Wednesday, 23 December 2009

braving the weather

went out today and the weather was fine, our street and pavements however were not and i nearly fell on my arse getting into the car LOL got over to wallsend about 9:30 and while dad went to the bank i went and got the turkey, except dad had ordered it to be picked up tomorrow or so they said (dad is adamant he said the 23rd) luckily thought they had a one i could take away, went to greggs and got some bread buns and some pasties for our lunch then went and got the satsumas that asda no longer have LOL

had a huge delivery off stuff i had ordered today, i was very surprised at how quick they all came considering i had only ordered them at the beginning of the week, no secret santa present yet though :(

so we are now just waiting for the asda shop to be delivered and i need to hoover and that's us all ready for xmas

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