

Saturday, 18 August 2012

back to the sort out

just having a quick break in the busy schedule of today which includes tidying up the cupboard under the stairs and having a sort out of the many shoes and handbags i possess. my mate Ch has already laid claim to many of the handbags, her face lit up when i mentioned i would be throwing them away LOL also have to iron and put up my new curtains then i want to cut and dye my hair again and have some messy fun as i want to get my birdcage finally finished :-) have tied a rope to my ankle so if i do get buried under the mountain of stuff in the cupboard search parties can just tug on that rope and haul me out LOL here i go.............

Thursday, 16 August 2012

thank goodness

this week is nearly over, am going out with a few pals tomorrow night and i'm so looking forward to it. the only bit of good news i've had all week was another 3lbs off on the scales taking me to 87lbs :-) friends are really suffering at the moment and there's nothing i can do except be there, but i just wish i could hear some good news for a change.

Saturday, 11 August 2012

busy! busy! busy!

yesterday was the childrens leaving party and graduation ceremony at nursery. for the first time ever the weather was lovely so we were able to have playing outside and a picnic tea before having the actual ceremony in the family room, by the time it was all over and it was time for home i was knackered, carting furniture around for most of the day doesn't really agree with me LOL then this morning it was more humping of stuff around as we got the bed base and mattress and various other bits of rubbish carted down to the tip :-) also had another sort out of the wardrobe getting rid of all the jeans and tops that are too big and i don't like any more :-) we then went along to the silverlink cos i decided it was time for a new set of sofa's. we've had these ones for years and they have done really well but the cushions are getting a bit flat. we ended up in harveys where there were three that i really liked, one was ruled out as the dark brown wasn't dark enough and the black was too dark LOL and the final descision came down to the fact the one i chose has a lovely contrast stitch to it, even more happily it was the cheapest one too :-) so only six weeks until delivery and i need to choose some nice cushions to go on it LOL of course dad is completely in love with it as both sofas have recliners on them, he'll never get out of the bloody things LOL

Thursday, 9 August 2012

laughed until we cried

at work today! we had Otters olympics at work and the kids were fab, we had a parade of athletes to start with the torch being carried in by one of the littlies. we then had various events ranging from the 100m hurdles, show jumping (with hobby horses LOL), discus and shotput to artistic gymnastics cycle pursuit, long jump and the sprint. afterwards we had medal ceremonies for each event and we sang the national anthem while waving flags in the air !!!!! it was such fun, little miss t had a refusal at the first fence of the showjuming shouting i can't do it!!!! the fence was 5 inches high LOL, we had many false starts in the sprint leading to the disqualification of little master r and during artistic gymnastics little miss h belly flopped onto the mat as she didn't know how to do a forward roll LOL by tea time (of high jump ham sandwiches followed by gold medal grapes!) the kids were exhausted LOL and so were the staff. i can safely say it was the best day at nursery ever and i just wish i could share the photos i took :-)

Monday, 6 August 2012

no red glow

in the sky this afternoon cos i didn't have to get my bits out at the gynaecologists this afternoon, they took some blood to see if there are any cancer markers in the blood then i have to go back for another couple of scans to make sure the cyst is still there than they are going to take a biopsy of the womb lining and see where we go from there, i have a prescription for painkillers and am waiting for the dates for more scans :-)

Saturday, 4 August 2012

This weekends plans........

Include watching as much of the olympics as possible, going to find the gynae dept at rake lane, meeting up with the dream team for a chat and maybe a chinese and trying to be as good as gold food wise :-) sounds like a plan

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

review day

today i had my 6 monthly diabetic review at the doctors, i hadn't seen the nurse since january so when i walked through the door her first words were "bloody hell what have you been up to" LOL since i was last weighed in january by her i have lost a pretty staggering 6 stone five pounds, my cholesterol has dropped from 8.2 to 2.9 and my blood sugar levels are down from 7.2 to 6.1 :-D she was over the moon how well i had done and said because i have done so well that if i continue to do as well as i am doing there is every chance i will be able to come off my diabetic medication after my next review in january 2013 :-)