Friday, 20 November 2009

it's a pudsey kind of day LOL

children in need day at work today (note to self-book 3rd week of november off next year LOL) BAA HUMBUG! i hate the whole thing, the dressing up, the forcing parents to buy a square on whatever, the whole palaver of bacon sarnies and biscuits etc and the spending the whole week before hand getting our priorities right by drawing posters rather than playing with the kids BAA HUMBUG AGAIN!if i want to give to charity (and i do, i love the oxfam unwrapped scheme) i will do it myself in quiet and not dressed up in my bloody pj's LOL i also cant stand the crap they put on the telly so tonight i will be taking my miserly arse upstairs with a bottle of wine and some chocolate and i will pack my bag ready for dianne's crop tomorrow and i will book the 3rd week of november off next year LOL

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